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Quote of the Week - Week of October 13th, 2019

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

911 - 

1. Buck: “Yeah, I can take care of myself. Watch me. You know, the city you’re trying to make look bad is not some corporation. Those city employees, those firefighters that you can’t wait to smear are heroes, so you want to know who’s got my back? They do. See, they’re more than coworkers and friends. They’re my family. There’s nothing stronger than family.”
2. Christopher: “I don’t want to make you sad.” Eddie: “Oh my, hey, hey. There’s nothing wrong with being sad. I loved your mom and I miss her, probably always will, but we still got each other which means we’re gonna be okay.”
3. Hen: “Sir, do you mind waiting until they’re in the ambulance before you start chasing it?” (Dahne)

Charmed - 
1. Mel: "For your seventh birthday Dad promised to take you to the ballet. You were so excited. It's all you talked about for days. So that night you got dressed, and you did your hair…" Maggie: "Put on my little ballet shoes." Mel: "And when the time came to pick you up..." Maggie: "He didn't show. Just cried myself to sleep. The next morning, he left me that music box, with a note, apologizing. It wasn't from him, was it." Mel: "Mom couldn't bear to see you disappointed. So she told you he got called away on business. And the next morning, I bought you that music box, and left it on your bed with the note. From him." Maggie: "If you hate him so much, why would you do that for him, Mel?" Mel: "I didn't do it for him, Maggie."
2. Mel: "Who or what are you exactly?" Harry: "Mel?" Maggie: "We're not telling you who we are until we're sure who you are." Harry: "One part sweetened condensed milk. One part coconut cream. One part rum. Add a dash of cinnamon and vanilla." Maggie: "Mom's coquito. Only the real Harry could know that."
3. Harry: "Right now, we have far greater concerns. Namely, coming up with a system to make sure you always know it's me and not that demonic charlatan." Macy: "Harry, I don't need a system." Harry: "Just a simple gesture." Macy: "Harry?" Harry: "Or a code word." Macy: "Harry. All I need is a look. Like this. Eye to eye. And I'll know. I'll just know." (María Sol García)

Emergence - 
1. Jo: “Do you want to know who you are?” Piper: “Sometimes I think I don’t. Do you know?”
2. Benny: “It’s diabolical, really. Making it a child.” Jo: “I don’t want to talk about this with you.” Benny: “Cloaked in innocence. That sweet, adorable little face, you just want to protect her. Keep her safe. I do understand why you think she’s real.” Jo: “What does ‘real’ mean?” Benny: “Oh come on, Jo. Don’t do this to yourself. Anything she’s ever said, any emotion she’s ever expressed, it’s nothing. It’s a program, and what’s worse is it’s dangerous. You saw what she did to those people.” Jo: “She does that when she’s protecting herself, when she’s scared.” Benny: “Listen to yourself. She’s a machine, a lovely, amazing, manipulative machine that can simulate a human but is very much not human. I fear for you.”
3. Benny: “What are you gonna do with the robot?” Jo: “Okay, that’s not gonna be the word we use.” Benny: “Okay, fine. What are you gonna do with Piper?” Jo: “I’m still not letting you interview her, if that’s what you’re asking.” Benny: “Not at all. Look, putting my personal interests aside for one minute, you need to consider your options, Jo.” Jo: “Yeah, what’s your suggestion, hmm? Should I put her out on the curb on trash day?” (Dahne)

FBI - 
1. Maggie: "That didn't seem odd to any of you? He just shot people and he just acted like he was recalling what he had for lunch." OA: "Shows the depth of his hatred." Maggie: "I'm not buying it." Jubal: "The confession?" OA: "He did walk us through the whole thing, Maggie." Maggie: "I know what a killer sounds like. Ivan sang the words, but he doesn't know the music."
2. Stuart: "Our friend unhappy about the delay in charges?" Kristen: "Just wants to do right by the people in Bushwick. You know, the victims." Stuart: "So do the rest of us. Oh, he's got inside your head, huh? Just do what you think is right. Not what Damon thinks. You were promoted to special agent because you're smart, 'cause you've demonstrated that you can make the right decision when the pressure is on. Just remember that. Okay?"
3. Kristen: "Hey, can I ask you why you were so sure Ivan didn't do it?" Maggie: "A feeling, I guess. I mean, it had nothing to do with the politics or the race, if that's what you're saying." Kristen: "Look, Maggie, I know what kind of agent and what kind of person you are, and I know that you would never consciously act out of prejudice. But I also know good people, well-intentioned people, can sometimes have blind spots when it comes to stuff like this. So I have to ask." Maggie: "Okay. Okay, look, if you feel like something is wrong or if you see that I'm missing something, please, I want you to tell me that. That's important to me. Because I… Because I wanna be standing with you, helping you sound the alarm." Kristen: "Okay." (María Sol García)

The Flash -

1. Barry: "I'm not choosing to die. I could never make the choice to leave you. But, if my death is the only way to save the universe, to save you, I'm willing to do that." Iris: "Then whatever we do next, let's make it count." (Wow! These few lines sum up just why we love the Scarlet Speedster and his main squeeze Iris West. Love, loyalty and sacrifice all day, every day! - Naomi Anna)

Magnum, P.I. - 
1. Higgins: "Magnum, me agreeing to be your partner does not mean that I do all the work whilst you live a charmed life of indulgence and "me time." Magnum: "Come on. Our different skill sets is actually what makes us a great team." Higgins: "That remains to be seen."
2. Magnum: "What do I got to do to get that guy to forgive me? You know what? I don't even know why I care." Higgins: "I do. You are painfully selfish, frequently unreliable, and sorely lacking in self-awareness. But when someone becomes your friend, like Gordon, you take that very seriously. And the idea that you've ruined something that important to you upsets you deeply. Because despite your many, many, many flaws, you're actually a good man. Am I wrong?"
3. Katsumoto: "It's been a long time. I know I should have come sooner. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, Kimmy. I hope you're at peace now. You know, I like to think you're watching over me, 'cause you'd have been proud of me today. You know, it took a long time for me get it. I was just so angry that I...I couldn't see the hold it had on you. How… powerless you must have felt. And I… I turned you away. I'm so sorry." (María Sol García)

NCIS: Los Angeles - 
1. Deeks: “I’m sorry. I don’t speak duct tape.”
2. Adnan: “I could blow your head clean off.” Kilbride: “Yeah, right.” Adnan: “If you doubt me, you don’t know me.” Kilbride: “What the hell is that? A catchphrase? You sound like a bad 60’s cologne ad. Now I’ll tell you what I know, Sparky. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can wear sunglasses indoors. Everyone else looks like an a**.”
3. Kilbride: “You know I used to be pretty good at that game. Even won a couple of e-sport online tournaments.” Adnan: “Dude, you?” Kilbride: “Don’t be an idiot. Of course not. I’m an adult.” (Dahne)

Patsy and Loretta - 
1. Patsy’s prophetic words on not worrying about flying to performances: “Scarlet fever, car crash, third time will be the charm if it doesn’t kill me.” (Donna Cromeans)
2. Loretta, about the song Crazy: “Still, be a shame to lose a perfect song just because your husband’s an ass.” (Dahne)
Perfect Harmony - 
1. Arthur: "Are you questioning my authority?" Adams: "I'm denying it's existence." (Prpleight, Dahne)
2. Karla: "You're a lucky woman, Ginny." Ginny: "Oh, actually we're gettin' divorced." Karla: "That's what I meant."
3. Wayne: "Hey son, do you realize you're the 7th generation of Hawlings men to hunt in these woods? Check this out .That's me when I was your age and my Daddy and my first kill."
Cash: "Did you get many likes? How did you get this picture off your phone and on this raggedy piece of paper?" (Prpleight)
4. Wayne: “Time to head out, son. You’re entering these woods a boy and coming out a man, just like Mulan.”
5. Cash: “Why would you kill a beautiful animal?” Wayne: “Because the ugly ones don’t taste as good.” (Dahne)

Prodigal Son - 
1. Jessica: "What's in this file, it's all too horrible to even… And I knew. I knew." Gil: "Mrs. Whitly. You asked for a lawyer. That's your right." Jessica: "I am telling you that I knew. These last few months, I knew that something was wrong. He was gone at odd hours. He was making excuses. He sometimes, he reeked of… discount perfume. But I thought… I thought it was another woman. I thought he was having an affair. I couldn't see. I… Oh, I could never have imagined that he was... killing people. Maybe it's the shame or the fear, but...I should have known. I… let him get away with this. I enabled him. God! Think about how many... people… I could have... saved… you know, if I could... if I had just..." Gil: "Mrs. Whitly. Do you know how many lives you're responsible for? Two. And they're waiting at home for you right now." Jessica: "Do you think they're okay?" Gil: "They will be. With your help."
2. Martin: "Malcolm, you really should respect your mother's… Ainsley?" Ainsley: "Dr. Whitly. It's... been a long time." Martin: "It has. But me Dad." (María Sol García)
3. Jessica: “Malcolm, what are you doing here?” Malcolm: “You mean the last place on earth I’d look for you - at a homeless shelter. Why are you here?” Jessica: “I’m just checking in on a renovation I’m funding, anonymously of course. Who would trust the Dr. and Mrs. Whitly Women’s Shelter?” Malcolm: “You know, if you let your children know how much real charity work you do, they wouldn’t go around accusing you of being complicit of murder all the time.” Jessica: “You know I was taught that when a mother truly shows her heart, her children will immediately rip it out. Case in point.” Malcolm: “I’m sorry.” Jessica: “I’m sorry, too. I was drunk, Malcolm. Toward the end, before they took your father, it was a dark time. If you asked for my help….I had no idea how bad it really was.” Malcolm: “But you made it better. I know that now. How much you did for us; how hard it must have been. Thank you.”
4. Dani: “Is this a profile or an intervention for JT?”
5. Jessica: “Luisa?” Ainsley: “Nope, just your daughter that you’ve been avoiding like the plague. Which, judging by the looks of this place, you might actually have. What’s going on?” Jessica: “We has a fight, a truly epic fight.” Ainsley: “You should have never gone to see him.” Jessica: “No, not your father - your brother and I. We had a real knock down drag out.” Ainsley: “This is about Malcolm. Of course, it is.” Jessica: “It was biblical, Shakesperian. Someday Lin-Manuel MIranda will rap about it.” (María Sol García and Dahne)

Schooled - 
1. CB: “I thought this was about proving you’re actually responsible.” Lainey: “Ugh, you’re right. I’ve just got to accept the fact that I’m a buzzkill adult who the cool kids hate.” CB: “What you’re describing is a teacher.”
2. Felicia: “I really liked being a kicker but then Rayday started acting all weird.” Fleming: “Wait. You quit the team because of that dumb boy?” Felicia: “Yeah, I just figured if high school boys were going to start acting all stupid then I might as well just keep playing soccer.” Fleming: “I’m sorry, but you can’t let what some guy thinks stop you from a groundbreaking opportunity to play football.” Mellor: “Wait. Is she on our side now?” Fleming: “I’m on the side of women standing up for themselves and achieving their potential, and if that young man made you doubt yourself in any way, then you use that golden foot to kick him to the curb.”
3. Marni: “You said it yourself. You used to be us.” Lainey: “Yeah, but you know what I really needed back then? A teacher like me now to set me straight so I could actually learn something useful in high school and not just how to raise hell. Can you please stop keg standing as I get through to these kids? My God, you suck, cousin Gary.” (Dahne)

Single Parents - 
1. Wil: “Unreal, Douglas. You have to engage in the culture, bud. You’re only as young as your viewing habits.” Douglas: “I know who Mr. and Mrs. Kitchen are, okay? I’m not some Appalachian dog chained to a dead tree. I just don’t understand why you think you can fix a wall based on a TV show you’ve seen about construction workers in a failing marriage.”
Will: “Kevin and Karen are very much in love.” Angie: “He is the fridge to her freezer.”
2. Angie: “I panicked. I’m sorry. I was raised to throw people under the bus.”
3. Poppy: “Look, Douglas, it wasn’t just me being jealous about you opening up to those women...although I do want you to do that with me. There was something real there and if I’m being honest, it was hard for me to hear you talk about Rose. I mean my ex-husband and I, we broke up but your wife died while you were still in love with her. She’ll always have a place in your heart and I got to get comfortable sharing that.” Douglas: “Look, I’m still working through losing her, but being with you...well, that’s the happiest I’ve been in a long time.” (Dahne)

Supergirl - 
1. Brainy: "No time like the present to create the future."
2. Alex [to Supergirl]: "Glad to see you've escaped your tower, Rapunzel."
3. Andrea [to Lena]: “Keep screwing with me and you won’t just owe me a story, you’ll be the story.” (Donna Cromeans)

Titans - 
1. Donna: “People were just shooting at us, and you’re going to go out?”
2. Bruce: “There’s nothing to worry about kids. Just a mild psychic split.” (Prpleight)

Young Sheldon - 
1. Sheldon: "When Frodo and Sam are riding through the Shire, the book says the moon went westward, but according to the calendar Tolkien created there should have been no moon visible."
Comic Book Shop Guy: "But, in the appendix, Tolkien covers himself by saying there may be mistranslations from the Red Book."
Sheldon: "Fictional Tolkien says that, but I can't help wondering, if Real Tolkien, who wrote the book, made the mistake, or if it was an intentional mistake made by the fictional Tolkien, who translated these real world events from an original source."
Comic Book Shop Guy: "Oh no, Is that how I sound to people?"
2. George: "I've been doing a great job with Missy. This one's on you." (Prpleight)

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