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Prodigal Son - The Trip - Review: Blast From The Past

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"Nobody ever said the subconscious was subtle."

Malcolm is more sleep-deprived than ever and this doesn't help his discerning skills, meaning he can't tell what's real and what isn't, which could be a problem, for life in general. He says the only thing that helps is solving murders is solving a case, so he goes to Gil and is shocked (and almost insulted) that there's no deviant murderer going around New York. He ends up looking so desperate that Gil brings him along on a "regular" double murder at a speakeasy. Dani is convinced it's a turf thing but Malcolm thinks it's personal, and he realizes along the way she was in Narcotics at some point but she doesn't seem thrilled to revisit the past or to have him doubting her theories.

They go to one suspect, turns out rule, then to Estime (Hampton Fluker - Shades of Blue) someone from Dani's past, turns out he's not the killed either, but whet they're shot at, his stash blows up in Malcolm's face and Dani has to babysit him as he's high as a kite. And this brings us one of the most hilarious moments but also sprinkled with little intimate moments where they talk about their trust issues and a possible blooming friendship, which I loved.

But then, this mixes with the sleep-deprived hallucinations he was already having and it's a whole different game up in his head. And the waking nightmare turns into him in prison in his father's place. He reminds himself of a box of mementos he hid from his mother so she wouldn't burn them and then he starts freaking out so Dani knocks him out, a bit rough but effective I guess. He even says he should ask her to hit him every night since after that he slept five hours, an amazing amount for him, and she admits to having a drug problem when she was undercover.

Turns out he'd fallen in love with one of the women who worked for the first suspect and he'd put her in danger on purpose so the girl's mother killed him and she wanted to kill Estime too for not protecting her. They convince the rival that Estime is dead so he can start a new life, away from the cartels. So it seems she was able to pay him back for his kindness in the past and they can both move on. I don't know how interesting was the case but it was nice to see Fluker, I loved him on Shades of Blue and I wouldn't mind seeing him more often on TV.

Jessica is starting to be more open about her charitable work, under Malcolm's advice. At first, it seems no one is interested in being associated with The Surgeon's name until Attorney Eve Blanchard comes along, she wants to fight human trafficking and says she won't judge Jessica for her exes if she doesn't judge her for hers. I wonder what this means and if it will be relevant because when Malcolm comes looking for the shoebox and he and Eve seem to hit it off. Some of the pictures in the box do seem to shake up some memories so we'll see where that leads.

"Stop ignoring me!"

What did you think about this episode? I look forward to your comments.

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