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Panic - Cast Announced

The series regulars include:

Camron Jones (grown-ish) as “Bishop”: Bishop is a Good Kid–anyone in Carp would tell you that. Affable, funny, sweet; an all-around athlete and a solid A/A- student; Bishop fulfills the expectations of both the community and his father, the Chief Justice of the County Court. But a lifetime of inherited pressure has begun to take its toll.

Enrique Murciano (Bloodline) as “Sheriff Kean”: A man who wears the mantle of his office heavily, Sheriff Kean is haunted by loss, alienated from his grieving wife, and single-mindedly focused on the one thing he can control: putting a stop to the game.

Jessica Sula (Split) as “Natalie”: Natalie’s aspirations include a move to California and the fulfillment of her dead mother’s dream to become an actress. The loftiness of her ambitions and her disregard for practicalities belie the discipline and perceptiveness born of growing up a Deputy Sheriff’s daughter.

The major recurring guest starts include:

Bonnie Bedelia (Parenthood) as “Anne”: Heather’s guardian angel. She gives Heather a job on her farm at the start of the season and becomes the adult to prove to Heather she is worth loving. A widow and full of quirk (she does keep a farm with all kinds of animals, she takes Heather and Lily in when they need it most.

Moira Kelly (One Tree Hill) as “Laura Kean”: Sheriff Kean’s Wife. Mired in grief after the death of her son, Laura Kean is locked in the past–and keeping secrets of her own.

Nancy McKeon (The Facts of Life) as “Jessica Mason”: Dodge’s single mom. Beautiful, fierce, a fighter. She cares about her two children more than anything and has uprooted the family’s life to pursue justice for her daughter, victim of a hit-and-run that placed her in a wheelchair for life. She is having an affair with Sheriff Kean.

Rachel Bay Jones (Dear Evan Hansen) as “Sherri Nill”: A single mother at seventeen, Sherri has been roughed around by life and seeks refuge in the wrong places–notably booze, drugs, and bad men. She does love her children but just doesn’t know how to take care of them. Her temper, hardness, and volatility disguise her vulnerability and belief in her unworthiness.

The previously-announced series regulars:

Mike Faist (West Side Story) as “Dodge Mason”: Dodge Mason is the new kid in town, and floated almost invisibly through his senior year at the high school. Uniformly level-headed–almost detached–Dodge’s tolerance for danger is perhaps a product of his background in saddle bronc…or symptomatic of a much deeper strain of violence inside of him.

Olivia Welch (Fear Street) as “Heather”: Heather is a talented writer, but she knows that in real life, you can’t imagine yourself to a happy ending. A self-proclaimed pragmatist, she intends to go through her accounting certification, in the hopes of building a stable life as soon as possible.

Ray Nicholson (Now Is Everything) as “Ray Hanrahan”: Swaggering, obnoxious, and provocative, Ray comes from a long line of criminals and trailer trash–and is more than happy to be the public bearer of that proud heritage. Having been told his whole life that he is going no where, Ray’s strength comes in nihilistic form–no future means no fear of what’s coming.

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