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Mayans MC - Muluc - Review: 'Beautiful Minefield'

Well this episode will have big consequences! Fist, Alvarez is kidnapped by the mercs because of Adelita's interception, then EZ makes a huge mistake because of his achilles heel Emily..... Let's discuss.

I Need Your Help

You would think that Angel would be the one making irrational decisions because his girlfriend and baby are now tucked away in federal custody, but it was EZ that made an incredibly dumb mistake that will have blowback. Emily spent most of the episode desperately trying to salvage her agro park deal after Iliana told her another bid was going to be accepted over hers. Emily starts putting things together and realizes that there is a mole in Iliana's office named Marlon who we know took the plans and leaked them. Now here is where Emily loses any of my respect because while she talks a good game and acts like she's a boss, the first thing she does is run to the two men in her life to fix this situation.

Emily going to Miguel when he is 'working' was not smart for a lot of reasons especially because of how she acts later. When Miguel demanded she leave, I think we all knew who she would call and of course EZ jumped at the chance to help his lost love. Angel is right that EZ needs to let that go, but EZ doesn't listen when it comes to Emily. This is also manipulative on Emily's part because by saying she wants EZ in the 'world' she is building and softly kissing him on the cheek, she has once again put him on the leash he seemed to be loosening. EZ going to see Marlon was a mess from start to finish and proves why he can't be full patch yet. He didn't tell the club, he didn't have a plan and most importantly he underestimated his target. The 'discussion' between the two men was cringe-worthy and it got worse every time EZ tried to use intimidation to gain the upper hand. In the end, EZ may get away with Marlon's 'murder' because was it really murder? Marlon accidentally shot himself which could close the case quickly. The rub is that Iliana knows Emily had Marlon in her crosshairs and now he's dead, she also downplayed why she barged in on Miguel earlier in the episode. He is smart enough to know that her excuse in the end is not something that she took care of that easily. I hope it was worth it EZ because you revisiting your history could mess up your future big time. Miguel was rightly distracted because of Alvarez and it showed how much Miguel cares about the people in his inner circle.

Tell Us

Marcus Alvarez is a legend in the Sons/Mayans world so watching him kidnapped and tortured was extremely hard to take. The mercs took him because they believed he knew who was behind the ambush on Adelita's transfer. We spent much of the episode wondering if they had gone rouge because they lost some of their own or if Potter was pulling the strings. Either way the club and Miguel wanted him back and worked together to make it happen.

It is in these moments you see a different shade of Miguel. His concern about Marcus mirrored how he felt when Adelita was captured and him going to retrieve his head of security once they got Alvarez's message was another layer to how he feels about the cause and his people. Alvarez, always the stoic figure held on until his club and boss could find him and it was extremely satisfying to see him end the stain that was Hobart. Now to get back to who ordered this, it looks like it was none other than Potter. He is perplexed and doesn't quite know where his deals are going south, but now that the MC has taken care of the Mercs, he has a new strategy to go after someone else...... The Reyes Patriarch Felipe/Ignacio Reyes/Cortina. Does Potter think this will bring EZ and Angel back into his grasp? That they will be his moles? I certainly hope not.

True To His Word

Happy resurfaced with some news for the boys this week and it opens a whole new chapter to the death of their mother. It seems that Happy's boss from the Nomads gave him the list of hits with money wiring attached for a completed job. The location where the money came from was Sonora Mexico which is where Miguel's 'father' was based out of back in the day. He was under the feds thumb at that time so the multiple transactions of smaller amounts on the ledger make sense so as not to tip off the people controlling him. Could the man Miguel thinks is his father have ordered the hit in retaliation for Dita and Felipe's affair? That is where my money is at. Of course Angel and EZ don't know the little detail about their secret brother and Dita and Felipe's affair, but if they are this close it is only a matter of time before the doors get blown off this secret Felipe wants to stay locked. Of course the show could pivot and go a different direction, so drop your own theories below if you have them!

Other Thoughts:

* The opening with the Angel taking care of the birds with his squirt gun was pretty funny. When he sheepishly looked at EZ and said, 'What? They are very loud' I cracked up. I did worry the crows outside Angel's window was an ominous sign so hopefully it was just for the sake of this scene.

* While EZ made a really bad choice this episode, his scenes of being an attentive brother were nice. Angel telling him he loved him shows that the rift may be fully healed.

* Even though Marlon said he was a few years behind EZ, Emily had to have known that Marlon would know who he is right? This makes what she did worse.

* Happy saying Jax would want him to help, gave a pang in my SOA loving heart. I still find his excuse to Bishop weak. Why would a full patch member of SAMCRO pick up papers and personally deliver them to a prospect in Santo Padre? Bishop isn't that daft and will start to sense something is off.

That is it for now, tune in for a new Mayans tonight!

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