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Legacies - You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know - Review

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This week on Legacies there was a flag football game between the Salvatore school and Mystic Falls High. Hope found out Rafael was trapped in wolf form and went looking for him. Landon caught her and joined the search. There was a monster in the woods that was after werewolves, but when Hope tried to draw it away, it seemed more interested in Landon. Rafael is back to his human self but has some serious readjustment issues. Lizzie is determined to figure out if Sebastian is a monster. He tells her he’s a vampire but it turns out MG can’t see him. Josie is very jealous of Hope. The new headmaster lets the students use magic during the game? which results in Josie breaking Ethan’s arm. Also the new headmaster has a really big mouth. 

Never thought I’d say this…: but I was actually rooting for Mystic Falls High to win the game. While I was all for the Salvatore school using their powers last year, this year it just seemed wrong. And not just because Hope was on the other team. I’ve actually started to really like Hope’s new friends and I want them to stick around, even after Hope eventually rejoins the Salvatore school (which we all know will happen). But I do not want them to make Ethan a love interest for Hope, she’s already got plenty of those. Instead, I’d really like to see a purely platonic female/male friendship. There aren’t that many on tv shows these days. In fact, the only ones I can think of are Lucas and Haley from One Tree Hill. More platonic male/female relationships, please! Side note, I’m so proud of how much Kaleb has grown. Look at him being the voice of reason. He’s becoming one of my favorites. 

This clown: How on earth did Caroline-always-prepared, everything-must-be-perfect, won’t-settle-for-anything-but-the-best-Forbes pick Vardemus as Alaric’s replacement? One conversation with this guy should’ve made it clear that there was something shady about this guy. And I’m not even talking about what happened at the end of the episode, because what the hell was that? And yes, I do agree with some of what he said. Alaric sheltered the kids too much, and a school for the supernatural should probably not be run by a human. But this guy takes the superiority thing a bit too far. And what worries me is how much of an influence he seems to have over Josie. In a way, it makes sense. Lizzie has always been front and center and now someone finally notices her and sees her potential. But after what happened with that spell, I hope she now realizes he can’t be trusted. I’m relatively convinced she didn’t know what the spell would do, but not 100% because she did mention that some part of her wanted to hurt Ethan. And I hate to say it, but Josie really reminded me of Lizzie this week, mostly the parts of Lizzie that I dislike. 

Red flag: Speaking of Lizzie, I would first like to point out that I totally called Sebastian being a vampire (I mean the clothes made it a dead giveaway). However, as we saw this week, it’s not that simple. Why is Lizzie, so far, the only one who can see him? I read a lot of theories online about cloaking spells and stuff. But my first thought was “it’s all in her head”. Lizzie was not doing well mentally last season. And her getting better so quickly over summer break seems too easy. What if all of her issues all got focused into one hallucination, Sebastian. Because he really does say all the perfect things, all things Lizzie would swoon over. On the one hand, I don’t want Lizzie’s mental health to suddenly be fine (because it doesn’t work like that) but on the other hand, I really hate the “seeing someone that isn’t there” trope. My guess is that either Sebastian is a figment of Lizzie’s imagination or MG will think that this is the case while there’s actually a magical explanation. So as usual, I have no clue. 

Well, there goes that theory: So, here I was, pissed at Hope for not turning Rafael back the second she came back and now it turns out she didn’t even know he had turned. Ooops, though since she gave him the ring she could’ve assumed he’d use it. Anyway, so my theory that Rafael would remember her because he’d been in wolf form when she went into Malivore turned out to be very wrong. It’s a shame, though. Because I was actually hoping we’d have one character that remembered her. Sure, I love the bond that is (re)forming between Hope and Alaric. But I feel like she needs someone who knows everything that she can just vent to. As for Rafael, I’m glad he’s finally back. Poor guy is going to have a rough time adjusting. When I saw how he was struggling in his sleep, the first thing that popped into my mind was that Hayley would’ve really been able to help him. She also spent a few months trapped in wolf form. If only they hadn’t killed her off (still bitter). 
Everybody wants Landon: Seriously, what is with everyone’s obsession with Landon? Even the monsters want him. I guess they had to be after something now that those objects are gone. But what exactly is their goal? This week’s monster was dragging Landon along, I’m assuming to take him to Malivore. Is that what we’re in for this season, every monster trying to drag Landon over there? As for the love triangle with Hope and Josie, think of how much drama could be avoided if they’d just date each other. Just a suggestion.  

Best quotes: Kaleb: “Damn, that’s my quarterback.” 
Alaric: “Caroline picked my replacement herself. There’s not way that she’s gonna hire a … weirdo with an umbrella.” 
Josie: “Someone needs to step up.” Wade: “I’ll do it.” Josie: “No offense, Wade, but no.” 
MG: “Teenage Tom Brady is killing us.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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