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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Dee Day - Review

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An episode that once looked promising took several turns and twists, but for the worse.

We begin the episode with Dennis training the guys on how to prepare for what they consider the most important scheme of their lives, until they get interrupted by Dee walking in and telling them it’s Dee day. So the rules are that they can’t insult her or disagree with her or else they’ll get the horn and she will add another day of Dee day.

This is where things begin to escalate. Dee’s plan for the day went from her talking about her feelings, onto her making the guys do one of her plays with characters she created. Now, here’s the thing with this part: turns out one of the characters Frank’s playing is doing blackface, and while Sunny has done that in the past several seasons ago, it just doesn’t sit right considering this show is 14 seasons in and it’s 2019. We know the characters are bad people, but if you wanted to make a point that racism is bad blackface is definitely not the way to go. The show has done well before in rectifying past mistakes, so one would think that they wouldn’t do blackface again because it’s just racist but they did, and it didn’t really add anything to the plot, so one is left to wonder what was the thought process behind it.

Continuing with the plays, Charlie and Dennis were assigned to play Mr. Covington and Crazy Paddy respectively, where they were forced to kiss for what was one of the most awkward and uncomfortable kisses in the show so far.

Later on we see the gang as Dee takes them bird-watching, and they cannot say any bird-related insult to her, which the gang is trying hard not to. As soon as Dee leaves to pee, Dennis informs the gang that he’s going to continue with their original scheme but he gets stopped by Dee, and, wait for it, she makes him take off all his makeup.

Now, seeing Dennis without makeup as well as Dennis trying to flirt (and failing, terribly) with that woman just to he could finalize the last part of the scheme was probably the funniest bit in the episode. Dennis just transformed completely without his makeup, his hair-do and his inflatable pecs, as pointed out by Mac.

In the end, turns out that Dee had been one step ahead of the guys this whole time, and was the one responsible for their scheme succeeding. When the guys make fun of her because she did their bidding, so the joke’s on her, she lets them know she turned the cuckoo clock an hour behind and since the guys insulted her while on Dee day, she did true to her promise of ringing the horn and adding an extra Dee day.

Overall, I feel like the whole concept of Dee day had a lot of potential but somewhere along the way it just missed the mark, and I would rank this episode as a sure miss this season. Certainly Dee could’ve used a little bit more screen time, since it was her day after all, not to mention the whole other issues I’ve mentioned before.
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