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Grey`s Anatomy - Reunited - Review: "We Are All Here Because of Her"

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Season 16 of Grey`s Anatomy is delivering with each week. As said in my earlier reviews this year the show is on a good path and delivers meaningful character moments without pushing the story too much. This episode was part of ABC`s Cast From the Past week and it featured two very Charmed actresses playing sisters once again. "Reunited” was written by Andy Reaser and directed by Michael Medico.

Dahlia Qadri wasn`t a memorable character until this episode. We saw her squirming around with her fellow interns and pine of McBeautiful (Jackson) for a couple of episodes. Yet, suddenly Sophia Ali`s character decided she had some spark in her and ruffle the battle lines of GSMH. And while I really felt the spirit within Dahlia it felt out of nowhere and random for the most part. I wouldn`t be irked by this if Helm was the one ruffling the nest as she often expressed her admiration for Meredith.

Eventually, Qadri`s uprising resulted in Bailey firing her. Bailey being this pissy about everything that went down seems a bit too much but the pressure is getting to her and the ones paying for it are the interns and De Luca. A well-known fact is that De Luca isn`t my favorite character but the harassing he gets from Bailey isn`t what he deserves. Still, the scenes between DeLuca and Schmidt were hilarious. Jake Boleli has great comedic momentum and watching Schmidt fail and rise through this show is just brilliant. His scene with Nico was beautiful and I love the direction their relationship is slowly heading.

Otherwise, it was great seeing Meredith in some sort of OR action again. Seeing her in her element in her natural habitat brought out the light in her again. Mer`s face as Bailey disconnected her was just painful. Hopefully, she`ll return to the OR soon.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Amelia were seeing their lives through the eyes of a couple that loved each other 60 years ago. Maggie seemed like she was finally healing after hearing the story of Burt and Mrs. O. Realizing the thing she and Jackson had wasn`t as an epic love story as she imagined it to be and that she can and hopefully will find better.

Amelia on the other side of events got used to the idea of being pregnant and enjoying it. The small steps she is making with each episode of the season just give more depth to her story and character. The pregnancy won`t be smooth sailing for sure, yet Amelia and Link seem to be slowly going strong. Meredith being happy about the pregnancy and supporting her sister was just precious. They went such a long way and they are family.

Meanwhile, at Parc North we witnessed a not so Charmed reunion between Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano as they were playing the Peterson sisters. The Peterson sisters were faced with the fact that their older sister fell into a construction site and was declared brain dead. The scenes between Holly`s and Alyssa`s Heidi and Haylee were a beautiful mix between heartbreaking and hilarious. Sibling relationships are messy and just as back in their Charmed days despite all the bad and good at the end of the day there were there for each other. Richard was the perfect buffer between the sisters and having so much focus on his character arc this season is just a gift that keeps giving. I certainly didn`t expect that twist at the end. I died a bit when Haylee started screaming "Don`t go to the light.". Richard stopping them from arguing all over again was really sweet. Someone give us the wisdom of Richard Webber. And who of you didn`t envy Alyssa Milano for getting a chance to hug James?

Other Tidbits:
- Major kudos to Jo for doing a badass job in that surgery. She deserves this. Still, I hope they work on her mental health in future episodes. Don`t forget that story too fast writers. 
- Tom forcing Owen to hide all over the Hospital was just hilarious. DRAG him, Tom!
- Teddy getting back in action is certainly positive. I`ve missed her. I know her primary concern this season will be Owen and her daughter but still hope for some badassery on her side.
- Jackson and Vic really have solid chemistry. I haven`t watched passed the Station 19 pilot so I don`t know what type of character Vic is, but she is smart and quirky and makes Jackson run for it. I dig that.

That`s a wrap, guys. Reunited was another solid outing. Looking forward to seeing how Mer`s story will unfold further down the line and what milestones Amelia and Link will have to major over the next 7 months. What are your thoughts? Did you enjoy the Charmed reunion or didn`t even care for it? Sound off in the comment section down below. Till next week.

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