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Grey`s Anatomy - It`s Raining Men & Breath Again - Double Review

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Hello fellow interns. After getting struck by the flu, I am back with some juicy takes on the recent two episodes of Grey`s Anatomy`s season 16.

It`s Raining Men

Episode 4 of season 16 featured a major follow out after a not approved article from Meredith hit the internet and while it shaped her further story it shaped the whole episode and many character arcs along the way. The episode was written by Mark Driscoll and directed by Michael Watkins.

One of the scared Patients didn`t want his fistula fixed at GSMH and had Owen drive him to PacNorth. And there they go ruining my spin-off. I can`t take them ruining my ideal set up with Alex and Richard kicking behinds. Yet we get what we get. Owen at PacNorth could be interesting and deliver some character development, which is highly doubtful at this point. The writers aren`t interested in changing Owen`s pushy passive-aggressive ways and behavior.

Meredith meanwhile was slowly breaking down cause of the article. She didn`t deserve this. She is losing everything and all she wanted to do is save lives. Her confrontation with Bailey really put the strings on my heart. Seeing the two of them at odds is really painful. Miranda experienced a rollercoaster of emotions this week and Mer being all into her face couldn`t have worked well. The reveal of her pregnancy was an interesting take on Miranda and her further story but feels a bit used up as Amelia is pregnant as well. On the other side, this pregnancy is so different from Bailey in comparison to Amelia's character- and story-wise. From where they come and where they are at the moment are utterly different and while for Amelia this might be a beacon of hope for Miranda this child is sort of a hurdle.

After butting heads with Bailey, Mer went head to head with Andrew as well. Mer`s ways delivered a couple of rough weeks for Andrew and seeing Mer making some reckless moves wasn`t putting him in a good mood either. Luckily Mer swiftly put him in his place. I hear a hunky new Peds Attending is coming to GSMH so let's get Mer a ticket for the ride. Loved that the writers remembered Christina in this episode and this is such a Christina thing to say.

Christina: Move to Switzerland before Bailey murders you in your sleep.
After 16 years for most of the part, I am convinced that Grey`s Anatomy can`t shock me with their cases. Getting hit by a person falling from the air is something new. The petrified boyfriend played the role perfectly while Maggie and Teddy were the badass duo we all deserve to watch. Kim Raver`s performance in that OR was heartbreaking.

Tom Koracick is a bastard, but a loveable one. His manipulative ways were truly despicable and seeing Jackson push against him was pure magic. Greg and Jesse really worked very well together and the shadiness between them was worth all of the drama. Eventually, Jackson, Amelia, and Schmidt finished the surgery and Schmidt brought up a really interesting topic. The way Tom forced the camera into the family's face was awful but the positive reactions this surgery could bring in for the Hospital would be unmeasurable at this point in time.

Other Tidbits:
- The Linc-Amelia scene this episode just made me feel warm and fuzzy. Who thought these two would turn into the MVP couple of GSMH? Give me more of them and I will be fine, oh so fine.
- Vic being intimidated by Cardio Goddess Dr. Pierce was an interesting take on. Let`s see how she will be able to handle Jackson`s past. Or will that resolve on Station 19?

Breath Again

With only 2 episodes away from the midseason finale and the 350th episode of Grey`s Anatomy, the show is building up great momentum and putting stories in the right or wrong directions. "Breath Again" was written by Elisabeth R. Finch and directed by Chandra Wilson.

The episode featured 3 main stories and my favorite certainly was the suicide Patient. Jo`s emotional road last season turned into one of the shows best storylines in recent seasons. Revisiting her mental issues with one of her Psychiatrists trying to commit suicide was a brilliant choice. The intensity Jo felt in those moments was impeccable, Camilla delivered all those emotions to screen, captivating us with her pain and uncertainty. Jo and Carly`s rocky road was short but the time they´ve shared in the flashbacks was well used. They depicted Jo`s issues in a simple but poignant fashion and made Jo face her pain in a heartbreaking but beautiful way. Seeing Jo heal with Alex showed how far she has come. Sometimes having someone to just be there with you means more than words could ever say.

Jo`s present time scenes with Bailey and her struggle to maintain sanity were exceptionally executed. Camilla Luddigington adds a lot of strength and edge to performing this storyline and it is visible. Miranda getting her back off the edge with her news, was a very sweet moment and worked so well in the grand scheme of storytelling. Jo was spiraling and the news just hit her right into her lane again. Ben`s reaction to the baby news was everything. Simply adored how natural it felt and

In the other part of the town, Richard was on a sort of date with Gemma. The lunch which explored Richard's romantic failures went into a bit of embarrassing territory as Gemma depicted how wishy-washy he was in his previous relationships. While I can`t really say she was wrong, it was a sucker punch to say at least. Punching him down just to try to seduce him felt nasty. A broken Richard than faced Catherine and the strains between them are more intense than ever. A Serbian saying says: Where Pride rules, love packs its bag. And it`s describing the current state of Richard and Catherine`s relationship perfectly. I don`t see Richard giving up to the temptation but it certainly will be a hard test for him.

Last but not least there was Meredith. After a hard time in the previous episodes, Meredith tried to right her wrongs but Zola`s VP Shunt had other plans. A lot of fans might have forgotten that Zola initially was one of the African kids Alex brought in to take care of. Arizona was supposed to go and save them all but she couldn`t really leave Kelly so Alex conned an old dying lady into giving him some money all in his attempt to become Chief-Resident. After this little reminder, the Neurosurgeons of GSMH informed us about possible obstruction of the shunt which needed to be fixed right away. This caused Meredith to miss her Judge appointment and get Jail time for missing so many community work hours. Was this a bit too on the nose and convenient? Of course, are we getting unnecessary drama cause of it another yes. How will this resolve down the line? No freaking clue.

During the surgery, the 3 twisted sisters took a deep dive into their grimm-ish love lives. After last week`s face to face, the tension between Mer and DeLuca didn`t get any better when Zola had to get surgery. Meredith brought up a bunch of valid points. Her relationship with Andrew doesn`t seem sustainable in the long run and the two of them don`t share many similarities. Their sexual chemistry isn`t deniable but Mer even said it, she would make fun of him with Christina for the way he behaves. The writing for DeLuca is all over the place though. He always makes a rush, mostly out of character decisions just to prove something. But to whom and why? That is even a mystery to him. And while Maggie was professing her undying love for surgery, Amelia was worried about having Linc be there. Trust issues weren`t really an issue for her before but this is different. She is taking a leap and she ain`t the only one possibly getting hurt. I appreciated this small insight into their lives and sisterly bonding, they used this episode and the screentime very well.

Other Tidbits:
- Jaicy Elliot was just precious as Helm. this week. Her crush on Meredith is everything. Her trying to squeeze out a hug out of the situation was just precious.
- Kudos to Chandra Wilson for pulling double duty this week, especially in such Bailey heavy episode.

That is a wrap, guys. Season 16 is in full motion and the show is dusting off some rust of their old shoulders. How are you enjoying season 16? What are your thoughts on episodes 4&5 of the season? Sound off in the comment section down below and share your thoughts on recent events and possible developments.

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