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Grey`s Anatomy - Back in the Saddle - Review: New Grey & Karev

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Grey`s Anatomy stepped up their game. Episode 2 of season 16 was more dynamic and better paced than the premiere. The show dig deeper into their previously set up stories and provided much-needed progression on multiple fronts. The episode was written by Meg Marinis and directed by Grey`s very own Kevin McKidd.

First and foremost, are you guys up for a Parc North spin-off? I definitely am. As said in last week's review, getting this extra time of Karev and Webber is just pure joy for my GA heart. And while everyone was expecting that Karev and Webber would be back in GSMH 15 minutes into the premiere we shall be happy they weren`t. Getting out of the "perfect" Hospital with all the supplies and tech to Parc North must be really challenging for the two Star surgeons, especially for Webber who didn`t know worse for 35 years. Alex is different, he is a fighter and had to punch himself through dirt to become a surgeon. Yet, both had struggles with what they were facing at the new Hospital. The best part of their newly brooding bromance is this closeness and understanding the two of them have for each other and which provides the needed character development..

The biggest twist of last week`s premiere was Amelia`s pregnancy revelation and that story majorly drove this episode. The charming and not overdramatic approach to the reveal made this storyline even more enjoyable. Linc proved a long time ago that he is a great guy and Chris Carmack gave so much depth to Link as he opened up to Jo about his fears of bringing a child into this world. The fear in his eyes was palpable in his voice and body language. The moments Amelia and Link experienced after the reveal were really beautiful and mature. The road towards delivery will certainly be bumpy but the two of them care enough for each other to fight through it.

In other relationship drama or better said post-relationship drama, Maggie and Jackson had another go at it. The snarky and bitchy side of Maggie doesn`t really suit her, the comments she made about Vic and how she isn`t on a proper intellectual level just because being a firefighter were nasty. Not a fan of heartbroken Maggie. Still, I do understand her and how she felt hurt by Jackson`s moves. Meanwhile, I did enjoy her trying to save the trash boyfriend. Kelly is always great within comedic moments and provides hilarious moments. I do hope Maggie can move on from this spot and get a new interesting story this season.

Just as funny were Meredith`s scenes this week. You can`t push the doctor out of her and her instinct to help is what drives her. And that is why we love her. Realizing all the faults and trying to fix the mistakes of the medical system seems like just the right story for Meredith at this point. Having more of Schmidt this week and having him spend time with Meredith was funny as hell. And while Schmidt is on his way to greatness he is still an adorable and precious little boy learning to hold up his own. Hoping he gets more surgical experience this season.

Just like Helm this episode. Taryn Helm is quite the underdog under the new interns. This episode gave her the spotlight she deserves. It was gorgeous to see Miranda play her game and go what she wants for. She needed a new Grey and Karev and goes and builds herself a factory to make it happen. Seeing Miranda prosper, grow and teach was just amazing and it was just what she was needing after losing her 3 big guns. DeLuca was as annoying as ever, as he couldn`t see further than his male ego. For the love of all the above, I don`t get how they can write a character to be this useless and foolish. I was so happy when Miranda put him into his place, cause no one talks like that to Queen Miranda Bailey.

Other Tidbits:
- It was nice to see Jo back in the game. Excited to see her be an Attending and play Major leagues.
- Tom getting his balls fried was just a blast. The restraining order was an interesting surprise. Guess Owen will once again try to punch through his issues like usually.
- I did miss Teddy this week, I hope the writers don`t bench her with the baby at home.

2 down, 22 more episodes to go this season. Next week expect to get Charmmed as Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Coombs guest star in ABC`s Cast from the Past special. Till next week. . .

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