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Charmed - Safe Space - Review: "Reboot of the Reboot"

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Welcome back fellow witches, warlocks, demons and everything in between. CW`s Charmed reboot finally returned from its summer break and it just feels so good. The season two premiere titled "Safe Space" made some interesting changes to the previous` season concept and put the sisters in an unusually dire situation. Stuart Gillard directed the episode written by Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro.

With the announcement of new showrunners taking over Charmed for season 2, I expected this season to feel different. And while in many different ways it did feel different, the new team did keep the core momentum of the show intact. The girls, how they were written and how they`ve interacted stayed the same and was equally captivating.

The season 2 premiere picked up 3 weeks after the events of the season 1 finale. As we witness the girls celebrating Maggie`s birthday, we find out that Macy is thinking of changing jobs, Mel is all into her Elderly role, while Maggie tries to survive the demon free time with a smile on her face. The rude awakening happened just hours later when a powerful demon assassin entered the house and tried to kill the girls. The CGI and directing worked really well in those scenes and the girls seeming so powerless against this foe was an interesting surprise. But not as big as the Book of Shadows going up into flames.

As a fan of the original show, seeing the Book of Shadows go up into flames seemed unreal. I mean like Hell to the no. Still, the writers used it as an interesting storytelling device which resulted in the girls losing their powers. Found in an unknown location, powerless and with a poisoned Macy the situation seemed quite bad for our Charmed ones.

The Witchprotection Command Center seems like an interesting concept but it is a bit weird that the color changes from blue to red right away. Shouldn`t it have an in-between stage so the girls could help before the witches are dead? The toxic barfing demons were quite nasty, I hate rodents. Still, Macy going all Queen of Hell on them to protect Mel was a nice twist. Speaking of Macy, major kudos are due for Madeline. The way she played the intoxication and disease was really captivating. The writers did us dirty with those Dark Harry hallucinations. My shipper heart was beating like a beatbox. The sisters and Harry crying over Macy`s body after the healing didn`t really work was heartbreaking. The small sisterly moments scattered throughout the episode were great and is what keeps the show going storng. As Melonie Diaz said in an interview during NY Comic Con last Sunday:

Melonie Diaz: Their relationship is the same. It`s like the biggest love story.

And it is indeed. The evolution of where the sisters were back when the show premiered and where are they today is a true love story. The girls have completely different personalities but are still there to give their everything for each other.

As the episode came to an end many decisions and revelations were served up. The girls including Macy decided to run the Witchnessprotection program as they were the only ones aware and able to protect the lone witches. Apparently, all the Whitelighters died along the Elders as they were tied to their magic. As Harry`s powers come from Fiona that seems to be the only reason he is alive at the moment and but why does he keep coming alive?

Harry aka Jason Westwell aka The Assassin? In a bit of an unpredictable twist, it was revealed that Harry and the Assassin share the same face. A poisonous Archer going after witches and whitelighters? Anybody ordered a Darklighter? This seems like the reboot`s take on Darklighters and it is a good one. Especially considering he looks just like Harry? It might be a side product of the magic that prevents Harry from dying? A Doppelgänger Darklighter? Interesting concept.

Other Tidbits:
- We also met Jordan, played by Jordan Donica. A bit of a forced meet-cute. Not sure what to expect from the character but I doubt he is human.
- Mel also got her flirt on with that pretty Wizard of Oz Lady.
- The Charmed ones without their powers. What a concept!

That is a wrap, guys! I hope you`ve enjoyed the episode as much as I did. Feel free to share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below. Till next week. . .

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