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All American - Speak Ya Clout - Review

All American just keeps getting better. This episode had no shortage of drama, and everyone is falling apart. Well, besides Asher and Olivia. I don't know about you all, but I never thought Asher would be one of the most stable characters on the show.

Let's start with Jordan who seems to have the most issues right now. I get that he's had a rough couple of months with finding out his dad had an affair and leaving town. That must be really hard, but drinking and partying is not going to help. Does he not remember his sister almost died because she had a drug problem? I know he was drinking and not using drugs, but since his sister has an addictive personality drinking is probably not the best thing for him.

I was also getting really tired of his "holier than thou" attitude just because he won the state championship. I'm glad Laura finally decided to hold him accountable for his actions and grounded him. Maybe this will help Jordan be less of a jerk. I miss the old Jordan, and I would like to have him back now.

Spencer struggled with his dad and the news that he had another family after leaving. I felt awful for Spencer. It's a huge slap in the face that his dad brought this new guy in. Spencer feels like he was replaced, and honestly, this explains why his dad stayed away all those years. Selfishly, I hope this makes Spencer choose to stay at Beverly (which is what I think he'll do anyway).

Of course, Spencer and Jordan are distracted and basically don't want to be at the team's scrimmage. I liked that Asher tried to rally them, but his efforts were wasted. They played terribly, and Asher was right, the team got worse. Hopefully, since Coach Baker is back and the team is doing 2-a-days now, the team can get back on track and start focusing on football and winning games.

I am so proud of Asher. He knows he messed up last year, and he is working extra hard to make up for it and keep his life on the right track. And Olivia is proud of him. Did you see his face when she said that? Patience has never been my strong point, and I'm getting very impatient waiting for these two to become a couple. Hurry up, All American!

While Asher is continuing to make his life better, Layla is still going in the opposite direction. It's not a secret that she's never been my favorite character, but I'm getting fed up. She was mad at Spencer for not telling her about going back to Crenshaw, but she's been lying to him all along about her dad. It's one thing for Layla to be upset at her dad for not being there for her, but Spencer and Olivia care about her, and she shouldn't push them away. I hope she goes to therapy soon, but I have a feeling she's going to keep spiraling. She better be careful before she pushes Spencer, Olivia, and everyone else who cares about her away for good.

Coop also faced her own issues this week with her mom and Patience. I understood why Coop didn't want to push her mom on having Patience over; she just moved back in, and doesn't want to push her mom farther away. But I also understood where Patience was coming from: she wanted her girlfriend to stand up for their relationship. Coop's song at the end was amazing, and I hope we get more stories around her music. It is a nice change from her gang story last season.

We've only had two episodes, but I feel like so much as happened already. What did you all think about "Speak Ya Clout"? How do you feel about the drama and turmoil with our characters? Will Beverly start winning again? I've love to talk about it with you in the comments!

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