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911 - Sink or Swim - Review - Aftermath

This episode takes us through quite the emotional roller-coaster as the 118 team is separated in the aftermath of the tsunami that hit last episode.

Buck and Christopher find themselves stranded (luckily) together on a firetruck and surrounded by the rising water. Nothing particularly exciting happens to them, as they spend most of the episode in that one location, but it doesn't take away from how emotional the few scenes on that truck were. We can truly feel the bond between Christopher and Buck and how much they mean to each other, and despite the horror they are facing, the brave face that each tries to keep for the other is more than touching.

Maddie and the 911 call center - This part was what made the episode feel so realistic, the series of call we got to witness plunged us into the harsh reality of large-scale disasters.
Maddie's powerlessness in saving Jonas and her witnessing his death was a hit, but she only had seconds to gather herself and move on to the next caller. Seeing Sue having to hang up for another operator made me understand even more how hard it must be to stay emotionally stable - and calm - when doing such high-stakes jobs.

Athena and May - While May's main concern at the beginning of the episode is her college application, all of that quickly changes when she's caught in a pile up with her mother and has to keep a badly injured woman alive on her own. I liked that we got to see the impact of the tsunami in non-flooded parts of the city, we never think of all of the indirect victims of such disasters, and it was a good occasion to make May's character grow a little.

Bobby, Chim, Hen, Eddie, etc. - Surprisingly, the part of the 118 on duty held a very minor role in this episode, they did get to save a pretty dysfunctional family whose father and son wound up skewered to each other, and, on a second intervention started to rescue another first responder team who got caught up in the Tsunami.

This is when tings started to go awry again... a second wave hit, leaving the crew in danger, and making Christopher fall off the truck where he and Buck had found refuge, leaving Buck yelling after him desperately in the rising water, before our screens turned to black.

What about you? What did you think of this episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments bellow and I'll see you next week!


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