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Young Sheldon - Quirky Eggheads and Texas Snow Globes - Review

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Last season Young Sheldon ended with Dr. Sturgis having a breakdown and being checked into a hospital for help (all of which happened without Sheldon’s knowledge). This incident causes Mary to start worrying about the state of Sheldon’s mental health. After all, he and Sturgis are very much alike. She notices that her little genius boy seems even less social and even more odd than usual. Concerned, she turns to the local book store to find reading material on mental conditions. After asking Sheldon questions such as “Do you hear voices that are not actually there?” the boy starts to fear that his mother has mental issues, not knowing she fears the very same for him.
I loved to see how Sheldon immediately acted and went to pick up a book about mental illnesses in the library the very moment he noticed something is off with his momma. Sheldon is by no means an expert on interpersonal relationships, in particular, because he is usually unable to recognize how other people feel. However, when he believes someone he loves to be struggling he will try to help.
It is rather hilarious to compare the scene of Mary buying the book about mental health to Sheldon borrowing one from the library: while the boy loudly announces the title of the book in front of everyone, Mary tries to hide the fact she is buying a book about psychological disorders even from the cashier.

When mother and son both cannot sleep and accidentally meet in the kitchen at night, Sheldon confesses that he worries about her mental health. Mary explains that she might have been acting weird because she is concerned about his mental well-being. Sheldon is insulted. His mother believes in “an invisible man in the sky who grants wishes” but thinks he is the one who is mental. Mother and son are on bad terms for some time until Mary books an appointment with a therapist. There, she finally dares to tell Sheldon the truth about why Dr. Sturgis is in the hospital. He had a breakdown and he now needs professional help to get better. Now that the truth is out Sheldon starts to understand his mother’s view. Since Sheldon and Sturgis are both gifted Mary worries that her son will face the same challenges as the scientist. Knowing the reason behind his mother’s concerns makes Sheldon realize that he was not very kind to her and apologizes:  

“I'm sorry I cause you so much concern.”

While Mary is worrying about her youngest boy, her oldest comes up with a new business idea. Georgie bought 50 snow globes for a discounted price from a store that is going out of business. His plan is to go from door to door and sell them for five times the price he bought them for. Daddy Cooper is convinced the idea is nothing but a waste of time and money. Georgie still goes ahead with his plan but ends up not selling a single globe. The young man decides to change his strategy: He dresses up in a suit like a real business man and starts to build emotional connections with potential clients. He reminds them of the feeling they had when they saw snow for the very first time. Suddenly he sells one globe after.
This is how Georgie’s career as a sales champion started: with Texas snow globes.

What did you think about the season premiere? Share your thoughts below!

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