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Upcoming Episode Titles - Various Shows - 11th September 2019

Here are various new Episode Titles that have been released.

Bluff City Law - Episode 1.10 - Thanksgiving
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Episode 7.06 - Trying
Bull - Episode 4.02 - Fantastica Voyage
Bull - Episode 4.03 - Rectify
Chicago Fire - Episode 8.06 - What Went Wrong
Chicago Fire - Episode 8.07 - Welcome To Crazytown
Chicago Med - Episode 5.07 - Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings
God Friended Me - Episode 2.01 - Joy
God Friended Me - Episode 2.02 - The Lady
Madam Secretary - Episode 6.01 - Hail to the Chief
Magnum P.I. - Episode 2.01 - Payback is for Beginners
Magnum P.I. - Episode 2.02 - Honor Among Thieves
Magnum P.I. - Episode 2.03 - Knight Lasts Forever
Magnum P.I. - Episode 2.04 - Dead Inside
Magnum P.I. - Episode 2.05 - Make It 'Til Dawn
Magnum P.I. - Episode 2.06 - Lie, Cheat, Steal, Kill
Magnum P.I. - Episode 2.07 - The Man In The Secret Room
Magnum P.I. - Episode 2.08 - He Came By Night
NCIS - Episode 17.03 - Going Mobile
New Amsterdam - Episode 2.06 - Righteous Right Hand
New Amsterdam - Episode 2.07 - Good Soldiers
New Amsterdam - Episode 2.08 - Revival
Perfect Harmony - Episode 1.05 - It's Electric
Perfect Harmony - Episode 1.06 - Halle-Boo-Yah
Sunnyside - Episode 1.06 - Skirt-Skirt
Sunnyside - Episode 1.07- Pants Full Of Sandwiches
Superstore - Episode 5.07 - Shoplifter Rehad
The Purge - Episode 2.02 - Everything Is Fine
The Purge - Episode 2.03 - Blindspots
The Purge - Episode 2.04 - Grief Box
The Purge - Episode 2.05 - House Of Mirrors
The Purge - Episode 2.06 - Happy Holidays
The Purge - Episode 2.07 - Should I Stay Or Should I Go
The Purge - Episode 2.08 - Before The Sirens
The Purge - Episode 2.09 - Hail Mary
The Purge - Episode 2.10 - 7:01am (Season Finale)
Will and Grace - Episode 11.07 - Performance Anxiety
Will and Grace - Episode 11.08 - What A Dump
Will and Grace - Episode 11.09 - Bi-Plane
Will and Grace - Episode 11.10 - Filthy Phil Part 1
Will and Grace - Episode 11.11 - Filthy Phil Part 2
Will and Grace - Episode 11.12 - Accidentally On Porpoise
Will and Grace - Episode 11.13 - The Favourite
Will and Grace - Episode 11.14 - TBA
Will and Grace - Episode 11.15 - TBA
Will and Grace - Episode 11.16 - I Love Lucy
Will and Grace - Episode 11.17 - New Crib
Will and Grace - Episode 11.18 - It's Time (Series Finale)

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