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Succession - Safe Room - Review: "We'll Always Have The Panic Room"

Okay... Holly Hunter is in this episode, and I think nothing else really matters, right? What a great addition to the cast! She is playing Rhea Jarrell, PMG CEO, who secretly meets with Logan and Roy to discuss the future of the two companies. Logan is still conviced to buy PGM, despite knowing that everyone around him thinks it's a bad idea.

I would like to say that Tom seems to be feeling weirdly poweruful. Now he takes part in meetings and uses him charm and humor, something that in season 1 he seemed only to use with Greg. I feel like something unpleasant might be ahead for him. I don't think his marriage is as strong as he thought, especially because of what happened at the end of episode three. Also Tom, yes, Nazis are bad. Bad, bad, bad.
But let's go back to the chaos of a day that hit the ATN headquarters: first, a star anchor's passion for fascism and nazi culture (I mean, seriously?) and a shooter in the building that sets the panic mode in the entire building. Logan, Kendall, Gerri, Shiv and Rhea all end up in the same room, while Tom and Greg end up in what they consider to be a not-so-safe safe room. Also, Greg chose the worst time to tell Tom he wants to go work for someone else.

In the fanciest safe room, Logan and Kendall try to persuade Rhea with offers for PGM. It was an incredible scene; I loved every minute of it, because it was business talk (which I understand very little of), but it also transcended the mere conversation about one company buying another. It touched on media, entertainment, the culture of empires and their working environments. This cast is always delivering and the writing is possibly sharper than season 1. Plus, it got even funnier.

Speaking of funny, Roman began a six-weeks management training program in the Parks division, where he obviously doesn't want to be. But he meets Brian, one of the "normal people" Roman doesn't want to have anything to do with, and he turns out to be a great guy. Also, he delivers the best line of the episode, one to put in the list of my personal favorites.
By the way, what's going on between Roman and Gerri?
And what about Connor? At a funeral where he's only interested in getting money from possible investors. And yes, the funeral was of a guy named Lester, nicknamed Mo. I'll let you put the names together.

Next week, the Roys and the Pierces meet to discuss business. What are your thoughts on that? And what did you think about that hug between Kendall and Shiv?

Favorite line:
Brian: "I'm an enigma. You can't pigeonhole me. I'm there, then I'm gone. I'm intellectually promiscuous but culturally conservative. I work hard, but I do not play hard. I play easy. Why would you play easy?".

What did you guys think about this episode? Also, I want to ask you guys a question: do you think this show is more of a drama or a comedy, or maybe both? I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

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