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Quote of the Week - Week of August 25

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Carnival Row -
1. Mima: “Be careful, Inspector. Skepticism might keep you sane, but it won’t necessarily keep you alive.” (Prpleight)

Fear the Walking Dead -
1. Althea: “We're not ghosts. What we lost doesn't define us. Maybe what we do. Maybe. Or maybe what we're running from. I don't know.” (Raina)
2. Wes: “Look, I know what you're trying to do here. You look at me, you see a guy who's taken a bit of a beating. You think maybe if I can appeal to that part of him from when his brother was still around, maybe I can change him. Maybe I can 'bring out the light'. That's got nothing to do with why I'm here or why I shot that scumbag.” Alicia: “Then, why did you do it?” Wes: “Because this is the way things are now. We shoot. We kill. If it's not him, it'd be someone else.” (Raina)
3. Althea: “Ready to head out?” Morgan: “Well, you were wrong, Al. And, um -- And you were right. I'm not running away from anything. But, yeah. I'm -- I am not a ghost and I am not just what I've lost. And I hold onto it because it is connected, you know? And it's... connected to everything.” Althea: “The good stuff, too.” Morgan: “Uh-huh. I've been seeing a bit of it lately. Jenny and... Duane and how we used to be. Anytime I try and get past it, I -- I try and put it behind me... I get worried I'm gonna lose some of the good, too. So I hold on to it all.” Althea: “We can make sure you don't lose anything you don't want to.” Morgan: “How?” Althea: “You can tell me about your wife and son.” Morgan, laughs: “Okay.” (Raina)

Killjoys -
1. Zeph: "Oh, bag of sh*t tits!" (Prpleight)
2. Dutch: "Is this a base or a damned theme park?" Calvert: "Both. We're not like a well funded army. Qresh cuts our balls off every year with sanctions so we don't get any big ideas so tourism pays the bills. Mili-tainment is HUGE." D'av: "I hate every word you just said." (Prpleight)
3. Johnny: "How are we supposed to fit in with happy normal people?" D'av: "This might be our greatest undercover challenge yet." (Prpleight)
4. Zeph: “I really need to fear pee now.” (Prpleight)

Reef Break -
1. Cat: “Um, is that a nurse or did I get involved in some kinky roleplay?” Wyatt: “She’s...uh, she’s here to help make you comfortable.” Cat: “Well, that sounds like a euphemism for ‘Cat, you’re in a whole crapload of trouble.’ “
2. Petra: “I know I messed up.” Cat: “Yeah, you did.” Petra: “Yeah well, next time I’ll be smarter.” Cat: “Next time? Oh, there’s gonna be a next time.”
3. Ana: “Look, I know this is really hard for you.” Jake: “Oh, for all of us.” Ana: “Yeah, for all of us but especially you.” Jake: “You think I’m still in love with Cat.” Ana: “Well I know you think you are, but no, I...I don’t.” Jake: “I don’t even know what that means.” Ana: “Trying to recapture something that was...that was great and exciting because it couldn’t possibly last is one thing, but it’s not love.” Jake: “You think this is the right place and time for a discussion like this?” Ana: “Yes, I do because I want you to know that I’m still here, for now. Now, go and save Cat’s life.”
4. Petra: “My dad was Shorepound gang. It’s in my blood.” Cat: “Okay, you know, I was Shorepound Gang and I got out. This whole ‘it’s in my blood’ thing is a story you’ve been telling yourself for so long, you’re actually starting to believe it.” Petra: “Stop, okay?” Cat: “No, I won’t stop. You know why? Because I care that you make choices that are smart. I don’t want you doing something you can never escape from.” Petra: “It’s not a choice. It’s who I am.” Cat: “You’re 17-years-old. Who you are right now is just dumb. No offense.”
5. Woman: “You know, I see you trying so hard to be bad. I remember what it was like at your age.” Petra: “Yeah well, when I’m your age, I won’t be the loser who gets stuck in the basement.” Woman: “Well at the rate you’re going, you’ll never be my age.”
6. Jake: “Hey, we’ve been through a lot worse situations. I am not letting you die, Cat.” Cat: “Hey’s okay.” Jake: “What is?” Cat: “To be scared.”
7. Otter: "Ever notice how everyone wants to be a kid except kids like you?" (Prpleight)
8. Doctor: “What’s your relationship to Miss Chambers?” Wyatt: “Boyfriend.Kinda. It depends on the day...hour.” (Prpleight)

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