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Killjoys - Terraformance Anxiety - Review

Killjoys “Terraformance Anxiety” was written by Adam Barken and was directed by Stefan Pleszczynski. I can’t believe that there’s only one more episode left of the series! It certainly feels like things are getting wrapped up as all our characters have finally converged – and we see the end of Old Town! *gasp*!!

As the episode opens, the Lady (Alanna Bale) is walking back her promise to Khlyen (Rob Stewart) to give him a galaxy, saying it was just a figure of speech. Khylen then counters that he’ll settle for a single planet – Qresh – of course. She tells him that if her plan doesn’t work here, she’s planning on destroying everything and starting over in a new galaxy…

Meanwhile, the fog in Old Town is getting worse – and filled with giant aliens with tentacles… and wasn’t the plan for these being to inhabit people – not eat them? Pree manages to contact Zeph (Kelly McCormack), who tells him that Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen (also playing Aneela)), John (Aaron Ashmore) and D’Av (Luke Macfarlane) are still alive. There’s some really classically cute banter in this scene between John and Pree.

Aneela and Kendry (Mayko Nguyen) show up. Kendry wants to take her place as the head of the Nine and get an army to help defeat the Lady. D’Av actually agrees – and suggests using Evi (Clare McConnell) and Sylas (Kjartan Hewitt) Robbel to get weapons. The problem is that in return, they both want to marry D’Av! In the end, they settle for a promise of a seat at the Nine from Kendry – but it’s a really good scene. Macfarlane is also terrific as the “dumb blonde” in a scene!

Aneela wants to take her own place as the heir to the Tenth family – she’s ready to go home too. But she also insists that they have to rescue Khlyen. She explains that the Lady only wants him to make sure that the transfer to Jaq’s body holds.

There’s also a sweet scene between D’Av and Kendry when he asks if Jaq talked about him. He’s worried that Jaq hates him because he didn’t recognize Jaq the last time he saw him. Kendry points out that it was Jaq who insisted that she and Aneela come to save D’Av. D’Av tells her that she seems different, and Kendry admits that she is because of Aneela – it’s different when you have someone to fight for… Looks like she’s finally grown a heart! And yes, I know some fans will still hate her….

Pree (Thom Allison) and Gared (Gavin Fox) vow to save the people of old town. Pree, with Turin’s (Patrick Garrow) get as many people into the bar as possible. Unfortunately, Carl (Jameson Kraemer) doesn’t make it, disappearing in the embrace of giant tentacles!

Dutch addresses the prisoners and delivers a speech from the heart to inspire the prisoners to form a strike force to attack the Old Town factory. John-Kamen is quite good in this scene – but please tell me why the show felt they needed to put her in those stupid hot pant shorts? Way to make a woman a leader and then completely undercut it…

Gared meanwhile goes to the ship to help the others. John fits him with an earpiece, and they send him off to Khlyen to act as a diversion. How did anyone think this was going to work? Gared tells Khylen that the attack on the Old Town factory is just a diversion and that the real plan is to attack the Lady’s ship. Naturally, Gared slips up and Khylen realizes what is going on and takes the earpiece – and hears that Dutch is still alive!

Meanwhile the team attacks the factory. We get a sweet/funny scene as D’Av blurts out that he loves Dutch at the worst moment, adding that he loves kicking ass with her and admires her! He tells her, echoing Kendry’s words, that she’s what he’s fighting for. The entire attack is laced through with some great fights and funny moments. I especially loved how exasperated Fancy (Sean Baek) got at John butchering fishing analogies!

Before Khlyen can get off the ship, the Lady is notified that the team is attacking Old Town. Khlyen uses Gared’s lie to keep her from attacking Old Town. There’s also a nice scene in which John and Dutch are repelling down to set the beacon and we get some great banter between them – really the dialogue and banter are one of the things that make this series so special.

One of the best scenes in the entire episode, however, is Pree’s speech to the people gathered in the bar – really, I think it was a better speech than Dutch’s – but there’s a nice parallel here. And of course, then we are treated to a wonderful song from Thom Allison! The rest of then join in – and Kim Roberts (playing Ginny) is absolutely magnificent! Truly, my fingers are crossed for another duet from these two before we are done!

John and Dutch set the device and Dutch gives the signal for the others to fall back – but it’s just a diversion. Khlyen shows up and destroys the device – but that one was just a decoy to catch him. Khlyen tells Dutch that her plan won’t work – but then realizes that Dutch set the whole thing up, knowing he’d come when he heard her voice. He tells her that he has a plan – that she can’t save Old Town. Dutch knocks him out and tells his unconscious body that she has her own plan.

Pree and Turin get everyone out of the bar and out to the Badlands to be picked up and rescued. Dutch blows up Old Town – and it is sad to see their home go up in flames – but this ending will truly be a new beginning for them – we hope! On the ship, Zeph puts everyone through the showers and wakes them up.

Finally, Khlyen is in a cell, and Dutch visits him. He tells her that she doesn’t know what she’s done. He tells her that blowing up Old Town was really just the beginning – now is the end. We can assume that he goes on to tell her that the Lady is going to blow up the galaxy next… And meanwhile, the Lady is furious – and she has somehow acquired Jaq’s cube!!!

It looks like we still have one big fight to come – and then we have to find out what happens to everyone afterwards! Is there any doubt that our team will win? But it will be remarkable if we don’t lose a few of them along the way. Who do you think will die in this final fight? My bets are on Turin and Calvert almost for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gared and John sacrificed and possibly Kendry. I think at least one if not both Robbels. Fancy is also a good bet…. Let me know your thoughts on this episode and hopes for the finale in the comments below!


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