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Hawaii Five-0 - Review of Season 9 and What to Look Forward To In Season 10

Hey everyone, I'm Lexi and I'm going to be reviewing Hawaii Five-0 for Season 10 this fall so I though I would do an incredibly quick recap/review of the previous season and what to look forward to in the upcoming season.

This most recent season was mostly tension-filled, exciting and fulfilling, full of new formats that deviated from H50's usual style of episodes in a great way as well as fresh and rather original storylines.
It kind of felt like a slight reset from the usual super serialised style to more storylines that carried throughout the season.

All I can say is McGarrett seems to have like 100's of apparent Navy SEAL friends that have been introduced throughout the show and especially plenty this season, though most of their appearances are sadly short-lived and underdeveloped for the sake of motivating countless storylines regarding Steve's past.

Also we sadly lost an incredibly important character to the show, in a heartfelt and emotional episode for the midseason finale.
I definitely thought the back half of the season was stronger than the first half, carrying more thrilling and uniquely written episodes.

In particular, I really loved Catherine's return episode and the accompanying storyline, the Grace car crash episode was crazy emotional, the underwater lab episode was in my opinion one of the best episodes of the season, totally crazy and exciting and different from anything H50 has done before.

The extremist group episode changed completely from the original premise to the end of the episode, the hurricane episode with the prisoner being held was cool and had a little bit of a horror element to it.

Within the last few episodes, the street artist episode was super cool, the old gun storyline was amazingly original and a nice connection to Steve's dad.

Finally, McGarret's sister's return was an engaging storyline and the first episode of the season finale storyline was great and way more engaging than the actual last episode.
What to look forward to in season 10:

1) Catherine's inevitable return:
Catherine has always been a fan-favourite, especially to me and it now seems to be a sort of tradition that she returns for one episode every season usually to help Steve sort through his heavy emotional baggage in some way or another. I feel like season 10 may be its last and if so, Catherine returning in the final episode and getting engaged to Steve seems like a fitting and satisfying conclusion to their on again off again relationship.
2) Katrina Law's new character's role:
I LOVE Katrina Law!!! I mean who doesn't honestly, she was amazing in Arrow and has been one of my favourite actresses' for a very long time since so when I found out she was going to be on another show I love I was ecstatic.
I can't wait to see her character arc, she's such a badass in everything she does so I'm sure this will be no different.

I've always found the shows balance between males and females to be rather off considering there's always been only 1-2 girls compared to 3-5 boys as the main cast every year.
Hawaii Five-0 seems to have a weird pattern of hiring cool, edgy females to star for 1 season, in the form of Lauren German and Julie Benz, previously who I both love too, so it seems like this is a repeat of that style but nevertheless, it's still exciting.
I'm eager to see better representation of gender equality on the screen, and in particular in Hawaii Five-0 which has been lacking quite a lot over the years, as well as CBS as a whole but that's a whole other very long conversation.
3) Romantic parings:
Junior and Tani are the obvious pairing, but I feel like I can't be the only one who saw a little something between Tani and Adam. The writers seem very set on Junior and Tani even though its beyond cliche and outdated to force them together, and assume that they can't possibly be just friends. Rachel and Danny getting back together is pretty cute and could progress well if Rachel was ever actually on screen.
4) Finally, what happened in the final seconds of the season finale: 
Everyone seems really set on Jerry being the one who was killed especially considering he's not in the new poster, so I guess I probably agree with that, but look out in the first episode for something bigger than Jerry dying that just might happen.
Well, hope you all enjoy tonight's season premiere and check out my review of the episode soon after!
Hope you enjoyed this article, I'll also be reviewing New Amsterdam and The Good Place if you want to check out my upcoming reviews on those shows too.
Let me know what you thought of season 9, and what your favourite episodes were, as well as what you're looking forward to seeing in the next season in the comments below. :)

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