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Bull - Episode 4.03 - Rectify - Press Release

Press Release

“Rectify” – Benny’s previous career with the District Attorney’s office comes into focus when Chunk, working with his law professor’s legal clinic, aims to get a new trial for Eddie Mitchell (Malcolm Goodwin), a man he believes was wrongfully convicted of triple homicide by a prosecution team that included Benny, on BULL, Monday, Oct. 7 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


Michael Weatherly (Dr. Jason Bull)
Freddy Rodriguez (Benny Colón)
Geneva Carr (Marissa Morgan)
Jamie Lee Kirchner (Danny James)
Christopher Jackson (Chunk Palmer)
MacKenzie Meehan (Taylor Rentzel)


Malcolm Goodwin (Eddie Mitchell)
Alok Tewari (ADA Williams)
Christina Shea-Wright (Detective Valerie Cobb)
Juan Carlos Díaz (Isaac Garcia)
Karmine Alers (Maria Garcia)
Amy Hohn (Judge Volk)
Aaron Morton (Louis Grant)
Quincy Giles (Marcus Lott)
Theis Weckesser (Uniformed Officer)
Nile Bullock (Young Eddie Mitchell)
Sadat Waddy (Young Louis Grant)
Jazzy Kae (Anna Baker)
Matt Servitto (Doctor)
Susan Oliveras (Staffer)

WRITTEN BY: Kathryn Price & Nichole Millard

DIRECTED BY: Kevin Berlandi


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