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Younger - Millennial's Next Top Model - Review: 'Coming Up Liza'

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With Liza's real age completely out in open, Millennial must now contend with the blow back that the lie created. Elsewhere Maggie did something I never expected to see and Zane and Kelsey came to an understanding. Let's Discuss!

Scratching my head

With Liza living as her real age finally, everyone has an opinion on how to deal with the fallout. Naturally, it is an HR nightmare because Liza lied, but what saves her is the people with whom she's formed relationships with and they seem willing to fall on the sword with her no matter the cost. The thing that sticks with me is that while keeping Liza employed and raging against the age machine, I see some of the points those who oppose keeping her are making. Of course the show is shining a spotlight on why agesim isn't fair, but is it fair to keep defending one at the cost of the many? It seems that because of how wonderful Liza is, every time she gets exposed we forget that she is putting a company in jeopardy partially due to the fact that we desperately want to see her win.

It also is hard to swallow that when they were about to lose the account with Infinity 21 to place Millennial titles in their stores that all it took was Liza giving an impassioned speech about how restrictive it is to box people in by age. Instead of losing the account, Liza gets a photoshoot. Sure, was the woman trying to dump Millennial ridiculous in claiming that older generations 'kill' younger stuff? Yes, but it is their business. I guess what it comes down to is that the show built a foundation on Liza lying about her age and what it could do if she is exposed and so far, it is her coming up roses. Now I know that she is a character to root for, I know I do, but it is becoming less and less compelling to watch her answer for the lie when everyone seems to get over it so quickly. Perhaps we may finally see fallout due to Liza spilling her guts to the reporter who did the joint interview with her and Quinn that Quinn knew Liza's true age before funding Millennial. Now that checks are bouncing, and the bank of Quinn is closed, those in charge (Kelsey) may have to make the tough call. That could be interesting to explore as we move towards the finale.

They did what? X2
Zane's feelings are hurt because Kelsey didn't tell him about Liza. The only place I agree with him is that it put where he works in jeopardy and that plays in to what I discussed above but aside from that, he has no personal relationship with Liza like Kelsey, Charles and Diana do so his hurt seemed a tad overdramatic. In the end it was because Kelsey didn't tell him but why would she at this point? The two are not honest with each other 90% of time and seem more intent on one upping each other instead of fleshing out their feelings. That is why their declaration of love this episode was not something that had me swooning; Instead I felt like a timer had just started on an explosive and I am waiting for it to hit zero. These two have played too many games at this point to make me believe the connection is genuine. Did I enjoy their back and forth for a bit? Sure, but when that is all a relationship is we have a problem. This dynamic is one that needs work and I am skeptical about how fast this turned around after some of things that have happened this season.

Finally we have arrived at the one of the most confusing moments I have ever experienced with this show. Maggie has always been one of the better characters on this show. Now I know you cannot put Maggie into any one category because of how dynamic of a character she is but I was always under the impression that she was strictly into women. Perhaps that is my fault for assuming one's fluidity and just because before this episode she never said she occasionally sleeps with men, doesn't mean she won't. The issue is that her relationships never have a long shelf life to begin with and now Beth is apparently out of the picture and she slept with a fellow artist who describes himself as a 'flipper'. Any shade of Maggie is badass and she proved it here when she flipped a table on the man assuming he'd 'conquered' her, and maybe that was the whole point of the storyline. Maggie knows who she is and that no man is going to box her in and assume he has her under his thumb. I just couldn't help myself from wondering what happened to her fledgling relationship with the aforementioned Beth, and it ate at me as I watched this unfold.

Odds and Ends:

* The show isn't being subtle about the return of the triangle is it? In one scene Liza and Charles look uncomfortable and very mismatched while at her photoshoot and in the next photoshoot scene, Liza and Josh look at ease and as if no one is in the room.

* Which was more awkward? Diana hanging onto Charles a bit too long in their embrace after he agreed to announce her engagement or Charles walking in on her using that facial rejuvenation machine and silently turning away mortified.

* Was anyone surprised to see Bianca and Nicole with Charles and Liza after Pauline made a stink about custody last episode because of Liza?

What did you think of this one? I must admit after last episode, I expected a bit more and was slightly disappointed. Let me know!

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