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Succession - Vaulter - Review: "Make Yourself At Home"

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The second episode of season 2 of "Succession" saw some high-level work carried out by Kendall and Roman. Yes, surprisingly enough, Roman did a great job, his job, and he was as shocked about it as you are.
Logan, suspecting that they are chiseled by a site called Vaulter, sends Roman and Kendall to check on the situation, in order to decide how to proceed.

The two sons come up with two very different reports: Kendall (who spent hours reading documents and data) tells his father that the company is good and on solid grouds, whereas Roman (who took time to talk to the people working there) found out that everyone is unhappy and the workers there are all looking at unionizing. Logan decides to gut the site and tasks Kendall to do it. Of course, because he's a good boy and does everything his father asks him, he carries out his dad's order. The prize is a seat at the table again, at the company. Dare I say "Welcome back, Kendall"?. Is this going to last?

Meanwhile, Tom starts his new position at ATN, alongside Greg, who does not seem thrilled about his new job. He thinks ATN does not have the right views on particular matters. By the way, Greg is moving in with Kendall. I have never seen anyone more excited to have their own place. I love Greg! Please, stay the same.
Tom faces some hard truths: firstly, with the lady in charge at the cable news network. She dares to find anything wrong to cut, and secondly with Shiv, who eventually tells him that her father offered her his position at the company. Tom seems exicted, but also disappointed that Shiv waited a whole week before telling him. I don't know if it's just me, but I spotted a little bit of jealousy in Tom's eyes. At dinner with Roman and Tabitha, he seemed pretty pissed. Are there troubles ahead for the newlyweds?

Shiv had to struggle with making a decision: two major job offers in a week. Gil offers her Chief of Staff once he's president. The offer doesn't last long, because at the end of an event, Shiv makes an unfortunate remark which sets Gil off. She is Shiv, and she doesn't like being spoken to a certain way, so she decides to quit. Now she's all ready for Logan and for taking over the company. Possibly, the world. If it were up to me, I would want her to rule the Universe.

Speaking of Presidents... did I mention that Connor is running? Yes, Connor. That Connor.

Favorite line:
Logan: "Can you check if Richard's turned off that f*cking Alexa? Not just off, unplugged. I've got enough spies after me without Bezos in here too".

So what did you guys think about the episode? Now that Kendall is back, are things going to be different? And is Logan really serious about Shiv stepping in? Let me know in the comments below!

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