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Quote of the Week - Weeks of July 28 and August 4

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Blood & Treasure -
1. Title card: “The adventure will continue…”
2. Shaw: “I can feel the end. Go to her, Danny. Be with your love.” Danny: “Son of a….Shaw! The medal took the hit.” Shaw: “Man, I can’t even die heroically.”
3. Chuck: “I have medical training. I can help.” Danny: “No, let him die.” Chuck: “Danny…what?” Lexi: “What are you doing?” Danny: “He killed your father and ruined my father’s life, murdered Castillo and God knows how many other people, and now we have no proof of anything. I’m not letting him get away with it.” Lexi: “Oh, don’t you see he’s not gonna get away with it. He’s gonna get his worst nightmare. Danny, the whole world will know what he’s done. His name, his reputation, his entire family legacy will be ruined, and he’ll watch it all happen while rotting behind bars. Look at me, Danny. I took his assassin alive. She’s outside in custody. We can get her to testify to everything he’s done.” Danny: “Reece has destroyed so many lives.” Lexi: “Oh, I know. I’m not gonna let him destroy ours too.”
4. Ana: “So she was a tomb raider.” Chuck: “How do you know?” Ana: “Mycotoxin is a mutation of the toxic mold created by the breaking down of mummified tissue.” Shaw: “Mummy cancer? You said that couldn’t hurt me.” Ana: “No, generally it doesn’t in modern times. When did she die?” Gwen: “1990s.” Shaw: “That sounds pretty damn modern to me.”
5. Lexi: “Not much of a safe house.” Shaw: “Not unless he was trying to save the 70’s.”
6. Shaw: “I wasn’t trying to move in on your territory or nothing. I was just checking in on the team morale.” Danny: “Team morale’s fine. We all want the same thing.” Shaw: “Money.” Danny: “To stop a terrorist attack.”

Elementary -
1. Sherlock: “Thank you. Not for the fire. For the help. It can’t be cheap, enlisting the help of your fellow influence peddlers.” Morland: “We prefer puppet masters of the highest order.”
2. Odin: “I’m confused, Captain. Is there something I can do to help the NYPD?” Gregson: “Yeah, you can stop killing people.”
3. Sherlock: “You trade freedom for safety. You want to make that choice for everyone. You want to turn the social order upside down. You can’t justify murder by inductive inference.” Odin: “Of course you can.” Sherlock: “People have to be free to make their own choices and make their own mistakes. And then they have to live with them.” Odin: “You’re too focused on the past. Always trying to deduce what’s already happened. You can’t see what’s ahead. Your way, it’s almost over.” Sherlock: “I don’t accept that.” Odin: “It’s not up to you.” Sherlock: “If I killed as many people as you have, I wouldn’t want to look back either. Living with the past is what justice is. That’s what this is.”
4. Sherlock: “You know, when I wrote you and you didn’t respond, I wasn’t sure you’d come.” Morland: “Don’t I always?”
5. Gregson to Odin: “You and I agree on one thing. When you know you’re looking at a killer, you’ve got to stop them.”
6. Watson: “And Annie Spellman, how did she react when you told her what we know?” Sherlock: “Now that she’s over the initial shock of rendition, she’s been displaying some surprising backbone.” Watson: “Obviously, you haven’t dealt with any third grade teachers.”
7. Odin: “Well I’m sure you’ve heard about it but I’m having a bad week. My board wants me gone. I know your father’s the one behind it. I’ve known the name Morland Holmes for a good while now.” Sherlock: “Well name me an evil billionaire that doesn’t.” Odin: “Hmm. I didn’t think he’d help you. I was led to believe your relationship was quite frosty.” Sherlock: “Do we exchange Christmas cards? No, but we both share a distaste for mass murderers.”

General Hospital -
1. Liesel: "I know this house quite well. I was holding people hostage here long before you showed up!" (Prpleight)
2. Epiphany: "Her vitals are fine and, sadly, so are her vocal cords." (Prpleight)
3. Diane: "So you bring up Dr. Byrne's deceased daughter, and he what...he gives you a stern talking to?" Alexis: "No, he fired me as a patient." Diane: "What!? Just like that? One strike and you're out?" Alexis: "There may have been a...a few preceding strikes." Diane: "Oh, of course, because you're you." (Prpleight)

The Good Witch -
1. Sam: “I remember picking up Lucy Carmichael on our first date. Her dad was a lumberjack. All I could think about was him chopping down trees.” Like: “You’re a doctor, right?” Sam: “Surgeon. I cut people open.”
2. Abigail: “This is delicious. I’ve never had maple glazed salmon and risotto before. I usually just eat it with asparagus.” Dotty Davenport: “Well those don’t go together. Kind of like Davenports and Merriwicks.” Donovan: “Well, that didn’t take long.” Davenport: “Abigail doesn’t sugarcoat things. Why should I?” Donovan: “Because it’s the first meal we’re having together.”
3. Cassie: “I heard you playing protective dad.” Sam: “Not cool.” Cassie: “Very cool.”

The InBetween -
1. Tom: “Hang on a minute. I’m not throwing Cassie into a game of psychological cat and mouse with Ed Roven.” Cassie: “I can handle myself.” Tom: “He’s not your average visitor, Cassie. Spectral or not, he is capable of harming you in ways that go beyond the physical.” Cassie: “We told Millie’s family we would do everything we can to find her.” Tom: “And we will, Asante and myself.” Cassie: “So it’s fine when you need my help with a case, but when it’s the other way around and I come to you, I get shut down? You need to decide how you see me, Tom. Am I the little girl you want to protect or am I the woman who helps you solve crimes? You can’t have it both ways.”
2. Tom: “What do you know about Ed Roven?” Cassie: “The night you caught Waterman, Roven came to visit me.” Tom: “Just once?” Cassie: “No.” Tom: “Why didn’t you tell me?” Cassie: “I knew you’d be upset.” Tom: “Oh.” Cassie: “But he’s been not unhelpful a couple of times. The guy knows his way around the underworld.”

Instinct -
1. Dylan: “So it looks like you won’t be leaving the precinct after all.” Jules: “And I’ve already said goodbye to all the chaps.” Dylan: “And to Lizzie.” Jules: “In more ways than one. I really thought I could manage it - being in a relationship, being a spy, Jules - but by trying to be everyone, I ended up as no one, and I think I lost her.”
2. Fucci: “He’s been my Captain Ahab.” Dylan: “I think you mean your white whale.” Fucci: “Yeah, listen Doc, whatever. I don’t want to turn this into a race thing.”
3. Andy: “Oh God, you have no idea how many ways we can kill this baby.” Dylan: “Oh please tell me.” Andy: “Aside from cow’s milk and nuts, babies can’t have honey.” Dylan: “What?” Andy: “It can harbor spores, which multiply in the baby’s intestines and develop into infant botulism.” Dylan: “Sounds like the worst Pixar movie ever.”

KillJoys -
1. The Lady: "Human bodies. So fragile." Dutch: "Alien b***. So boring." (Prpleight)
2. D'Avin: "We're hunting an alien megalomaniac with all the memories in the galaxy in our highly trained assassin partner." Johnny: "Set guns to stun and our sphincters to terrified." (Prpleight)

Pandora -
1. Ralen: “My name is Ralen. I’m one of the first Zatarians to willingly come to Earth after the war and the first ever to enroll in the Fleet Training Academy. My family and friends ridiculed me, thought I was foolish for coming to your world. I have only ever wanted to bridge our two worlds together, but for some it is hard to accept that given our differences, given what we both inflicted on each other in the past. But we must try to understand each other, maybe even like each other. Otherwise, there will be more hurt, more suffering, more loss, And that is something I believe we can all agree we do not want to experience ever again. Ultimately we can all die alone or we can die together, but we will die, one day. You are not your parents. I am not my father. We are our own unique beings. We shine bright and then we burn out like the stars in the sky. We must celebrate our oneness for the brief time that we exist in this vast cosmos together. That time is now. I am Ralen from Zatar and, like it or not, I am here to stay.”
2. Greg and the viewers: “What are we going to do? We’ve got a lot of questions and not many answers.”
3. Greg: “We know that sounds crazy but from what we’ve found out it seemed to be true.” Xander: “Well, what I’ve learned with Jax is that a lot of what sounds pretty nuts usually turns out to be true.”

Reef Break -
1. Petra: “A stupid lover’s quarrel? That’s why my dad is dead.” Jake: “No, your dad is dead because he walked into our house in the middle of the night with a gun when he should have been at home with you.”
2. Jake: “And what mess is Cat clearing up for you with this exiled general?” Ana: “It’s not my mess. I do what I’m told.” Jake: “Since when?”
3. Anna: “It’s a nasty world out there full of nasty people. We don’t have the luxury of choosing our friends from Nobel Peace Prize winners.

Siren -
1. Helen: "You think he'll keep the secret.” Maddie: "Ben saved his life. He was grateful for that. We think he'll stay quiet." [Followed 2 mins later the reporter on the news definitely NOT staying quiet. Can we say na├»ve boys and girls?] (Prpleight)
2. Man: "Pretty soon we'll have a full blood of our own." (Prpleight)

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