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Claws - Interview with Evan Daigle

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Interview with Evan Daigle from the popular TNT series, “Claws”

Photo Credit: Ryan West

From university student to television star, Evan Daigle is taking TNT’s hit series, “Claws,” by storm! SpoilerTV was thrilled to talk to Evan about his role on the dark comedy, his passions, and what we can expect next from this breakout star!

-Evan, thank you for joining us! We have really enjoyed watching you in your role as Toby Evans on “Claws.” Can you tell our viewers a little bit about how you got into acting?

I started acting in my second year of college when I decided to take an acting class as an elective. I always had a silent desire to act but just really never knew where or how to start. After taking the elective class I got positive feedback from the students and professors in the Theatre department. I decided to start studying Theatre instead of Fine Art which is what I was originally in school for. I also started training out side of school with an acting coach in the Suzuki Method of Actor Training. I got signed to a small agency in New Orleans where I was living and going to school at the time. Quite a few TV shows and films shoot in Louisiana and cast the smaller roles out of New Orleans. I got the audition for the pilot episode of "Claws" and booked it. It started out as just a one episode thing but after the show got picked up to series I was promoted to recurring for seasons one and two and now series regular in the third season.

-What do you enjoy most about playing Toby Evans? Is there anything special you do to get into character?

I really enjoy playing characters that are very different from myself and Toby defiantly is. I love playing how free with his body and his gender identity he is. It's taught me to be more free in my own life as myself. I do more or less the same process to prepare and then get into character for each role I play. I prepare the part by creating the character's entire backstory leading unto the action of the script. I map out different life occasions and use that to map put the emotional life of the character. I use the script to feed my imagination to make the character a "full" human being. Then when I'm on set I try and just be really physically free. I stretch a lot, I like to do a lot of vocal warm-ups. I really love the whole process of preparing and then performing a role.

-What is it like working on an incredible television show with such an amazing cast?

It been such an incredible three years. "Claws" is my first union acting job so for it to be on such an awesome show with this stellar cast is such a blessing. I've learned so much from working with the veteran actors I get to work with in the show. I'll always look back on this experience with so much love and gratitude.

-Is there a blooper or funny moment that occurred on the set that you can share with us?

Honestly anytime we're filming funny scenes you can bet one of us will through in some lines to try and make the other actors laugh. Sometimes those end up being the best moments in the show.

-From our amazing reviewer, PopCultureGuy, since we don’t know a ton about Toby’s backstory, do you have any thoughts on what brought Toby to Palmetto and into Uncle Daddy’s orbit?

We learn later on that Toby was living on the streets, homeless and working as a stripper when he met Uncle Daddy. I think Toby felt a sense of security and love with Uncle Daddy that he probably hadn't had for a very long time.

-What was your reaction when you learned that Toby was the one who shot Virginia/tried to kill Desna?

I was shocked and excited! It really showed me the extent to which Toby's love for Uncle Daddy goes. I was excited to play such a drastic change of character in Toby. I was also nervous because I knew the fans would be super upset.

-What’s it like working with Dean Norris?

It's great working with Dean. He's got so much experience so getting to work opposite a veteran actor like him is really educational. He has the ability to drop into the scene so quickly and so well. He's also a really cool guy. We chat about other TV shows and actors we like.

-Toby has worn some memorable getups over the years is there one that sticks out in your mind?

I really love all the awesome and crazy clothes I've gotten to wear. Toby's costumes really help me get into character when I'm on set. I really liked what I wore in season three episode one in the scene where Toby trying to frame Clint for Desna's attempted murder. The white bots were great.

-Anything you can tease about what’s coming up for Toby this season?

Toby starts to get really jealous of Uncle Daddy bringing a new person into the relationship.

-In addition to being passionate about acting, we’ve read that you are also dedicated to supporting LGBTQ charities such as Happy Hippie and GLAAD, supporting art education in schools, and anti-bullying causes. What drew you to these charities and causes? Why are they important to you?

All these charities work to advocate and provide aid to the most vulnerable LGBTQ+ populations such as Happy Hippie. GLAAD works to ensure the accurate and respectful representation of LGBTQ+ folks in media. These are very important to me because I'm a queer person and I feel as though dotting to and gibing awareness to these charities and causes is the least I can do. I hope to be able to do more the further along in my career I get. I support art education in public schools because I believe our current public school system pays an unhealthy disproportionate amount of attention on gearing students to do well in math and science, but some kids brains simply aren't wired to thrive in those areas and they are made to feel dumb because they aren't "good" at the "important" subjects. We all have different strengths and weaknesses and I think putting emphasis in the arts and letting kids excel in the arts is just as important to society as the sciences. I would love to see a public school system that also pays more attention to emotional intelligence rather than just intelligence calculated by standardized testing scores. Also, I believe we need queer sex education in public schools as well. Like I said, the further along in my career I get I'd like to do more and more to support the causes I feel strongly about.

-In addition to your work on “Claws,” can your fans look forward to seeing you in any upcoming television shows and/or movies?

I've been really focused on "Claws" for the past three years so it's taken up most of my year but I'm looking forward to auditioning more and finding my next project!

-Can you share one interesting fact about yourself that your fans don’t already know?

I'm double jointed.

Evan, thank you so much for your time! We look forward to continuing to watch you on the third season of “Claws.”

Photo Credit: Ryan West

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