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Reef Break - Welcome to the Jungle - Review : Drug Island

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Contains Spoilers if not seen the episode

‘Our Island has unique problems, some problems the cops don’t need to know about'

That’s where 'Fixer' to the Governor of The Reef, Cat Chambers(Poppy Montgomery) comes in a former thief and Surfer, who uses her intellect, as well as her sass to get the job done. Reef Break is a strong female lead show with a touch of Hawaii Five 0, and Magnum. Cat Chamber’s character has maturity and experience, with that comes the fact she can see problems before they happen.

This week’s episode the Lieutenant Governor, Ana DuMont (Melissa Bonne) asks for Cat’s help meeting a contact who is an old friend of Cat's. Dylan Sawyer (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) has a very lucrative and not a legal business on a remote island it's just the sort of thing in Cat's ballpark.

Cat’s ex, FBI Agent Jake Elliot (Ray Stevenson) and her current squeeze, Police Detective Wyatt Cole (Desmond Chaim) are currently working on a case that involves drugs coming into the island and the whereabouts of the drug lab to manufacture Yaba. It’s no surprise the two events are linked.

Things seem a little frosty between Ana and Cat, just Ana's professional aloofness Cat’s not sure. Cat’s sixth sense starts tingling that all is not well on the island after their initial meeting with her old contact Dylan Sawyer and his son Beau.

A quick bathroom escape for these two as it is soon revealed Dylan's son is not happy with his Father business and wants to go into bigger things. It now seems Ana and Cat are caught up in the middle.

Jake and Wyatt lean on the Governor and soon learn Cat and Ana might be in trouble both are concerned as Wyatt has his sister and lover on the island and Jake's former lover and soon to ex-wife Cat is there.

Cat and Ana are certainly not damsels in distress, both using their own skillset to try and sort out what exactly is going on, I did like the scene where Ana used martial arts skills to disarm a guard surprising Cat there certainly is more to Ana than meet the eye.

Jake seems very concerned for Cat and makes you wonder if he still harbors feelings for his ex, not being able to use government resources Wyatt may end up crossing a line going to Eastland( Cat helped find Eastland’s daughter in the pilot) for help. Eastland holds a lot of power and influence on the island and again has more shades of grey.

Being stuck on the island is a good time to address why Ana is a bit off towards Cat who thinks its because she has a friend with benefits relationship with Ana’s brother Wyatt but that doesn’t seem to be the reason. Ana certainly didn't want to hear about her brother's sex life. However, they do work well together though Cat offering Ana up as bait without her knowledge was a little mean.

As the boys believe they are racing to their rescue Cat grabs the Chemist who is no doubt the contact from the mainland regarding the drugs. She backs Beau into a corner.

Dylan’s own guards side back with him when they see the power play has shifted, I do like the fact they were all ladies and not one sexual glib was made about the fact Dylan had female assistants or bodyguards. You can tell this was a show designed to show female strength. Also, am sure we will get to know more about Ana as she once again surprises Cat by speaking Thai, she certainly is more than a just a Lieutenant Governor.

The best scene for me was the look on the guy's faces as they burst in to be the hero’s and Cat has everything tied up literally.
Dylan retains his weed island, but his son must learn a hard lesson, it was his plan to lure Cat and Ana to the island in the hopes of gaining access to intel on the Governor via Ana’s various phones. Cat once again outplayed the criminals at their own game.

The end had a few little twists as the ladies relax after a hard day, Cat with Wyatt and surprise Ana and Jake, That certainly explains why she has a been a little frosty towards Cat. As an audience we realize once again there is a lot more going on in this game of chess on Reef Break, as more and more pieces come into play, I for one can’t wait to see who puts who in check.

Best line

Ana ‘You know how to fly a plane’

Cat ‘We’ll soon find out’

So what are your thoughts on the episode?

Please post in the comments below

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