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Quote of the Week - Weeks of June 23 and 30

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

The 100 -
1. Diyoza: “First, the old man cures you.” Octavia: “And then you put a bullet in his brain.” Diyoza: “Look at us finishing each other's thoughts. Who'd have thought we'd turn
into an old, married couple?” (Maria)
2. Bellamy (about Murphy): “You think we care about that traitor?” Josephine: “Uh, Lord knows you shouldn't, but, yeah, I do, which brings us to yet another episode of "no good choices". ~~~Clarke would love this. (Maria)
3. Murphy: “You have to go. There's no time.” Emori: “Shut up, John. My answer's yes. I will love you forever, even if we die today. Stay with me. John!” (Maria)

Blood & Treasure -
1. Danny: “If this is an intervention, I won’t fight you. I was warned she was the devil, but I didn’t listen.” Lexi: “The devil can hear you, you know.” (Jessica and Dahne)
2. Lexi: “I can’t believe this is where you’re from. I assumed you crashed to earth in a cape with a big ‘S’ on it.” (Jessica and Dahne)
3. Danny: “Now we can get back to being Team Danny & Lexi.” Lexi: “I believe it’s Lexi & Danny.” (Jessica)
4. Danny: “You trust me?” Lexi: “I do.” (Dahne)
5. Lexi’s letter to Shaw: “This is my friend, Aya. Take her to her family in Oslo. I trust you will do this because if you don’t, I will hunt you down and kill you. ‘Til next time.” Shaw: “Tigers got to be tigers.”
6. Shaw: “These ladies come here for a little adventure in their humdrum lives and I give them the full Casablanca.” Lexi: “I don’t even want to know what that means.”
7. Shaw: “What do you see in Danny anyway? He’s a nice dude and all, but at his core, he’s a house cat, but you’ve got tiger energy. You need another tiger.” Lexi: “Hmm, let me guess. You’re the other tiger.” Shaw: “I can’t be the only one to notice that our chemistry is off the charts.” Lexi: “That’s because it’s nonexistent.” Shaw: “Damn girl, pure tiger.”

The Code -
1. Abe: “Is it weird? I didn’t know what to get.” Trey: “No, guys give each other pregnancy vitamins all the time. Thanks.”
2. Maya: “Should you be doing this, the campaign? You believe things that aren’t true. People are going to vote for you without knowing that.” Matty: “You tell people you’re sick, they feel sorry for you. You tell people you’re mentally ill, they give you a nervous smile and back away. The stigma is real, kid. If I say anything, I’m finished.” Maya: “I’m not saying it’s fair, but I am wondering if it’s right.”
3. Harper: “It has a logo on it for something called Schoolgirl Reaper. It’s a manga from the 90’s.” Abe: “A what from the 90’s?” Trey: “A Japanese comic. Tokyo Ghoul? Lone Wolf and Cub?” Abe: “I don’t know those things and I don’t know why you know those things.”

Elementary -
1. Joan: “I mean after the check he gave he gave our foundation this is sort of the least we could do to help.” Sherlock: “I loathe that expression. The least one could do is always nothing.”
2. Bree: “This...thing you think happened to me, we go to EEO, do you honestly think it’s not gonna happen to anyone else?” Gregson: “Dwyer’ll be gone.” Bree: “I’m not talking about him. I am talking about all the others. Dwyer goes down, do you really think that’s gonna change anything? That this department’s gonna suddenly stop being a boys’ club. To be clear, you’re not part of the problem. I meant everything that I said the other day - the best boss I ever had. But I’ve been a cop for 17 years now and in my experience, you are the exception, not the rule.”
3. Bell: “Then he went all Scrooge McDuck on his bed.” Sherlock: “And who or what is Scrooge McDuck?” Watson: “Picture your father, but as a duck.”
4. Gregson: “Those friends you were talking about, the ones who are cops. I hope you know I’m one of them. I will be ‘til the end.”
5. Sherlock: “So, a man in a forest and his hog, both killed at the same time. Unless we’re looking at the fallout from the world’s most nauseating love triangle, we have 3 victims, 2 murder weapons…” Bell: “And zero motive.”
6. Joan about the new coffee: “This stuff is so good, I don’t care how much weasel puke is in it.”

The Good Witch -
1. Olivia: “This was a lot easier when he wasn’t a prince.” Cassie: “Well, prince or not, he’s still the same person.” Olivia: “But now there’s a whole side of him I don’t know about.” Cassie: “That’s what second dates are for.”
2. Martha: “Well, that’s our show for today.” Producer: “No, no,no. We still have 28 more minutes. Keep it going.” Martha: “What?!?!”
3. Abigail: “The answer to everything is NOT a cup of tea.”
4. Cassie: “Sometimes to get what we want, it’s better to say less, not more.” Martha: “Well, you know me, restraint is not my strong suit.”
5. Cassie: “Well, no one wants to make decisions, but everyone likes choices.”

The InBetween -
1. Tom: “I hope that girl’s not going all Miss Marple on us.” Damien: “Nancy Drew.” Tom: “What?” Damien: “You mean Nancy Drew.”
2. Guidance Counselor: “Listen, I’m a parent. I know how kids are these days. Tiffany, she’s...uh, she’s a mean girl. Her senior year will probably be the high point of her life.”

Instinct -
1. Julian: “Keeping secrets is what keeps me alive, and...I don’t know...interesting.” Lizzie: “No, it’s not interesting. It’ keeps you from being known.” Julian: “Reuben.” Lizzie: “What?” Julian: “My real name, Reuben. My second name is Julian, but who in their right mind wants to be known as a deli sandwich.”
2. Dylan: “Perhaps motivated by death anxiety, a fear of death, sometimes called thanatophobia. Not to be confused with necrophobia, which is a fear of others who are dead or dying.” Lizzie: “What do you call fear of dying from boredom?”
3. Julian: “Show up 10 minutes late and you miss everything.”

Jane the Virgin -
1. Lima: "Danny and I are having trouble conceiving, so I wanted to ask you if I could have one of your eggs." Narrator: "Wow. That didn't go over easy." (Prpleight)

Reef Break -
1. Cat and Jake to each other: You call; I jump.”
2. Jake: “Hang on I know why you’re here. You’re here because you’re worried that you might turn into something like me.” Wyatt: “No, no, I don’t think so.” Jake: “You’re damn right. You’ve got to earn your reputation first, before you can lose it.”
3. Cat: “I dragged my a** 13 hours across the Pacific to state the obvious. The idea that you would let this man out because he went, what, a few years without shanking anybody is insane and only reminds me that the Reef is still the shadiest, sunny place in the country.”
4. Ana: “I see a pattern forming here. I ask you to do one thing, you do something completely different.” Cat: “Well, you hire Cat Chambers, you get all of Cat Chambers.”
5. Cat: “I need your help.” Jake: “Whoa. The last time you said that killed my career.” Cat: “Uh no, marrying me while you were undercover killed your career. Memory serves, you let me in on that little secret about day 3 of our honeymoon after I’d already admitted to a half dozen felonies.” Jake: “I was a ba***, wasn’t I?”
6. Wyatt: “What is she doing here?” Ana: “Cat’s going to be joining the search and rescue operation in a consulting capacity for the governor’s office.” Wyatt: “Like a work release program? You’re joking, right?” Ana: “Do I look like I’m joking?” Cat: “I love being in the middle of all of this brother and sister sibling rivalry stuff.” Wyatt and Ana: “Half siblings.”

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