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Quote of the Week - Week of July 21st, 2019

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

The 100 - 
1. Bellamy: "I'm so sorry, Clarke. I knew you were a target. I didn't protect you." Clarke: "Bellamy, you saved me." Bellamy: "So how do we save everyone that I left behind?" Clarke: "You know, if you didn't, I'd be dead. They all would... Echo, Madi. Josephine would've made sure of it. Your plan was good."
2. Octavia: "You were my rock. Without you as my compass, I was lost. I couldn't find my way out of the dark. I did things… things I can't take back… things that will haunt me until the day I die. I'm not asking you for forgiveness. I know I have to earn that along with your trust." Bellamy: "What do you want me to say, O.?" Octavia: "Say I'm your sister." Bellamy: "You're my sister… but you're not my responsibility. Not anymore."
3. Clarke: "I can do this." Bellamy: "Get that shield down. I'll bring the cavalry." Clarke: "For Monty." Bellamy: "For Monty." (María Sol García)
Blood & Treasure - 
1. Lexi: “You know, when you’re in a relationship, friends and family are part of the package. Kind of like cousins who visit each other at holidays.” Rick: “I don’t need to check my cousins’ pockets when they leave the room.”
2. Lexi: “So you think Sanchez took Cleopatra to…” Danny: “the Bermuda triangle.” Shaw: “Yep, as if having a mummy’s curse on me wasn’t enough.”
3. Reece: “Don’t let your suit define you, okay? Not tonight, not ever.” Young Danny: “Yeah...the Romans said the clothes make the man.” Reece: “Um, and how did that work out for them? See you around, kid.” (Dahne)

The Code - 
1. Schuylkill: “It’s almost like your heart isn’t in it. Is your heart in it, Lieutenant Li? Speak freely. Speak freely.” Harper: “I think what you’re doing is despicable. John Abraham is good Marine and you’re smearing him. I can just picture it. You and whatever band of wrinkled, old golf goats you’re working with, digging around in his record until you found something that you could twist into a disgusting web of half truths. It’d be funny, maybe even a little bit sad, except for some reason the world is taking you seriously.”
2. Abe: “You’re gonna be a father, Trey. Now listen to me. Every night I go to sleep in here I say a few words. Call it a prayer, call it whatever. I remind myself of one thing. There is justice in the universe and if there is...someone like’re gonna be a father.” Trey: “I wish I believed that.”
3. Matty: “Didn’t take my spot, huh?” Maya: “I’m not ready yet.” Matty: “I’m gonna be there when you are. This thing limits what I can do. Don’t interrupt. It does. You know it. We’re here. There are things I can’t do, but there are things I can. I’m gonna find them because when you are ready, I want to be there. It’s not the mission I signed for, but it’s still a pretty good one. I’m lucky to have it. I’m lucky to have you.” (Dahne)

 Elementary - 
1. Odin: “Obviously my intel was right. He’s planning a shooting.” Sherlock: “Maybe, maybe not. If he is, there are ways of stopping him which do not entail his murder.” Odin: “Do you honestly think that this is going to guarantee he won’t hurt anyone? He could have more guns and if he doesn’t, this isn’t England. He could already have another one.”
2. Sherlock: “You’re referring to old data. I’m bringing you new data. Would you consider it? (pause) Well that is a shame. I must admit you do have a knack for identifying people who may pose a threat.” Odin: “May?” Sherlock: “Not everyone who gets angry commits a murder. Not everyone who buys a gun commits a murder, even though it may feel like it sometimes.”
3. Sherlock: “I’ll keep an eye on Conrad.” Odin: “I could give you the names of a hundred would-be killers right now. Are you going to keep an eye on them as well?” Sherlock: No, that’s more than I could handle. That’s more than anyone could handle. Except perhaps a billionaire tech mogul with the resources of a small country.” Odin: “You want me to change my ways. Find a way to babysit these people, protect them from themselves. What you’re talking about, engaging them the way that you just engaged Conrad, observing the for would require much more manpower. It would be more risk of exposure…” Sherlock: “Killing people’s easier, is it? Oh well, I suppose that makes it all right.” (Dahne)

The InBetween - 
1. Ed: “Well, well, look who’s back. Little old me. It seems like every day since you kicked me out of here, I come a knock-knock-knocking and I never get no answer. Imagine my delight my delight when I stop by for a visit and find your door wide open.” Cassie: “Don’t get too excited. It’s only temporary. I need your help.” Ed: ”Oh, do tell.”
2. Max: “I think she knows I’m still with her. She just can’t admit her feelings for me.” Cassie: “Yes, she can. She hates you.”
3. Max: “You and I need to talk.” Cassie: “I got nothing to say to you.” Max: “Andie went to your house. She was there for an hour, but I couldn’t get inside.” Cassie: “My own version of a restraining order.” Max: “Then she went to her storage, took out a bunch of boxes, the ones with all the paperwork from the court and the notes and the gifts that I sent her. Then she brought them back to you. Why would you tell her to do that?” Cassie: “It’s none of your business.” Max: “Everything about Andie is my business.” Cassie: “Get out of my way.” Max: “And what if I don’t?” (Cassie walks right through him.) (Dahne)

Instinct - 
1. Dylan: “Oh quit whining. It’s a phone not your kidneys. You’ll survive.”
2. Dylan, mid-rant: “I’m done, but social and media are 2 words that do not belong together. Okay, I’m done.”
3. Andy: “You know in every aspect of your life you have endless patience for human behavior, but in this one thing, you are being a complete control freak.” Dylan: “Come on, control freaks are obsessive compulsive, passive aggressive, even mood disordered.” Andy: “Mmm hmm. So we agree.” (Dahne)

Killjoys - 
1. Fancy: "Why'd you grab my ass?" Killjoy: "What? I didn't." Fancy: "Well it didn't grab itself." Killjoy: "You're not even my type, man." Fancy: "I'm everyone's type. It's a curse." Killjoy: "You're kind of an asshole, you know that?" Fancy: "Hey, sexy people have feelings too." (Prpleight)

Pandora - 
1. Greg to Ralen: “Yeah, I don’t know if teaching you sarcasm was the best idea.”
2. Ralen: “And what of Zatar? Would you not make an enemy of my people if you killed us all today?” Seeker: “You made an enemy of me when your people took in my son, giving him asylum and sheltered him on your home world.” Ralen: “Lenar asked us for sanctuary, an offer we could not refuse.” Seeker: “Was it worth losing the Adari as an ally in the war against Earth to help my son flee to exile?” Ralen: “We would make the same decision again today. He asked for help. We were obliged to give it. You will never understand my people.” Seeker: “Nor you mine. Be it a generation or more, my people shall have their vengeance against you, but today, I shall have mine.”
3. Jax: “Come on. Drinking alone is called alcoholism. Much better to do it with a crowd.”
4. Jax: “What are you doing here...again?” Xander: “Doing what I always do apparently. Keeping you out of trouble.”
5. Ralen: “You missed the study group. I came to see if you were all right.” Jax: “I’m fine.” Ralen: “Human behavior remains a bit of an enigma to me but that was clearly a lie.”
6. Atria: “Be a voice, not an echo.” (Dahne)

Reef Break - 
1. Stuyler: “You know, I liked you better when you were the town drunk.” Jake: “Me too. Lucky for both of us, it’s probably just a phase.”
2. Wyatt: “What the hell are you doing?” Cat: “Uh, currently being very grateful I downloaded that awful song from your phone so I could make fun of you later.”
3. Wyatt: “Anyone want to get in the drum circle, chat about felony vandalism?” (Dahne)

Suits - 
1. Donna: "What are you wearing?" Louis: "What do you mean, what am I wearing? It's my mankini." Harvey: "Your what now?" Louis: "It's a Speedo. I wear it instead of underwear. It's incredibly supportive. Here, let me show you." Donna: "Louis, as much as we would love for you to show us how supportive your underwear is, Harvey and I are here to share some news about why we were together the other morning."
2. Louis: "I'm thrilled for you. I'm even happier for Harvey." Donna: "Oh, really? And why is that?" Louis: "Because you're the best thing that's ever happened to him. And he finally knows it." (Julia Krassnik)

Veronica Mars - 
1. Veronica: "I needed to get out of my apartment. Logan's back." Keith: "Logan's back?" Veronica: "And he asked me to marry him." Keith: "What an asshole. I'm guessing you haven't picked a date yet."
1. Veronica: "Middle-aged white guys share secrets with others of their kind, don't they?" Vinnie: "How else would we know which no-prescription-needed websites selling Viagra are legit?"
2. Logan: "If I wasn't around and your father wasn't around, what would you be doing?" Veronica: "I would be sticking my head in the oven because the two most important people in my life would be gone."
1. Vinnie: "It's that air of superiority, that patronizing tone, that has sparked a political backlash, okay? White men. We're not gonna take it anymore, V-Chip. Right, guys?" Veronica: "You run a business out of a strip club. I can't help but feel superior."
2. Logan: "So, I know things have been weird since I asked you to marry me. Confession: It wasn't so much that I loved you and wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, it's just that your dad promised me his milking goat, two bolts of Spanish silk and 1 acre on the alley side of his estate. No man could walk away from that. Dowry or no dowry, I still want to marry you."
1. Reporter: "Veronica, how does it feel to be a hero?" Veronica: "My dad's the hero. Go talk to him."
2. Logan: "Is it weird to want to marry someone because you respect her? Because you want to be like her? Because you want children who will inherit her qualities? I want to marry Veronica cause she's the toughest human being I've ever met. Blows that would destroy most people she always picks herself back up." (Julia Krassnik)

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