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Entertainment Weekly's Arrowverse Series Interviews on Upcoming Seasons

Thanks to Thenorthremembers for the heads up.

If there’s one person who has made his peace with Oliver’s fate, it’s Amell. “Because he’s a superhero with no superpowers, I always felt he should die — but he may also not die,” says Amell, who actually found out what the show’s final scene would be at EW’s cover shoot. “I cried as [Marc Guggenheim] was telling me. There are a lot of hurdles to get over to make that final scene.” Get this man some more Guinness!

“Sara will get a magical illness, which will turn into a superpower,” says Lotz, who appears on the cover of this month’s Entertainment Weekly. “She’ll learn how to make it a superhero power, which won’t necessarily be a good thing. It’s going to come with its challenges for sure.”