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Bless the Harts - Promos, Comic-Con Poster + Kumail Nanjiani to Voice Jesus *Updated 16th September 2019*



Comic-Con Poster + Kumail Nanjiani to Voice Jesus

Kumail Nanjiani will guest star as the voice of Jesus in FOX's newest animated series, Bless the Harts, per The Wrap.

The panel showed a short unfinished clip from the “Bless the Harts” pilot, in which the Jesus character appears prominently. When it ended, Miller let the cat out of the bag, confirming that it was Nanjiani — prompting some performative nervousness from the other panelists. At which point Barinholtz hastily joked that he couldn’t quite place the voice actor who had “a sort of half-Chicago, half-Pakistani accent,” but that he “realized it was the great Chicago actor ‘Kumail Stevenson.'”