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Big Little Lies - I Want To Know - Review: No More Lies

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"You lost your boys, you don't get to take mine!"

Here it is, the finale, we knew there were going to be fireworks and we were not disappointed it's one thing to be Annalise Keating (HTGAWM) and simply kick ass in court, but playing these complex characters, at times even meek, and still finding a way to hurt one another in a spectacular way, it's a fine line to walk on, and they delivered exactly what they promised. Still, there are some debates going around this whole show past its first season. It is my understanding that, at first, they were denying the possibility of a new season, but that happened last time as well, and given this finale, I just don't see them leaving this project halfway through, I would be shocked if this wasn't renewed for at least one final season.

And speaking of debates, some of this episode even seemed like an essay on perfection, or it's own nonexistence, it might be some sneaky way to defend making this season (maybe even a third one), and though I find it a little bit cheap, if cheeky, I can't really disagree. The truth is, if you are completely against this show being extended, you could always watch season one as a perfect standalone mini-series, but if you got here, and you liked it, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be on board with a third one. Now, I do think the third one should be the last, but as things are right now, this story needs to be seen through to the end.

A debate I haven't seen much of, probably just by chance, is the sudden introduction of Afrocentric Mysticism (please correct me if I'm mistaken about this), with Patricia getting better and then dying, which is known to happen, it seems Bonnie has taken on the mantle, she's shown putting crystals close to a photograph of her own daughter and then it's even suggested her mother's visions are passed onto her, and I do have to wonder what their plan is for that in the future. This is when Bonnie decides to stop lying, later she'll go on to confess, but first, she tells Nathan she's not in love with him, and she maybe never was, which was a little too hurtful, in my opinion, but a part of me was definitely thinking of karma for Madeline, am I alone in this?

There's also a scene which seems important to the show's narrative but felt a little out of place where Madeline tells Celeste she feels bad about starting the lie but Celeste says the lie is the friendship, it's what really bonds them together, which doesn't exactly speak well for their idea of friendships in general, but it is something interesting to be debated. I do think they'll probably come back to this in a future season after the truth is finally out.

Ed seems angry still, but he's taking the workout to think, and when Madeline confronts him, he says when they got married they didn't really know what they were getting into, so perhaps they should renew their bows and really commit to them this time. She was thinking divorce papers were coming so she's definitely relieved, she says for better or worse, but he says her worst is off the table, which was kinda hilarious. Now her guilt does seem to be switching the power dynamics in the relationship, which might not be a bad thing, in this case, this is perhaps one of the more realistic couples on this show, but I just can't get over how much I don't care, there's just something about Ed I'll never like, I might be team Nathan on that specific point.

After Ziggy has some words for Jane and makes her remember how Corey made her feel they just get back together, which was a little fast, but everything about their relationship is mostly her getting out there again after such trauma, so I guess it's okay for now. Renata and Mary Louise have a confrontation because, of course, Mary Louise makes a comment about nannies and Renata is ready to kill her right there at the coffee shop, then, when she comes home after the trial, she sees Gordon playing with his train as if he hadn't lost every single thing she owned and she completely loses it, she takes a bat to all his toys and even hits Gordon when he tries to protect them.

Now to the real highlight of the episode, the trial. Celeste is in full swing, reshaping he things that have been stated about her ability as a mother, and using her knowledge from things Perry probably told her to say Mary Louise was an even worse mother, she asks about the car accident where Perry's brother died and whether it happened because she lost her temperament. And to go even further she asks if then she blamed little Perry for it instead of taking responsibility and comforting him. At first, Mary Louise tries to dramatically leave the stand but she's ordered to sit back down and Celeste continues going hard at her, asking about her own abuse towards Perry, she says abusers are usually victims of abuse themselves, which brings Mary Louise to defend her son just in time for Clekeste to play the newfound evidence, a video of Perry getting violent. And it's hard to watch, for everyone, but it does paint a picture of the monster Perry was.

After that, Madeline and Celeste talk in the car, Madeline is taken aback by the video because, even though she knows now of Perry's violence, to see it is a whole different thing, and she feels even more guilty for not seeing it, but Celeste tells her it's all on her, and she's worried because it still doesn't paint her as a good mother, for not trying to take them out of the house sooner, she even starts to doubt her own fitness but Madeline tries to make her see how far she's come, and that this is not the time to falter.

That night, Celeste tells the boys the day went well and they ask if she beat her up and Celeste's face immediately turns, it was a good way to show that even if the boys stay with their mom there's still a long way to go before she can help them unlearn the violence their home held for so long, and at the same time unlearn it herself. Then, Mary Louise shows up, bringing us one of the most intense whispered fights ever, Mary Louise is still trying to deny what she saw Perry do, which is annoying but not out of character, and Celeste says she never lied, and just because Mary Louise lost her boys she doesn't get to take Max and Josh form her. Ouch.

At the sentencing, Mary Louise takes one more stab at Celeste after mulling it over, and I'm not sure a judge would allow for so many interruptions but okay, she finally seems to believe her son was a monster but she still blames Celeste for being complicit. Still, the judge recognizes the boys have had it hard enough without being taken away from their home, but she does imply Celeste will have some things to comply with. Celeste is ecstatic and hugs the kids but then she asks them to hug thei9r grandma, those are some loyal little boys, which is good, it only takes a good person to lead them without taking advantage of that, and Celeste has certainly shown she's up for it.

The episode ends with "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" where Willie Nelson sings about the calm before the storm, while we get a beautiful montage of Ed and Madeline renewing their vows, Jane being able to go further in her relationship with Corey, Mary Louise leaving for San Francisco, defeated, and Celeste deleting Perry's video. And it does seem like a calm before the storm, their lives seem to be settling back down for a second. But then they all join Bonnie at the police station to support her while their lives are turned upside down once again.

To me, three seasons does seem like the perfect fit for this show. I do want to see Jane be happy for once, but it would also be interesting, if perhaps not pleasant, to see what this would do for Celeste and the boys after having gone through so much, same for Jane, and what it will mean for Bonnie's life and character altogether. Also, I can't wait to see a liberated Renata, honestly that is going to be pure gold. And though many of us were not sure if we wanted a season two, we now know watching these characters go through life is still worth our time.

"Nothing's perfect."

What did you think about this episode? Interested in season three? I look forward to your comments.

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