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The SpoilerTV 2019 Episode Competition - Winner and Final Words

Hey all,

The seventh annual Episode Competition has come to a close after two and a half weeks of voting. And at the end of all that, our winner is...

As we knew, Lucifer was going to emerge victorious after its two episodes won both semi-finals. But it was "Save Lucifer" which triumphed over "Who's Da New King of Hell?" by two votes. It was the second seed which won the competition.

The final only got 728 votes, a consequence of two episodes from the same show competing. With nothing to challenge a set of fans, the turnout is substantially less. Fun as it is for fans to have your show guaranteed victory in the final, it does take a lot of the tension out of it for everyone else — and, it would seem, even fans of the show in question.

Lucifer is now the fifth different show to win the competition — Timeless, Outlander, Person of Interest and Beauty and the Beast the others — with neither of the two previous winners able to retain their crown. Timeless, in its last-ever outing in this competition, fought hard to the quarter-finals but lost to "Save Lucifer", while Outlander's fourth season received a combined total of two nominations. That is staggering for a show which has proven so popular since its 2014 debut.

A couple of thank yous. First to DarkUFO, whose assistance, as always, makes this competition far, far easier for me to run. He runs the site too, without which this competition could never exist. Also to Laura Markus for her assistance on the results list spreadsheet seen below. But just as important is you, the readers/voters, without whom this competition would be unable to run due to the sheer lack of involvement. The enthusiasm from those who did get involved was fantastic; you contributed a lot, whether you participated at all stages or if you just turned up for one or two polls.

With the competition over, what's next? Well, competition season at SpoilerTV is in full swing. Over the next few weeks, we've got the Character Cup — which is usually the most popular here — and the SpoilerTV Awards, before the big one: the tenth edition of the Series Competition.

I'll be back in August to run the Series Comp, and I hope you'll all still be here after the other two competitions to join me. In the meantime, remember that there's still plenty of news and content for the summer TV and looking ahead to the Fall. Anything I write can be found, as always, under my author label. As usual, if you'd like to get in touch with me, my Twitter and email address are below.

For now, though, thanks to everyone who took part, and we'll see you again in 2020.

Full spreadsheet link

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