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The InBetween - Made of Stone - Review

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In this episode, Tom and Asante are investigating the disappearance of a mother and son, Karen and Jason Sinclair. Karen’s husband, Elliot, cooperates with the police as they begin to piece together his story along with the mounting evidence against him during their hunt for the facts. Meanwhile, Cassie is having visions that seem to contradict some of Elliot’s claims leaving the truth even harder to reveal. Ed Roven also returns looking for Cassie’s help getting out of the InBetween.

Ed Roven is back as we pick up where we left off in the Pilot. This time he’s directly taunting Cassie in her home which is arguably worse than that creepy Peter Rabbit song. Cassie is able to successfully drive him out with a mental block, showing us that she does have some control over her abilities. But then Roven begins to pop up at Council Bar, where Cassie works, using information about Tom’s case as leverage to persuade her into helping him cross over. She resists his efforts and does a little investigative work of her own discovering his dark past of torturing and killing women. She confronts him with this information but Roven remains unfazed. Unfortunately, I think that it's likely we'll see him hanging around for another episode or two.

Brian & Tom have easily become one of my favorite TV couples. Even in this very short amount of time, I find myself wanting to see more of them. So it has me even more concerned that something is going on with Brian. Early in the episode, we discover along with Cassie that Brian has decided to take a little break from work to rest. Nothing inherently wrong with that, and a legitimate concern for any overworked doctor. But then only moments later, Brian repeats himself and seems to have forgotten that he told her he would be taking a break. He brushes the incident off quickly, but we’re left with questions about what exactly is going on with him and if he’s hiding any of this from Tom. Cassie certainly took notice of this odd exchange.

Something new that we uncover is that Cassie’s birth mother once experienced the same psychic abilities that Cassie has. We also learn from Brian that her mother used some unhealthy coping mechanisms to shut them out, and he is concerned that she might do the same. We’ve seen Cassie attempt to drown out the noise in her head in the last episode, but it’s unknown to what extent she has taken it thus far.

Tom & Asante worked really well together this time around. With their rough start behind them, they quickly found a comfortable balance that works. Both of them trusting the other, and both proving themselves important to one another in terms of solving their case. When Tom gave their suspect the benefit of the doubt, Asante was there to cast appropriate suspicion. It may be a bit premature at this point but I’m rooting for a strong friendship between these two.

At the end of the episode, Cassie has a vision of Damien with Sally Bishop. You may remember Sally as the girl we watched Damien visit in the hospital from the Pilot. Damien explains to Cassie that he was going to propose to Sally, but she has been in a coma for six months after having contracted bacterial meningitis. Sally’s prognosis doesn’t look good either, the doctor has only given him hope if Sally is able to pull through by the end of the year. We close our episode with Cassie offering to sit with Sally to see if she’ll communicate with her.

What did you think about Made of Stone? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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