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The Handmaid's Tale - Night & Mary and Martha - Review

The Handmaid’s Tale returned with two (or three if you are watching streaming!) episodes. I will be watching in Canada on conventional premium cable, so my reviews this year may lag a bit behind Hulu watchers – I hope you will still join in the discussion here. It looks like this season will see a big shake up in Gilead and our storyworld. So far, I’m very much enjoying our new proactive June (Elisabeth Moss)! Let’s dive right in to this two richly acted, directed, and filmed episodes.

“Night” was written by showrunner Bruce Miller and directed by Mike Barker. The episode begins with a terrific re-cap – which just happens to touch on pretty much all the major points I just delivered in a conference paper on the second season! The episode features an outstanding performance by Yvonne Strahovski (Serena).

The last shot of the recap is June turning her back to the retreating van and heading back to Gilead to continue the fight. The first shot of the episode picks up in the opposite direction as we follow the black van, speeding through a snowstorm with a clear shot of a terrified Emily (Alexis Bledel) in her red uniform, holding baby Nichole in white. Yes. The stunning visuals and visual color palette are still with us! In voice over, June prays for God to look after her – because this is the Valley of Death – and a fuck-ton of people want to hurt her. June wonders if the baby will remember her or resent her for “giving her away” – but she’s got “reasons” and she’s got “work.” I loved how they cut back to June running in slow motion back into the fire, back into Gilead and danger. Will her daughter resent her for choosing the many over her as June herself resented Holly? Isn’t that at heart the worry of every working mother everywhere too? So much of the universal makes it into this show, simply giving it more resonance at every turn.

Commander Lawrence (Bradley Whitford) finds June on the road – another great shot of June – like a deer – caught in the headlights of his car. He is backlit and not quite visible. This shot actually reminded me of the iconic shot from The Exorcist. Lawrence appears in these first two episodes as someone who is violently conflicted. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? I’m not sure that even he knows. Can he be trusted?

He asks June if she’s insane for not getting in the truck. He tells her to get in the car – they can catch them before they cross the border. It almost seems like June considers it, but then she asks if he knows Commander Mackenzie. She refuses to go without Hannah (Jordana Blake). She says she can’t go without her, and Lawrence points out that she can – but June is firm. She won’t. She points out that he helped Emily, and he tells her that he liked Emily.

June then threatens him! They could put him on the wall – if she told goes unspoken. He’s not afraid, but he is impressed when he calls June “spunky.” But he agrees to take her. There’s a nice shot of June, looking like a cages animal, as she peers through the fence with Lawrence’s car waiting behind her on the street.

Serena is a mess. She makes her way slowly upstairs to where Nick (Max Minghella) is holding Fred (Joseph Fiennes) in June’s room at gunpoint. I loved how so many of the shots, just his head viewed through the door, him sitting on the window seat, all mimicked shots we’ve had of June in the room. Nick tries to stop her going in – does he worry Fred will hurt her or she’ll let him out?

Fred sees Serena as his savior – again, ironic – and he’s shocked when she gives him a dose or reality. He tells her to call 911 (as an aside, it’s kind of funny that that still works), and she tells him that they should give her more time to get away. She looks him straight in the eye as she confesses that she did what was best for HER child. She walks out, and Nick shuts the door. I’m still wondering if Nick is really going to be able to come out of this unscathed.

In another echo of so many shots we’ve seen of June and others looking out the large window in the staircase, Serena keeps watch, and Nick lights a cigarette and gives it to her. As always with this show, Nick’s “Praise be” is so much more than the prescribed Gilead rote phrase.

At the Mackenzie’s, their Martha – Frances (Ordena Stephens) – really impressed me when she actually noticed the steam of June’s breath on the glass door! She also immediately recognizes June from the summer house. She tells June where her the Mackenzies are and admonishes her to be careful – clearly she is concerned about what will happen to June. And of course, the Guardians show up almost immediately. How do they know???

June takes a moment and then hardens to her purpose. She can’t just leave but she knows she can’t take Hannah. She whispers that she loves her and will never leave her as she kneels prayer-like at Hannah’s beside. She leaves a thread from her uniform as a promise or friendship bracelet. She then goes outside of the room and kneels with her hands behind her head, admonishing them not to scare Hannah when they take her.

Mrs Mackenzie (Amy Landecker) calls them back before they can leave. She wants a word with June. It’s hard to really hate her, even when she rubs it in June’s face that “Agnes” told her all about the summer house meeting because SHE’S her mother. But it is clear that she is trying to be a good mother and give Hannah a good home. She also takes some pity on June.

June is seated at the table with her hands zip-tied behind her and as the camera pans slowly up, it’s hard not to see the letter A formed by her hands and the chair back. The guardians ask if Agnes is ok. She tells them that she slept through it all. The Guardian says praise be, but when June says it, he slams her with his rifle butt – does he thinks she’s being smart or is he just into the casual brutality? I suspect given the visual cue, it’s the later. June is a fallen woman to be afforded no respect.

Mrs Mackenzie tells June that it has to stop. Hannah had nightmares for weeks after the summer house – her concern is for the child. But are those nightmares really a product of Hannah having been taken from her mother in the first place? I’m betting they were about the initial abduction and not the summer house. Mrs Mackenzie accuses June of being cruel in confusing Hannah. June shakes her head, fighting back the tears. Does it even have to be said that Moss brings it to every scene whether we see the tender mother or the determined fighter?

Mrs Mackenzie tells them to take June home, but she can’t resist asking what Hannah is like. Mackenzie takes some pity on June. She starts out by being a bit cruel – she’s a happy, healthy child who is thriving – and the unsaid part is without you. June smiles anyway. She goes on to be less cruel, once it’s only her Guardian left and drops some of the “wife” pretense. She tells June that she’s fine. She’s amazing – clearly she does love her. She tells June that she likes to sew – but isn’t very good at it. She also likes to cook and she is good at that – and June says she gets that from Luke (O-T Fagenle).

It is both touching and heart-breaking when June and Mrs Mackenzie find real common ground over Hannah wanting a dog. June tells her that Hannah’s allergic – and they both know she hates shots and won’t stick to the allergy shots. Mackenzie suggests maybe a labradoodle – something hypo-allergenic, and June agrees it’s a good idea. Mackenzie goes on to say that the Commander doesn’t love the idea but Hannah is working on him. They both know she’s good at that too. June tells Mackenzie that she appreciates the home that she’s made for Hannah. There’s another beautifully framed shot of the two women under an archway – that looks like two women in a bell jar – great Sylvia Plath reference if that’s what (I hope) they were going for. Mackenzie responds by telling June to “Please stop. You know this all ends with you dying on the ground in front of her.” June is devastated but doesn’t say anything.

And then we have “Praise be” yet again in the episode, as Mrs Mackenzie remarks on the miracle that Hannah has June’s eyes! And that’s it for June. She tells Mackenzie simply, “I’m her mother.” And it’s like turning a switch. Mackenzie can pretend all she likes, but Hannah will never truly be her daughter. It’s interesting that neither actually ever speaks the name of her daughter in this scene. You can change her name – but you can’t change her eyes…

June is returned to the Waterfords’ and there’s a beautiful shot of the house – and then Nick reflected in the window as June looks out. For once, she isn’t enclosed behind curtains or in a van. No one is happy to see her. Fred completely freaks out on her. He wants to know where Nichole is, but he’s clearly more concerned that they are all going to end up on the wall. June refuses to even look at him, only addressing herself to Serena, who she does consider to be a mother to her other daughter.

June tells Serena that the baby is safe. Fred is physically in between the two women, so they simply talk around him. Serena is furious that June gave the baby to OfJoseph. June tells her that she did what was best for her child – clearly not what was best for June. June insists that she was giving the baby a better life – that’s what a mother does for her child. Is that why she is content to let Hannah be for now? Strahovski is simply magnificent in this scene as she drives June against the wall and accuses her of killing her baby by giving her to a murderer.

And June finally snaps. Honestly, both women are simply outstanding in this scene. June spits back at her that Serena is responsible for her being chased through the woods and having to listen as her baby screamed as she was taken from her – and she hopes that what Serena is feeling is what she felt back then. And then as the fight goes out of Serena, June draws her into a hug and comforts her. She tells her that the baby is going to be ok. She’s going to be free. Serena worries it was so cold, and June was supposed to protect her. June tells Serena to have faith that God will protect her – and Serena draws comfort from that. Fred has Nick take June back to her room.

Nick is also furious that June came back. He asks her if she knows how many people risked their lives to try to get her out. He calls her selfish and tells her that there won’t be another chance. He tells her she’s going to die there – and she knows that. And then there’s a beautiful shot of the Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum scratched in the wall over June’s shoulder.

Meanwhile, it looks like Serena might be right about not trusting Emily to get the baby to safety. For whatever reason, she isn’t taken across the border but is alone running through the woods, chased by drones. She has to cross what looks like a very fast and cold river – and at one point it looks like she’s gone under and simply lost the baby – or that the baby has succumbed to drowning. And then it looks like she might be caught…. As a Canadian, I was pretty happy to see that Canadian border guard welcoming her in and getting her help.

The next day, it looks like Serena it trying to get back to “normal.” There’s a beautiful shot of her reflected in the mirror – we only get a partial view of her face. Fred asks if it’s ok if he goes to work. He tells her the story he’s made up. OfJoseph attacked Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd) and took the baby, and Serena and Offred tried to stop her as any mother would.  He tells her it’s the only way to keep her off the wall. The shot pulls back and we see Fred from behind but with his face reflected in the mirror over Serena’s shoulder. Her face is still visible in another panel of the mirror.

        It’s a beautiful shot that reinforces how separate these two are and how much of an illusion their public personas are. Serena tells him that he doesn’t need to protect her. He tells her that he’s protecting “this house. God has made me the master of an incredible woman.” Serena insists that SHE sent the baby away – it was HER choice. Fred tries to take ownership even of that by saying that he drove her to desperation and he’ll take care of it. He promises to get things back to the way they were. Serena’s face is almost a sneer as she continues to clean the stump where her little finger used to be.

She slowly gets dressed in her own uniform. There’s another gorgeous shot of her looking at herself in the mirror. She puts her forehead to her own – and then we get a mirror image of June’s face from the end of last season’s finale. Serena exhales and almost smiles as she steps back. She picks up the bottle of alcohol. She dumps it on the bed – and there’s a beautiful transition to June washing her face. So many images of water in this episode! Water, which is life giving. June’s new life – and Emily and Nichole’s.

This entire sequence is beautiful. June sees smoke and catches it in her hand. She hears the house groaning. She finds Serena by the burning bed – and let’s never forget the tv movie, The Burning Bed that exposed wife abuse – it’s a wonderful echo here. It’s also a wonderful symbol of Serena working to destroy Gilead – and starting by taking away those things that Fred thinks he is master of. And it’s June who extends her hand and makes sure that Serena gets out.

        June lays her hands on the walls, much as she did with the bullet holes in the walls of The Boston Globe last season. Here is another memorial – perhaps to the beginning of the end for Gilead. As she leaves, we get June’s voiceover: “Lord Jesus be revealed from Heaven, with his mighty angels. In flaming fire thou shall take vengeance. Burn motherfucker, burn.” And as the house burns, we get treated to another perfect musical montage set to the Boomtown Rats, “I Don’t Like Mondays.” The women all watch as the house burns. I’ll miss that set!

Emily arrives at the hospital with Nichole. She is clearly shell shocked and suspicious. At first, everyone just stares at her. Dr Chung (Danielle Ayow) welcomes her and immediately puts agency in Emily’s hands by allowing her to keep holding the baby. Then as she walks, everyone begins clapping. Her face bleeds into June’s, who is sitting alone in front of the burned out shell of the Waterford’s house. Emily gets all the accolades, and June is sent back to the Red Center.

Rita (Amanda Brugel) almost tries to smile at June. Nick finally spares a kind word and tells her to “take care” – but he’s clearly also abandoning her. June lets him off the hook and smiles at him, telling him to take care too.

There is no Aunt Lydia to greet her. However, Aunt Louise (Sarah Gale) tells her that while the Mackenzies may forgive her, God requires penance, and Aunt Elizabeth (Edie Inksetter) is happy to help deliver the beating to her feet. June looks them both square in the eye and even climbs up on the table herself.

Back in Toronto, Luke and Moira (Samira Wiley) both rush to pick up the news that has been sent to them. Luke is clearly hoping it’s June, but it’s the polaroid picture of Hannah. Luke is devastated by how big she is – how much of her childhood he’s missed. Fagbenle is terrific in this scene – as well as the next episode. Emily is waiting in the background – using the picture as a test perhaps? Still suspicious – and who can blame her! Emily tells Luke that his wife saved her life.

June is scrubbing floors with her bare, flayed feet visible. Another Handmaid brings her fresh water – and tells her that Emily and the baby are safe. They made it. There’s that water again – another sign of life. And another great shot of June in front of two windows on her knees – looking like she is praying. She holds back tears of joy this time. When she returns to the dormitory, there is a case waiting on her bed. Aunt Elizabeth tells her that she has a new posting. Was anyone surprised when it turned out to be Commander Lawrence?

The episode ends with another beautifully framed shot. They exchange the usual mantra – Blessed be the fruit, yada yada yada. June immediately recognizes his voice. He says to her, “You aren’t going to be any trouble, are you?” And she answers, oh so sweetly, “No, sir” – with just the hint of a smile. Given that we learn in the next episode that he hates liars, one hopes he knows from the smile that she’s not being sincere…

“Mary and Martha” was written by Kira Snyder and was also directed by Mike Barker. This episode, like the first, is gorgeously shot – helped by the continuity of the director. The episode begins with a gorgeous shot of June’s white cornette and her red dress. She tells us that she wasn’t good at waiting before. I also loved the number of hidden references to last season’s episodes. In this case, June talks about different seeds and Aunt Lydia saying some wouldn’t take root – and last season’s episode “Seeds” – in which June almost lost the baby and died – another episode where red was a prominent color.

June is waiting for her new walking partner – and we see Janine (Madeline Brewer) and Alma (Nina Kiri) walk by. June is then joined by Ofmatthew (Ashleigh LaThorp) who seems to be a pious believer, spouting off about Gilead’s supposed successes. She tells June she’s been praying for the Waterfords and their baby. She can’t imagine what came over Ofjoseph – and I loved June shutting her up by saying “I am Ofjoseph.”

The market shelves look pretty sparse – a better indication that Gilead isn’t faring so well. June tries to be more circumspect in talking with Alma, sending her to the canned tomatoes – there’s that red again. We also get the first mention (I think) in the series of a “shredder” – a non-viable baby. Alma tried to get information from her Martha about the Mackenzies for June, but couldn’t because her Martha is mean. June points out that the Marthas don’t trust them – and then sets about changing that over the course of the episode.

Back at the Lawrence’s, June delivers her groceries to a familiar face – it’s Beth (Kristen Gutoskie) who we last saw cooking at Jezebel’s – for her friend Nick. I loved that Beth gets frustrated at the filet that June brings – but is ok with the golden beets. It’s another indication that Luke was the cook, not June – but it’s also friendly banter.

June is summoned to the parlor where Aunt Lydia is waiting with Commander Lawrence and his wife, Eleanor (Julie Dretzin). Aunt Lydia looks like she’s been through the wars, but she and June seem to be polite to each other. Aunt Lydia says it’s just a routine visit to see how June is settling in to her new household. The Lawrences both say she’s fine. Aunt Lydia wants to know that June has been respectful – something she’s struggled with in the past. Eleanor starts to get agitated and wants to leave, but Aunt Lydia wants to know about the ceremony. It’s clear that June has been in the house a couple of weeks now. The Commander says the ceremony went fine and gives the excuse that his wife is tired to spirit her away.

Aunt Lydia immediately pulls June down and wants to know what’s wrong with Mrs Lawrence. June says she doesn’t know. Then in a seemingly uncharacteristic move, Aunt Lydia tells June that if there is something unseemly happening with the Commander, she can always tell her! She seems to blame him for what Emily did to her! Saying that he drove Emily crazy!

June offers to see Aunt Lydia out, but she wants to inspect June’s room first. She is too weak to make it up the stairs, but becomes furious when June tries to help and comfort her, telling her maybe an inspection would be better on the next visit. In response, Aunt Lydia tazes June, and tells her that Aunt Elizabeth was soft! She would never have allowed June to take a new post so soon! In fact, she should be on the wall! Commander Lawrence sardonically appears on the stairs.

Aunt Lydia tells him everything is fine – she can’t seem to be out of control in front of him after all. She tells him that June was seen gossiping at Loaves and Fishes. Lawrence says, “Spare the rod, spoil the handmaid” – bastardizing the old axiom about children. Aunt Lydia definitely seemed more unhinged than before! Lawrence curiously wonders what the voltage is on the cattle prods the Aunts use… and wonders off without asking June if she’s ok.

In Toronto, Luke is having a hard time. He has a box of clippings with news reports on Fred and pictures of June. Moira is looking after Nichole and seems to be really enjoying her. She tries to get Luke to engage with the baby – to play with her or hold her. He makes excuses about errands he needs to run. Erin (Erin Way) reminds him that Emily is coming for dinner. He asks about Emily having family of her own in Toronto. She’s clearly a painful reminder of June not getting out for him. Moira tries to tell Luke that everyone has their own timeline for dealing with getting out.

At the doctor’s, Emily is getting a check up, and as the doctor simplifies her explanation, Emily demonstrates that she know all about biology – let’s not forget she’s a PhD! There’s lots more for Emily to do even though her basic health is surprisingly good. She gets referrals for a dental surgeon (teeth falling out before!), an optometrist (she wore glasses before!), an obgyn for clitoris reconstruction, and a psychiatrist – PTSD much? It’s almost shocking when the one thing that Emily needs to watch is her cholesterol – because it’s so mundane.

June goes looking for something for burns and stumbles upon a strange Martha- Alison (Kathryn Greenwood) that Beth and Cora (Victoria Fodor) are trying to help escape. Cora tells Beth and June that they are both new and don’t know how things work. Cora tells Lawrence that Allison is there to help polish the silver and he calls her on lying. He sets out Eleanor’s pills and tells them to take her her tea. He also tells them he’ll call a Guardian to take Alison home – or wherever – and they are to stay in that room.

June follows Lawrence. He tells her that he doesn’t like strangers in his house. He asks June why there’s a stranger in his house. She tells him she’ll only be there a short while. He points out that doesn’t answer why. June tells him that she just needs a safe place to wait to get out. He points out that he doesn’t know that person, and June points out that he helped her without knowing her. And he quite mysteriously says, “Is that what you think?” Does he somehow know June from before? She then tells him that she knows what the Marthas’ lives are like. Alison has a chance for a better life and she should let him have it. June is stunned when Lawrence says ok – it’s your funeral.

June returns to the kitchen and says Alison can stay. Cora wants to know what she did – and Beth accuses her of giving Lawrence a blow job. June offers to take the tea to Mrs Lawrence. Beth tells her to just knock and leave it outside the door… and thanks. Commander Lawrence is reading in the parlor and tells her to shut the door. He just doesn’t want to know.

June insists that they should go now. Beth points out that they don’t usually move people, which is dangerous – they usually just pass notes and black market stuff. June says she knows it’s dangerous but she can handle herself. Alison asks if she was in the military or something! LOL! June says, no – were you? Alison says she was a high school chemistry teacher. I loved June calling her Breaking Bad! It’s decided that Cora isn’t going. Beth and June – dressed as a Martha take her.

June finds it strange to be invisible. Her voiceover tells us that they chose red for Handmaids because it’s easy to see – like blood on snow. There’s a nerve wracking moment when a woman in front of June is hauled away for her pass not being up to date. Beth tells Alison to wait – someone will come for her. She doesn’t want to wait alone. We also get a taste of the rote speech of the Marthas. Beth says “God bless our labors” and Alison responds “Through work we’re cleansed.”

Beth apologizes for the blowjob remark. She tells June she was at Jezebel’s and knew Moira. June tells her that Moira got out too – and Beth tells her that Alison is going deeper in. As a chemistry teacher, she knows how to build bombs! June says, like Ofglen – and suddenly the penny drops. June points out you don’t know what you’re capable of…

Emily is sitting alone in a park rather than go in to have dinner, but she does eventually go. Luke is busy getting drunk and obnoxious while Moira and Erin try to put Emily at ease. She tells them that the fish is great as it turns out she has high cholesterol – all the meat and butter in the Gilead diet. The three women commiserate that you had to eat what they gave you. Luke starts talking about June liking fish – and meatless Mondays. Moira points out that it was pretty pushy – June set the menu and then he had to cook it. Luke turns the conversation to Emily’s wife – and Emily shuts down as Moira tells Luke to shut up.

Emily apologizes and Moira tells her not to – it’s all Luke. She explains that he looks at her and sees June. He’s afraid that June wouldn’t call him. Emily is adamant that June would call – she’s a lot stronger than she is. Moira still doesn’t realize how strong June is now. Emily confesses that she can’t. Moira tells her that she’s right to be afraid – not all reunions are happily ever after. She’s really not very comforting at all!

June is happy that Beth and Cora let her help clean up, but they are interrupted when Alison returns with a Martha (Seema Doad) who’s been shot by Guardians. June, Cora, and Beth usher them into the basement. Lawrence calls for Beth and Cora, and June and Cora come up. Lawrence asks who’s in the basement. Cora says it was just Beth, she saw a rat. Lawrence calls her on lying – and points out that’s twice. Once again, June tells him the truth. He tells her to get them out just as Guardians appear at the door.

June sees a bloody handprint on the wall and tries to clean it off. Eleanor suddenly appears and takes charge, offering the Guardians a hot drink and ushering them into the parlor. She asks Cora to help her. She sees June trying to clean the wall and tells Cora to do it – and June to go – and help the injured. The hurt Martha is terrified she is going to die but is making too much noise. Beth wants to tell the Guardians – they can get an ambulance. They can lie and say they just took her in out of charity. June points out that if the Guardians get her, she’ll expose the entire network and they’ll kill her anyway.

Guardians can be seen sweeping lights, and June tells the hurt woman to be quiet, pulling her to the floor. Alison knows where to go next, and they send her on her way, but the hurt Martha dies. Beth tells her that this is why they don’t move people. Lawrence comes down to the basement. He sends Beth to see to Mrs Lawrence and he tells June, “I was wrong. It’s not your funeral after all. Do you even know who she was?” He tells her that women like her are like children – taking too much. He becomes furious when June asks after Mrs Lawrence. He says it was a mistake. June thinks he means letting her help Alison, but he tells her taking her in was the mistake. He then tells her to clean it up. We shouldn’t forget that he was the architect of the colonies. Does he respect women? It’s hard to tell yet.

June wraps the body and struggles to lift it. Beth finally arrives and helps her carry it outside. Lawrence calls Beth back inside. June digs the grave, using her hands at first. At one point, June rests and throws back her head. Her open eyes mirror the fixed stare of the corpse when the shroud falls away from her face. When she is done, June prays over the grave, hands clasped and eyes shut at first.

June is in the bath when Beth brings her some things for her hands. She tells her that Lawrence sent Cora away – she’s not sure where. He doesn’t like liars.

Back in Toronto, the baby wakes Luke up, and he’s finally ready to start helping and getting to know her. He offers to get her bottle. Moira comes out to help too. Luke remarks that Moira always has her shit together. Moira points out that they are all fucked up. She remembers when Hannah was that small. Luke remarks that June went back to save Hannah – because he couldn’t. Moira tells him that June had another job in mind for him – to keep this baby safe.

The next day, June finds Eleanor planting flowers over the grave. She’s helping to cover it up. An unexpected ally? Ofmatthew tells June that Alison got away. She is disgusted – Alison had a home and purpose – they should take an eye when they catch her! Maybe her ears too. I loved how June shut her up this time. She asks if Ofmatthew heard that Ofjohn died. Of course she had. June goes on to explain – Ofjohn’s walking partner snapped and pushed her in front of a bus! Just as a bus whizzes by!!!!

Emily is at the optometrists and undergoing the basic exam when you have to make all those impossibly close choices! Her is something so very ordinary when you have to read! She is overwhelmed at first. Finally, when she comes out of the office, she makes the call. Sylvia (Clea DuVall) is driving and immediately stops to take the call – obliviously blocking traffic!

This was another great episode. I really like that they are showing the “after” part that Moira points out no one really talks about. It’s like veterans coming back from the war. How does that reentry go? But we are also getting more of the front lines with June. Bradley Whitford is a terrific addition to the regular cast - and he has terrific chemistry with Moss. As I recall, they had few if any scenes together in The West Wing, so it's great to see them so closely situated here. It’s nice to have Kristen Gutoskie back, as I really wanted to know more about her character. I also hope will still see more of the characters we’ve left behind too. They’ve made Lawrence and his wife quite ambiguous, so I’ll be intrigued to see how they turn out. What do you think? Are they good or bad? Will they help June or ultimately be her downfall? And what about Aunt Lydia? Has she finally lost it? What did you think of the episodes? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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