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Good Trouble - Torn - Review + POLL

This week on Good Trouble:
Callie is struggling with her career and love life and decisions that she has to make regarding both. We see her interview at other companies that are looking to do good and change the world, which is what Callie has wanted to do all along. We are led to believe that Callie lost her job but we find out in the end that she actually quit. She also finds out that she did not pass the bar, and that is when she calls Jamie who shows up to comfort her.

Mariana had a dream that she kissed Evan at work, and that is something that continues to haunt her throughout the episode. However, she and Raj does hook up at work when they think that nobody is there but Evan does see them, so that’s probably going to cause a lot of problems for Mariana.

Malika is taking a break from activism after she broke into Judge Wilson’s office and yelled at him. She does however find an old letter from her dad who used to be in prison, so I’m sure that’s going to be a big deal in the upcoming episodes. We do get to see her meet her dad at the end of the episode. We also meet Elijah in this episode, which is Gael’s ex-boyfriend that he told Callie about in the first season.

Davia is making sure that Dennis is feeling alright by taking him exercising, meditating and having him eat better so that he won’t start feeling sad again. She tries to get him to go to a counseling meeting but he doesn’t go so Davia gets upset and yells at him. Davia also hasn’t officially broken up with Jeff yet but her feelings has changed. She tells him that she doesn’t want to move back home and he says that he can move to LA to be with her.
Favorite character:
I think Davia in this episode. I just really like how she’s there for Dennis and trying to make sure that he’s not alone. She really cares about him and it’s heartwarming to see how she’s really trying to make sure he is alright. I still don’t like Jeff and I just wish she could tell him that she didn’t want to be with him because I do think that her feelings for Dennis are growing by the hour.

Favorite scene:
I really liked the bathroom scene with Callie, Davia and Mariana. I’m all for the girl talk moments so I really appreciate when we get to see the girls at the Coterie hang out and give each other advice. I also liked the last scene of the episode when Jamie showed up to comfort Callie when she found out that she didn’t pass the bar. I just think Jamie is such a great guy and honestly, right now, I don’t think Callie deserves a guy like him but I also kind of understand all the drama since the girls are all in their twenties and it’s difficult to know what you want at that age.

Favorite quotes:
Davia to Dennis: “It’s so messed up to think that your life only matters to you”
Callie to Judge Wilson: “I’m not interested in interpreting the law, I want to work to change it and make it better now, not nine months from now”

What did you think about this episode of Good Trouble? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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