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Good Trouble - Percussions - Review + POLL

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Season 2 of Good Trouble is here and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of drama to enjoy during this upcoming weeks. This review will be kind of short because life has been crazy and I honestly haven’t had time to do a proper review but I hope you enjoy it anyways.

This week on Good Trouble:
Honestly, so much happened in this episode that I had trouble keeping up. Mariana is still struggling at work even though she got her app greenlit, now people at work are being mean to her because they think that she didn’t deserve it and that she has a thing with Evan. She also kind of freaked out after sleeping with Raj because he is uncircumcised so she texts the girls at the Coterie and they have a “hypothetical” text conversation about it.

Alice is practicing stand-up and talked about how she came out to her parents and that they are okay with her being gay, but not too gay. She does make a video to Joey where she is basically walking around Downtown LA and telling people that she is out and proud, and that she wants another chance.

Dennis hasn’t told anyone about what happened with him or his son except for Davia and he wants to keep it that way. I’m really glad that Davia is there for Dennis because he really needs to talk to someone about his feelings and his hurt.

Jamie told Callie that he loved her in this episode and Gael eventually told Callie that he doesn’t want to be someone that she goes to just to forget, or when things are hard. Other than her usual boy troubles, the Jamal Thompson case is continuing to affect Callie in so many different ways, especially when it comes to what she wants in her career. We also see at the end of the episode that Malika took Callie’s security clearance card to go confront Judge Wilson after the verdict in the Jamal Thompson case.

Favorite character:
Honestly, Dennis. Because I just think that his story is so powerful and important to tell right now. The scene where he bangs the drum repeatedly and just loses it. I felt that so much and it was just such a powerful scene and I think that Dennis is such an interesting character.

Favorite scene:
I laughed so hard when Jamie walked in after Raj had left the room and Mariana’s comment about his penis. It was so awkward and funny at the same time. I also really enjoyed the group text that the girls at the Coterie sent when Mariana was asking for advice, and how Alice just left the conversation. That was hilarious to me.

What did you think about the season 2 premiere of Good Trouble? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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