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A Million Little Things - Season 2 - Christina Ochoa Teases Return

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Thanks to Michael for the heads up.

Christina Ochoa guested on Popcorn Talk Network's I Could Never Be, hosted by Michael Clouse, and teased her character's return for Season 2 of A Million Little things, and revealed what she wants from Ashley moving forward.

Ochoa teases return & reveals what she wants from her character in Season 2

"We're working on it. We're trying to figure out, um, you know, when, how, if she's coming back. The, the writers have these incredible ideas um, about ways that it could, she's, she's the curveball. Like, she's something that is unexpected that can come in and just wreck havoc on, on some of the storylines there. She still holds a lot of secrets about Jon and about everybody else. Um, and, she's, she's kind of that element that can just come in anytime so we're trying to, I think, uh, figure it out...I would like for Ashley to have some moments where we get to see her motivations and we get to explore that within relationships that don't revolve around just, um, her and Jon. Cause that's really where you got to see a little bit of her character. Um, and so, for me, I think obviously I, I justify all of her actions and I think a lot of them haven't been justified on the show so there's a lot of questions as to why she did what she did still, and um, what she knows, and why is she hiding it. Um, I would like to explore a little bit of that and, and maybe even some of those things that aren't so PC to talk about, and why she's keeping these secrets, and why is she so dark and mysterious and constantly doing these weird things. Um, so I would like to explore that just as an actor, I, I think it's fascinating."

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