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Whiskey Cavalier - Two of a Kind - Review: Operation Win Whiskey Cavalier Back

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Whiskey Cavalier may have been cancelled, but not all hope is lost. It’s fairly common to hear of shows being shopped around after cancellation, and while pick-ups aren’t common, they do happen. Whiskey Cavalier doesn’t have the years or fanbase behind it quite like Lucifer and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but if the fanbase it does have gets loud enough, miracles can happen. Look at Timeless. The fanbase wasn’t huge back when it was first cancelled in 2017, but the fans were loud and NBC reversed its decision. With one last episode remaining, airing Wednesday May 22nd, it’s up to the fans to get loud. Lucifer and SaveLucifer trending during the show’s FOX finale led to Netflix taking notice. Twitter has impact. Use it. Get yourself an account if you don’t already have one, and join in on the tweetstorm as the finale airs next week.

Some other ways to get involved:

@CavalierWhiskey on twitter is asking for fans to send in pictures or videos about why they want a season two:

While @WinkieVirus has a shot glass campaign:

And, as with all good cancellation campaigns, there’s a petition - although these have limited impact.

If you wish to help #SaveWhiskeyCavalier, add your voice to the campaign, either via tweet, shot glass, petition, or all of the above. You never know who might be listening.

Diving now into this week’s episode, Two of a Kind allows for epic Frankie growth - and Ray really listens for once (while giving some fantastic advice).
From the cold open we see how much Frankie has changed since the earlier episodes. Concerned about Will after hearing shots, she knocks her suspect out with a skateboard and then goes to check on Will. During this, her suspect gets away, annoying Frankie. What’s fun about this open is its bookended by the final scene and the contrast of opening scene Frankie to end scene Frankie is one of the joys of this show.

(And both she and Will totally rode the Ferris Wheel with the suspect, and you can’t convince me otherwise.)

The mission: Teens are over-dosing on opioids. After Frankie’s parents died, she was taken in by a family friend who became like a second mother to her. This woman, Kelly, is married to a big player in the cartel (although it’s a while before we find out just how big Daniel’s role really is).

Frankie opens up a little to Will in the car, and we gain insight into why Frankie became who she did. It was Kelly who played a big role in shaping her.
After meeting Kelly we learn how Frankie helped change her in return. This isn’t the same Kelly who raised Frankie after her parents’ death. This is someone who wanted more because of her time with Frankie. Because Frankie avoids making connections with people, out of fear of losing someone she loves, she won’t have had anyone tell her recently how much her presence meant to them. Frankie’s journey has been one of the brightest arcs on network TV this year. ABC just made my weekly viewing a little darker.

Meanwhile, back at The Dead Drop, Standish and Jai have learned Susan wrote psych evaluations on every member of the team, so naturally they have a need to read them.
Welcome to Jai’s secret lair. Via the basin in the bathroom a hidden doorway reveals Jai’s bat cave. In it are exploding glasses, exploding nail clippers, exploding, well, everything. He’s far too gleeful about this. And Standish shares that glee.
The glee begins to fade as the boys hack into the files and read their psych evals.
Hurt by what they’ve read, they throw Susan’s words back at her, and it takes Ray, of all people, to point out how they’re jeopardizing their friendship with Susan. He’s worked so hard to get Will’s friendship back he can’t understand why they would work so hard to lose a friend. The boys listen to Ray (who listens in return to some advice Standish gives him about Will) and they introduce Susan to their lair.
No one, except Standish and Jai, is surprised by the revelation Susan’s known about the existence of the lair for months.
Susan is the actual best. Come on, ABC. How can you take characters like Susan from us? Not cool.

Most shows do the flirty teaching someone how to fire a gun scene. Whiskey Cavalier has characters perfectly capable of holding a gun. So, instead, we get Will teaching Frankie how to hold a tennis racket. It’s all touching and love eyeballs and completely cute. Something else ABC is taking from us.

Daniel plays the innocent player well, and Frankie buys his act, but through a chemist tricked with “truth serum” (saline), the team learns Daniel is the head honcho of the cartel. After convincing Kelly to help them, Frankie and Will arrest Daniel, and it’s during this scene that Frankie initiates a hug with Kelly. Not even when she was shot has Frankie ever looked that scared, or that relieved, or shown that much emotion in general. It makes this episode an important one heading into the finale. An important step in her partnership/relationship with Will.
My heart is heavy we won’t get to see this lovely Friskey relationship evolve further. ABC teased us with this adorable duo, and now they’ve taken it away.

Season one of Whiskey Cavalier hasn’t had a bad episode. Each episode has mixed the fun with the drama (sometimes the utter devastation and darkness) and given us an abundance of tropey scenes. Two of a Kind was no exception, and its safe to say the finale next Wednesday won’t disappoint. Absolutely no one would judge you, ABC, if you changed your mind and uncancelled this fun show. Mistakes happen. It’s okay to grow from this (like our Whiskey Cavalier characters have grown this season) and fix this mistake.

So, with just one more episode for Will to get a hug from Frankie, do you think we’ll see it? (and if not, can I add that as a perfectly valid reason why this show needs a second season?)

Catch the season finale on Wednesday, May 22nd, at 10/9c on ABC. Come be loud with us on social media and help #SaveWhiskeyCavalier.

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