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The CW-Netflix Deal Not Being Renewed

When the first output deal between Netflix and CW parents CBS and Warner Bros was announced in 2011, it was hailed as groundbreaking and, with its $1 billion windfall, a lifeline that may have helped save the then money-losing upstart network. The pact, re-uped by both sides in 2016 with some modifications, was up again this spring, and I hear it is not being renewed.

I hear the three new CW series — Batwoman, Nancy Drew and Riverdale spinoff Katy Keen — are being shopped for streaming deals individually by their respective studios. Batwoman, part of the DC Arrowverse on the CW, is solely owned by Warner Bros TV, and Nancy Drew by CBS TV Studios, Katy Keen is produced and distributed by WBTV, with financial participation of CBS Studios under the companies’ joint-venture agreement to co-produce CW series not based on owned IP.

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