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The Big Bang Theory - The Maternal Conclusion - Review

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I don’t know about you people but I’m always especially excited when Momma Hofsteder drops by for a visit. This time around Leonard is less annoyed or hurt by his mother’s behavior, instead, he is utterly confused. She is almost nice to him. Still rather cold but friendlier. She actually shows interest in his work and voices the wish to spend time with him without being interrupted by Sheldon. Leonard is surprised about her sudden change of attitude but welcomes it. He has waited for his mother’s approval ever since the day he was born. It looks like now he is finally getting it. However, that illusion only lasts for a very short time when Leonard realizes that his mother was not showing interest in his work because she really cared. She was conducting research on how different parent strategies affect her child. None of what she said or did was real, it was all about science. Again. Leonard is hurt, gutted really. He decides that he is done. He gives up. There is nothing he can do to impress her, to ever make her show affection for him. He comes to the conclusion that the only way this won't upset him for the rest of his life is when he simply accepts his mother the way she is. He has to lower his expectations and he has to forgive her. It is the mature thing to do. And it is the only way that will allow him to move on. So that is what he does. He tells her he forgives her for everything she has done, or rather for everything she has not done. And suddenly, there is a reaction from Beverly. Reluctantly, she admits that it feels good to know that she has his forgiveness. She seems relieved. All this time she was aware that she was not a very good mother to him. She needed his forgiveness just as much as Leonard needed to forgive her. She thanks her son then approaches him and actually gives him a hug. It is awkward at first as Leonard is not reacting but after a few seconds pass he throws his arms around her and returns the hug eagerly. Beverly appears to even have shed a few tears. Or was that just me?

I did not know I needed a scene like this one before I saw this episode but now I’m very thankful we were rewarded with it. Leonard’s troubled relationship with his mother was addressed regularly throughout the entire show. I did not expect it to ever be resolved, especially not in such a heartwarming, realistic way. Not everything is rainbows and unicorns now but they made a big step towards each other and it leaves us with hope for their future relationship.

After not having had any scenes about Raj’s relationship lately, this episode once again puts some more focus on him and his girlfriend. Anu is in London at a concierge conference and gets offered a management position in the UK. It does not seem to be a topic that is even up for discussion. It is clear that Anu will accept the offer. Raj knows it is her dream job, he would never ask her to turn down the position. If he wants to continue their relationship his only option is to go with her. His plan is to propose to her and if she says “yes” he will move to the UK to be with her. Howard and Bernadette believe it to be a stupid idea. However, they do not say it out loud until it is almost too late. Right before Raj is supposed to get on a plane to London, Bernie urges Howard to go and get his best friend back. Howie springs into action and rushes to the airport. He even buys a ticket to pass security as Raj is already waiting at the gate for boarding. When Howard sees him, he screams his name dramatically, just like it happens in all of Raj’s favorite movies. Howard tells him that if he really feels like he cannot spend another minute away from Anu then he should go. But if he does not feel head over heels in love with her he should stay here in California with the people who really love him. Raj believes Anu is the only chance he has at ever getting married and having a family, so he is reluctant to stay but Howard reminds him of just how different he and Anu are.

Howard: When you propose to someone in Notting Hill it should be someone who knows what that movie is.“

Anu has no idea there even is a movie called “Notting Hill” ergo she is clearly not right for Raj.

Raj: “Are you saying you are just a boy standing in front of another boy telling him not to leave?“

It is exactly what Howard is doing. And because all of this is still missing the cherry on top, the guys declare their platonic love for each other. Finally, Raj got his very own rom-com moment!

Unlike most other episodes, this one consisted of a 3rd storyline which revolved around Stuart and his girlfriend Denise. The two of them are spending almost every night at Howard’s and Bernadette’s place which is starting to annoy the married couple. They would hang out at Denise's place more often but she has a very creepy roommate they want to avoid. After spending an uncomfortable night at the comic book store, Howard and Denise decide that it is time to take the next step. They want to move in together. It really is amazing how far Stuart has come in the last few years. The unhappiest character of the show found some happiness after all.

In this episode, it was really noticeable that the show is about to come to an end. This vibe was not quite detectable yet in last week's episode.

How did you like the episode? Less than a week to go before the show concludes with two final episodes. What do you think is going to happen?

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