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Quote of the Week - Week of April 28

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

The 100 -
1. Miller: "Anyone got anything better than ‘We're back, bitches?’ " (Milo)
2. Murphy: "Hello. Invaders from Earth!" (Milo)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine:
1. Gina: “I have an idea for a second book. It's a memoir and it's made of memes, so it's called a meme-oir.” (Sam)
2. Amy: “You know, you can't spell independent without dependent.” Rosa Diaz: “And you can't spell go ---- yourself without ---- you.” (Sam)
3. Gina: “Jake.” Jake: “I told you, I only talk to my friends.” Gina: “No, Jake, I think I just got stabbed by that guy.” Jake: “Oh, yeah you did. You definitely did.” (Sam)

The Cool Kids -
1. Charlie: “Well, there is one other option.” Hank: “Dine and dash?” Charlie: “At our age, it’s more gobble and hobble, but yes.”
2. Margaret: “Here’s the deal, Hank. Reggie has more money than you do. Reggie will always have more money than you do, and he will be better looking and he will be more charming.” Hank: “Get to the point.” Margaret: “You can’t control all of that. What you can control is your relationship with your son, so stop moping and go talk to him.”
3. Margaret: “And Charlie, it’s time to stop lying. We love you. You don’t have to keep making up these crazy stories about your fake past.”

Game of Thrones -
1. Melisandre: "What do we say to the god of death?" Arya: "Not today." (Milo)
2. Bran: "Theon. You're a good man. Thank you." (Milo)
3. Jon: “The Night King is coming.” (Shirleena)
4. Daenerys: “The Dead are already here.” (Shirleena)

1. Rodgers: “Arkady, the team will do their best to bring Anna in safely.” Arkady: “I lost her once before, my Anna. We had terrible fight. She was always stubborn girl - proud, fierce, just like her grandmother. She was hard woman, my mother. Had to be. But she had a light to her, a kindness. What little good I have in me, I got from her. The day Anna was born, I felt that same light again. So when I lost her, I lost part of myself - the best part. I cannot lose her again.”
2. Arkady: “Okay fine, go. But you think that mouse can stop this bull?” Rodgers: “Arkady Kolcheck, you will remain in this boatshed until I see fit to release you. If you attempt to leave, I may begin to wonder why an upstanding American citizen like yourself knows so much about the inner workings of Russian intelligence.” Arkady: “My life is open book. Do your worse, Mr. Rodgers.” (Kensi handcuffs him to a beam.) Rodgers: “Thank you, Agent Bly.” Kensi: “You’re welcome.” Arkady: “Don’t let them hurt my Anna.” Deeks: “We’ll do everything we can.” Rodgers to Arkady: “Not bad for a mouse.”
3. Arkady about Rodgers: “He may be bloodsucking lawyer, but this one is alright.” Sam: “I’m glad you two found each other.”

1. Sebastian: “We can’t stop chaos, but, a friend of mine told me that we can...uh, at least find some order in it.”
2. Pride: “Doctor says you have brain swelling. You need to rest.” Sebastian: “I can still work.” Gregorio: “I will kick your a** and leave scars if you even try to make a move out of the bed.” Sebastian: “I think I’m gonna stay.” Pride: “I think it’s a good choice.”
3. Gregorio: “If you’re looking for sympathy, I’m already playing nursemaid.”

Single Parents -
1. Barb to Douglas: “You don’t know what to do with two little girls.” Angie: “They’re not little girls. They’re demented maniacs, who happen to be awesome because they’ve got a dad who lets them be exactly who they want to be.” Barb: “Day laborers?”
2. Poppy: “Hold up. Are you trying to get your ex-wife to host your wedding? Okay, that’s a freakish level of confidence, even for you.”
3. Douglas: “Look, I’m not the same selfish 54-year-old boy that you once knew. I’ve learned a lot of parent things. I know how to do a high ponytail. I’ve seen multiple movies about trolls. I know what temperature my oven has to be for chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, and chicken fries.”

Whiskey Cavalier -
1. Jai: “Standish, there were so many people at Emma’s funeral. It just got me thinking. When I die, will anyone turn up?” Edgar: “I would...so at least there’d be 2 of us. That’s if Frankie doesn’t have anything better to do….I’m kidding. Look, you’ve got a family here, man. We love you.” Jai: “Thank you.” Edgar: “And I’ll even bring Tina, if we’re still dating.” Jai: “So I might have to die in the next few months.”
2. Frankie to Will, after he stabs a guy to get answers: “For the record, I love this version of you.”
3. Frankie: “Will, you’re right about me. I’ve lived most of my life consumed by revenge. It’s who I was, who I still am sometimes. I can’t judge you, but I can say this. The only thing that got me out of that deep,dark rabbit hole is you. Your kindness, your decency...honestly, they’re the worst.” Susan: “Where are we going with this?” Frankie: “Still, as annoying as you are, you’ve rubbed off on me and I’m grateful. And I know that you think that pulling that trigger is gonna give you payback, but it’s just gonna cost you everything.”

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