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Mom - Triple Dip and an Overhead Grip - Review: "Never Snitch on the Family"

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Bonnie and Tammy find themselves revisiting their past this week. And their past is a little bit surprising.

The girls are at the bistro when Tammy and Marjorie come in from visiting the prison, where Tammy made amends to some of her former cellmates, with the exception of the two that died. (One natural causes. One shanked in the yard...Man I do not miss those volleyball games!") Tammy thinks her next step is apologizing to her and Bonnie's former foster parents. She asks Bonnie how it went when she made amends with them, and despite a not-very-convincing-lie, it comes out that she actually never did. Tammy invites her to go with her so they can both make amends and with lots of pressure from the rest of the group, Bonnie agrees.

The girls go to the home of their former foster parents. Mr. Dickinson has passed, but Mrs. Dickinson is still alive, and she remembers them instantly. ("You're the tallest girls I ever saw!") She invites them in and they both make amends. Soon enough, she's making hot chocolate and showing them their old room, just like it was 40 years ago! And just like 40 years ago, Bonnie senses that Tammy is still by far her favorite. Tammy tells her that that fact that they made amends and she accepted is all that matters, even if Bonnie isn't getting the warm fuzzies from her. But, Bonnie, per usual, has a hard time keeping her mouth shut, and soon enough she's confronting Ms. Dickinson about never liking her as much as Tammy.

Ms. Dickinson sits her down and tells her that she may have given Tammy extra attention because she came from such a horrible situation. When Bonnie laments that she did too, Ms. Dickinson accidentally drops quite the revelation. "But your father didn't kill your mother," she says. Bonnie's floored to find out about Tammy's past, which Ms. Dickinson thought she knew about. Ms. Dickinson apologizes for being so busy trying to watch out for Tammy that she didn't get to pay Bonnie nearly as much attention. She admits that the combination of needing to be there for Tammy and Bonnie's reluctance to let her in caused her to just kind of give up on bonding with her. Bonnie admits that by the time she got to the Dickinson's, she'd been through so many foster homes that she had the same negative opinion about all of them, even if, like the Dickinson's, it was unwarranted. Ms. Dickinson finally tells Bonnie how proud she is of her, a statement 40 years in the making!

While Bonnie and Tammy revisit the past, Christy and Jill look toward the future, when two guys from their AA group invite them out to coffee. Christy accepts for the both of the girls, and Jill reluctantly goes along. However, when they get to the diner, the guys are nowhere in sight. Wondering if they've been stood up, Christy and Jill decide to pig out and order the messy foods on the menu!

After pigging out, Jill and Christy decide to catch a movie, and go to leave the diner, when their "dates" finally arrive. Apparently, they were having car trouble. The two are forced to endure a terrible 27-minute double date until Jill fakes a migraine and they bail. As they speed down the road on the way to the movie, they talk about their past relationships and Jill confesses how much she misses Andy. Soon enough, the speeding catches up with them and they're getting pulled over. And who is it that's pulling them over? Andy!

As Andy gets ready to write Christy a ticket, he and Jill awkwardly make small talk. Taking a play out of Jill's book, Christy suddenly "gets a migraine" and steps out of the car for some "fresh air," leaving the two of them alone to talk. They both admit how much they miss each other and Andy tells Jill that his divorce messed him up so bad that he was just looking for the first excuse to "pull the rip cord." They agree they both messed up and with some urging from Christy (who's now commandeered the patrol car loudspeaker) - they kiss and start again!

On the way back from the Dickinson's, Bonnie tells Tammy that she'll always be there for her if she needs to talk and Tammy figures out that Bonnie knows about her parents. Tammy says she doesn't really want to talk about it, but she does begin to tell Bonnie about her mom.

Random Thoughts:
-Christy at the beginning with the ice cream sundae is me every-time you put chocolate in front of me. I feel ya sister!

-Christy sleeping with her "date" at the end was pretty funny. Desperate times, ya'll.

-Best lines go to Claire when talking about a teenage Bonnie - "The only thing you ever made me was crazy." and Jill and Christy talking about their dates - "Screw those guys, right?" "Not even if I was still drinking!"

Were you surprised to learn more of both Tammy and Bonnie's backstory? Let me know below!

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