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For The People - You Belong Here - Review: Knox It Out Of The Park

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"Role models are not perfect."

In this episode, Jay gets a federal drug case where he needs the client to flip on someone else from the prison, and he’s clearly trying to get his own self-esteem up, but it’s more funny than effective. And things only get worse when another inmate, Randy Stanton (José Zúñiga – Madam Secretary, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), is trying to “steal” his case by offering legal advice. In the end, the guy actually manages to help, and I’m sure it’s not the last time we’ll see him.

Ted and Sandra flirt a little and they decide to box together, but when he starts to make his intent on seeing her outside of work clear, she says her work is her life, and she’s choosing boxing as her ONLY distraction because clearing her head actually makes her better at her job, so he gets the message, it’s not personal but nothing’s gonna happen there, yet. We know something will probably happen eventually but I like this as a way to stretch it out and maybe let them get to know each other as friends before anything else happens.

The biggest story is definitely Leonard’s, who gets a case against a billionaire in real-estate, Isaiah West, defended by Philip Kaws (Obba Babatundé – S.W.A.T., Dear White People) a cunning and charming lawyer that’s actually been a role model to him. But after he makes him look like a fool more than once, Leonard decides to put his admiration aside.

Kaws tries to bury him in motions and they wear him out, but when that doesn’t work he manages to get inside his head by suggesting he was only chosen as prosecutor because of the color of his skin, and I have to say I did not take Leonard as someone who would be surprised or visibly offended by this. And the U.S. Attorney, Douglas Delap, sure pulls no punches when he tells him exactly that, that it’s the way life and politics work, that no matter how talented he is, the color of his skin will affect the perception of others and his chances in life, for better or worse.

After that, he opens up to Kate in which we knew was going to be one of the best scenes, and he says he’s sick and tired of feeling like he doesn’t belong, like he’s never going to be treated in the same way as a white man, and yet he’s not “black enough” because of his upbringing. By the end of the episode, Kate tells him something I’m sure many were already thinking and it’s that he actually belongs where he is right now, even if what Delap said remains true.

After that, he truly goes for it and not only he gives a winning and kick ass closing argument, but he manages to tear Kaws a new one when he brings up his past record and takes advantage of the fact he’s been an admirer for years to show just how well he actually knows him and his flaws, something that clearly hits him hard. I’m so glad we’re getting to see more of Leonard and though Kate was very good at just being there for him, I have to say I missed their interactions: But the truth is Susannah Flood always manages to steal every scene she’s in, so I did appreciate her taking a step back to let Regé-Jean Page shine, which he definitely did.

What did you think about this episode? Let me know in the comments.

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