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For The People - The Boxer - Review: Family

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"Stop playing by the rules."

This episode was a bit slow, it did give the characters the chance to develop a bit more which is something I would be fully on board with if I didn't feel like there's some change in the writers' room that is trying to send them on different paths without really showing us why the character would do such a thing. The main thing here is that now Sandra knows about Jill and Roger and I wonder how that will play out.

efense attorneys are underwater with a flu outbreak; Sandra gets what looks like a minor case of a Braden Walsh fishing at a reservation but when a federal wildlife officer is reported missing, Sandra got a clue from the guy about where the officer might be and she’s not sure if she should turn it over and betray her client, but she has a conversation with Kate and she gives her the map.

They eventually find the body but now there’s the question of whether the amount of time Sandra waited could’ve made the difference. But apparently, Sandra’s biggest concern is about her turning on her client. She says she’s loyal, it’s her own identity, that she’d never betray anyone, no matter what they do, which kinda seems a bit off character for her, yes, she's loyal to Allison in that way, but she's always the moral compass in most rooms, I feel like the writers are losing sight of who the characters are lately, not only here but with Leonard in the last episode as well.

Speaking of which, Allison goes to talk her down but all she ends up saying is she’ll see her home. I have to say I love they’re developing Sandra’s relationship with Ted and Kate but I feel like they’ve forgotten a little about her relationship with Allison which was pretty much the heart of the show at first, I wonder what’s up with that.

Seth takes a brick of cocaine from evidence by mistake and it gets stolen, but just when he’s about to turn himself in the guy who doesn’t want the trouble it would cause brings it back, this feels like a dumb storyline but it was good to build their friendship some more, so that’s cool.

What did you think about this episode? Let me know in the comments.

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