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Charmed - The Source Awakens - Review: "Sisterhood No Matter What" + Season 1 Thoughts

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And after this episode they say they wanna focus more on the supernatural elements in season 2? And less on the sisterly bond? That is nonsense my dear felow witches. Vanessa Parise directed the episode written by Amy Rardin. Carey Covington and Jessica O`Toole

What a finale! Emotional, action-packed and with some funny and interesting twists, Charmed wrapped its first season run in a spectacular manner. I am raving about Madeliene Mantock for weeks now and I can`t describe how much her portrayal of Macy Vaughn impressed me during this first season run. Her struggle felt real, relatable, her infatuation with power scary and unstoppable, her good core visible even in her darkest and most desperate hour. All around a great character arc resulting in acceptance. The Source feeding on Macy`s insecurity and trying to take over while she was in an emotional limbo was executed well. The Source made her cocky and condescending, feeling she wasn`t able to make mistakes and dismantling her sisters one by one.

The downward spiral continued as Macy`s only way out was creating the alternate realities. I loved seeing Marisol back with girls interacting and giving them the emotional support all three of the longed for. When I saw the promotional pics I thought they may bring Marisol`s ghost to help them fight against Flame Source Macy. I do hope that may happen down the road, but I was happy with what we`ve got from Marisol in this outing. She was the powerful matriarch the girls needed her to be and guide them through this hour of pain.

The alternate realities felt reminiscent of the original shows season 1 finale with all those timeline changes due Tempus` interference. Maggie and Mel going the extra mile for Macy and not wanting to leave despite the possibility of dying from Macy`s uncontrollable powers really moving. As the sisters echoed the "No matter what" little tears formed in the corner of my eyes. They`ve really come a long way since the show premiered 8 months ago.

Once again I have to give a big kudos to the bts team, many Big 4 Network shows would envy the quality of CGI they pulled of during this ep and the show's freshman run in general. Not sure who is managing their funds but they are doing a marvelous job.

Towards the end, Maggie and Mel were saying goodbye to their loved ones and I do hope they will stick with this decision. Both of them need to start from ground zero and it should work well for both of their characters to get some none Love Interest development. Mel`s self-reflection and admission that she did it all wrong in regards to Niko wasn`t the major breakthrough I wanted it to be, still, it was a good enough moment.

Maggie and Parker`s goodbye was a lot more emotional. And Sarah Jeffery really brought it in the scene. Maggie falling for Parker was something I never doubted but let us not start season 2 with a halo of angst over our heads, completely unnecessary.

One little illogical moment was when Macy still knew about reading Harry`s thoughts. The sisters went slightly back in time and that moment actually didn`t happen in the actual timeline the sisters live now. Harry yes, he would know it cause he traveled along but Macy shouldn`t. Still, I am happy that we`ve got a hint at Marry/Hacy their chemistry is just wow.

The episode ended with the sisters embarking on a new journey as the Charmed one was appointed to lead the magical community. As Macy closed the door on this season with a blink of an eye I realized how happy I am we`ve got this new take on my favorite witches, The Charmed Ones.

Season 1 Thoughts
After a slightly rocky start and a slightly forced Pilot, Charmed emerged as a quite the quality program. The characters got strong development, the stories were captivating and the writers take on Magic was salacious. The writers had an easier job than the original run though they had an already existing mythology and only needed to work their way through it. And they did a marvelous job. Letting the sisters use more active powers and expand their powers as they needed strong witches to fight the Source, exploiting their weaknesses and turning them into valuable character growth.

My only real negative remark is the lack of bonding between Macy and Mel, their opposite natures made for a tension-filled relationship that needed a bit more work and dedication.

Top 5 Episodes:
5th Place: Jingle Hell (1x09)
4th Place: The Source Awakens (1x22)
3rd Place: Keep Calm And Harry On (1x10)
2nd Place: Red Rain (1x21)
1st Place: Memento Mori (1x16)

After 22 exciting episodes here we are at the end of the road and October seems to freaking far away. What are your thoughts on the Charmed`s season finale and its first season run? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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