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Charmed - Ambush - Review: "The Tied Has Turned"

Marisol:  "As I always said. You are better together. Your weaknesses are your strengths. And nothing is stronger than your sisterhood."
Things heated up quite a bit this week as the Elders were on Hunter`s Wanted list, Macy`s powers started going out of control and an unlikely alliances was formed.

In the best episode of the season so far, a major kudos to the team behind the scenes has to be given. The CGI was impeccable during this outing. From the Elder`s drawing book, over to Macy`s so often demon take over to the ultimate fight against Hunter. Really enjoyed every bit of it, the effects flow well with the episode and enriched the well written and executed episode.

This episode thought us two things we mostly already knew, The Elders are useless and Madeleine Stock is rocking this show. And while I see what the writers wanted to do in this outing with the Elders it was quite the disappointment seeing them go out like flies. Yes, Hunter was a bit overpowered and the Elders are Witches and not Extra charged Whitelighters but it all went down too easily and without enough resistance. I completely wrote of Charity as the last Elder standing, so I was very weird out when Fiona came for her. And while I despise Charity for her actions and being a weak weasel, her being one of the Charmed ones last "allies" might turn around to be a hilarious turn of events. I am still sure Charity will die by protecting Fiona, yet there is some screen time between that and I am excited to see how Charity will weasel herself until that.

Back to the highlight of this episode called Macy The Demon. Madeleine Stock took Macy`s journey to a new level as the Demon in her brought out a badass Bench. The writers did a good job by bringing Demon Macy out each time she was frustrated or felt pressured while she was good Macy when she felt the emotions of the people around her. The tension between the sisters was continuously boiling up as Demon Macy was taking over. Madeleine`s performance was superb, her sisters were scared of her and the emerging distrust and fear were palpable in the air. The confrontation between the sisters was a bit forced, why would Mel in the earth break the needle in front of Macy? It didn`t make much sense yet it lead up to a beautiful scene.

Macy tossed Mel across the room and as she witnesses what she did the love for her sisters prevailed over her Demon inside and made Macy destroy the needle that let her connect to her demon side. The follow up "I Love Yous" were perfectly placed and finally made created the path for a much needed Macy-Mel bonding moment (we all deserved). The sisters opened up to how much they appreciate each other and find similarities in their strengths.

Entering Marisol`s secret chamber with her message made me tear up and feel so much for the girls. Their grief wasn`t much explored during this season but it is very much there and it is what inspires them to fight along.

The Exorcism scene was a phenomenal show of acting and directional skills. Madeleine and Leah were so powerful and weak within those moments. Seeing Fiona actually on her knees desperate was a major surprise but Macy did her bad, really bad. Harry running towards Macy and catching her in his arms made me gasp. Forever my OTP. They are so bound to happen.

The follow-up scene between Fiona and Alistair was deviously intense. You could really feel the energy between those two and them joining forces should be a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, Mel and Maggie finally discovered that Alistair is controlling Lucy and it served up for some lighter scenes and good sisterly moments between the two. Also, the writers made good use of this story to bring Niko into the fold. The makeup scene between Mel and Niko was really lovely. The two really grow on me over this season and their connection is more believable now after seeing all the stuff they went through. The background score, while they were kissing, was perfect, made me blush.

The bliss didn`t last long though as Mel finally owned up to what she did to Niko. She "confessing" that what she did happen without Niko`s consent I didn`t expect. It was said to see how both their hearts broke in that moment but that was long overdue, still, the two of them should be able to patch things up before the season is over.

The episode ended with Harpy making people sick and the sister in a dire situation. With all odds against them and the tied turning to the evil side, the battle for the source will be deadlier than expected.

With Harpy back and only two episodes left a lot of dangerous stuff is about to go down. What are your thoughts on the latest episode? And what are you expecting from the finale two outings? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and discuss the events and the events ahead of us.

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