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Young Sheldon - A Perfect Score and a Bunsen Burner Marshmallow - Review

Apparently, it’s not always a bad thing when you get called into the principal’s office. Who knew!? The principal is actually overjoyed as Sheldon has got a perfect score on his PSATs. No one else in this school has ever managed to get test results that high. Colleges are already interested in recruiting him. This is huge! Sheldon’s happiness over the news does not last long when his mother is outraged that he would even consider going away from home to attend college. The young genius is quick to come up with a possible solution: Dr. Sturgis lives right next to the university. Sheldon could just live with him. Unexpectedly, and the Mary’s horror, Sturgis is actually open to that idea. It takes some serious convincing but Mary eventually agrees to a trial run. Sheldon can stay one night with the Professor and they’ll see how it goes. Mary is crushed when Sheldon does not seem to be nervous about the night away at all, in fact he is unusually excited. His excitement grows once he enters Dr. Sturgis’ apartment. There are chalkboards everywhere, in case inspirations strikes. Sturgis and Sheldon watch Cosmos while having dinner and then roast marshmallows over a Bunsen burner. Sheldon is living the dream.

Back at home, Mary is experiencing a bad case of the empty-nest syndrome. She tries to spend time with Missy and Georgie but they are both busy doing something else. When George gets home she has an actual breakdown. She misses her little boy so much. She saw how excited he was when she dropped him off, he did not even bat an eyelid when she said goodbye. He doesn’t need his momma anymore. George’s attempts to calm her down only make her cry harder.

At some point during the night Sheldon has a nightmare. When the boy screams Sturgis hurries to get to him, stumbles and hits his head. Well-bred as he is, Sheldon fixes the professor a hot beverage. After all, it is what one does when someone else is sick or distressed or hurt. In the process of making tea Sheldon accidently sets the kitchen on fire. Sheldon and Sturgis agree that their little trail run failed.

George picks up Sheldon and brings him back home. When Mary tucks him in the boy promises that he never ever wants to leave again.

How did you all like the episode?

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