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The Good Fight - The One Where Diane Joins the Resistance - Review

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Divorces, and trolls, and drugs, oh my. Steam is picking up on The Good Fight this week in all kinds of ways, with some parts being extra steamy. Read on to find out what happened when Diane joined the resistance.

Roland in the Deep

After being forced by the judge last week to play nice with Maia, Roland drops by Reddick, Boseman, and Lockhart to work with her in her territory. But he is not impressed by it, at all. After kicking out Maia's associate from her office so they can use it, they meet with the new prosecutor on the case. This guy is not to be messed with, especially since his father was screwed over by Roland some time ago, and now this guy is out for blood against Roland. Even after being done with this office, Maia, continuing on her newfound journey to become assertive, decides to fight for the office. Diane and co. give her the standard company line until she reminds them she's working with Roland Blum, forcing them to think about it. When they do, they decide to give her her co-worker's office.

At the trial, Roland pulls out more of his tricks. He lies that the state's attorney sent him anti-semitic things, which the judges just believes for some reason despite its outlandishness. It buys them some more time to work on this case, but the issue is that both of their clients did commit the murder. How do they work around it? By claiming the payoff wasn't for murder, it was sex. Just straight up lie. Maia's on board. Well, she is until Roland doesn't bother showing up to court, too busy being passed out. Maia breaks into Roland's phone, discovering that he was about to make a plea deal for his client with the prosecutor. So Maia steals the plea deal and gets it for her client instead. After coming out of his drug-induced coma, Roland shows up at the firm and yells and screams and destroys things, so Maia yells and screams and destroys things right back at him. He backs down and leaves and Maia thinks she has won. But then Roland gets his cop buddy to frame Maia for holding stolen narcotics. My only surprise here is that Maia is surprised that an outrageous and awful drug addict that has been causing her nothing but problems since they met would do something outrageous and awful.

Liz and Adrian, sitting in a tree, S L E E... Oh, Nevermind

Lucca is doing well in her new role as the head of the marital division that Liz gives her the chance to handle a very personal divorce; her own. She and Ian are getting divorced. While laying out her demands via her prenup, Lucca encourages her to make sure she and her husband are on the same page on all of this, but she seems hesitant to talk to him. Why is she hesitating? Because it looks like her husband, Ian, has no idea that she wants to get a divorce. When she tells him, boy is he not happy. He's so unhappy that he is going for the throat to get everything. His claim is that she's having an affair with Adrian, which would null their prenup. They're going to have to sign affidavits that they didn't.

At the first meeting with the judge, it's revealed that the guy that was gunning for the job Lucca now has last week is representing Ian. And he has a witness, the detective who protected Adrian after he was shot last year, who can prove that Liz and Adrian spent almost a whole night together while Adrian was recovering. It's compelling enough evidence that they have to testify. Lucca doesn't quite believe nothing happened, so she's going to witness prep both of them.

They go into great detail about that night. This basically just ends up showing that although they didn't sleep together, the whole night was still very intimate. They go on the stand and tell the story of that night, which seems to sway the judge to believe they didn't sleep together until Ian's lawyer reveals that the detective, who Ian actually told to spy on Liz and not protect Adrian (And Ian wonders why Liz would want to divorce him), followed her to a drug store and caught her buying a morning-after pill. But it was after sleeping with Ian, not Adrian. She didn't want to have any more kids with him. Adrian takes the stand, and this is where it hits the fan. The payments the firm made to the women Carl Reddick raped are brought into question. Ian's lawyer doesn't know it was for those women, they think it's some kind of embezzlement done in Liz's name. Liz has two options now. She can either ruin the firm's reputation by revealing the truth of those payments or Liz gives in to Ian. She goes for the latter, voiding the prenup.

Troll Farm

Diane went to that group meeting she took a flyer for last time, but she's not as impressed with it as everyone else there. The group meeting is led by a man who doesn't even let Diane ask a question while encouraging men to. So, she's taken outside by another woman from the group who wants to recruit her to a more radical group. She's not uninterested. She goes to a meeting of this much more radical group. The woman, Valerie Peyser, was in the Obama administration. She's mad that the Democrats aren't doing enough to go after Trump. She's got a plan to change that by hurting the Trump support structure.

Later, we get an interesting but random scene between Roland and Diane. It turns out he was friends with Jonas Stern, the former partner of Diane's former law firm. He mocks her over her liberal views and idealism and then asks for a blowjob. She just calls security to get him out of her office, not to like report him for sexual harassment. Again, why is he getting away with these things? Why is no one calling him out? Anyway, this gives her an idea about how to stop the local Trump support base.

This brings us to the other surprise this episode, which is the return of the NSA. They were listening to her phone call with Valerie. It's alarming enough for them to put out a warrant on Valerie. While they're doing that, Diane and the group get the chance to basically put out fake news to cancel out the other fake news. It works and causes a riot. Diane calls Valerie to celebrate, but she doesn't answer. The NSA likely already have her. When she doesn't show up at the next meeting, the other members figure that out, and so the NSA figures it out because they're still listening. Diane asks Jay to look into it. When Jay talks to Diane next, he claims that Valerie is alive and well and a con artist that tricked Diane. In the end, Diane gets or fakes a text from "Valerie" who encourages the group to get to work and plan step two. I'm getting real Remember, Remember the 5th of November vibes here.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Lastly but certainly not least, Marissa figures out Julius is running for a federal judgeship because he's interviewing campaign managers. He hasn't told anyone yet and doesn't want her to. Marissa gives him intel on each of his candidates and she knows enough that he asks Marissa to sit in with his interviews. The biggest shame here is that there is literally no mention of the greatest campaign managers of them all, her father, Eli Gold. But after bad interview after bad interview, he straight up asks Marissa to run his campaign, thereby sort of getting the return of Eli through Marissa. She's becoming her father's daughter and I am here for it.

Other Things

- After two seasons of will they/won't they, Liz and Adrian might be finally going there, but that judge seems to be throwing in a wrench. Do I sense a love triangle brewing or just an obstacle? And are you as excited as I am to maybe see Liz and Adrian get back together?

- Did the NSA agents get to Jay before he talked to Diane? The way he spoke to her was so strange like he was possessed by government shills.

- Speaking of the NSA agents, for my fellow Good Wife fans, is this a welcome sight? Not welcome?

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