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SMILF - Single Mom is Looking (for) Family - Review + POLL

It's here! The season 2 finale, and, well, actual series finale of SMILF is upon us. I assume it was too late in the editing process to change anything about the finale when the news broke, considering how this episode ends, but still. They were clearly hoping for a season 3, so this last episode feels quite open-ended for a series finale (or as much so as this type comedy can, anyway).
Let's delve into this last episode!

10 Shocking, But Not Unexpected Things That Happened on SMILF This Week

1. Rafi trying to kiss Bridgette while he's engaged to a pregnant Nelson
I knew Rafi was kind of a mess, but he seemed like a mostly inoffensive mess most of the times, so this is next level even for him. Both he and Nelson kind of got cold feet about the wedding, Bridgette also has her share of blame since she was coming onto him at the bachelor party, so... While disappointing, this isn't surprising. They can make a cute family sometimes, but you know it'll blow up in a second if they truly got back together. Nelson does deserve better though, I hope she does end up with an athlete/millionaire/world class surgeon, etc.

2. He's also back on drugs. While there have been red flags over the two seasons that he wasn't sober anymore, it's (finally) acknowledged by his close ones during this episode. This could also explain his behavior with Bridgette, but really I just think he self-sabotages more often than not.

3. Drinking syrup from the bottle is DISGUSTING. What the hell are they thinking?! Then again, it's Larry's birthday so if there is a day to drink maple syrup like it's ice tea, it is that day. Go Larry Bird, who is so cute in his little costume I can forgive him for this offense. I'm not quite sure what he's supposed ot be dressed as, but those floppy ears got me. Nelson's dress is super pretty, too.

4. Bridgette has a job! That doesn't involve being on camera for dodgy reasons! It's actually a pretty sweet gig, she works at a bakery, wears a cute-ish outfit and gets to be around cake all day. I'd take it in a second, I hope she sticks with it. It also means perks for Eliza (I'm assuming she got that treat for free, but if not it's still nice to come see your friend at this kind of work place).

5. Eliza. Is. ALways. Right. I will never say this enough but it's true. Her assessment of Rafi kissing Bridgette and Bridgette kissing him back is spot on.

You’re like the white girl in the horror movie, who goes to the basement and asks ‘is anyone there??’ instead of getting the fuck out of there!

I hope she does succeed in getting into the medical field, she's so smart, she deserves it.

6. Bridgette has Nelson audition for storytelling time with Larry. Wtf Bridgette?! Your baby daddy's fiancée comes at the drop of a hat to babysit YOUR kid because Rafi is off who knows where ('getting Larry a super special birthday present' sure, Jan), and you're testing her to see if she can hold her own while making up a story? Come on, this is crazy even for SMILF. If Bridgette applied her rules to herself, Larry would be out of her hands in a second.

7. Aunt Jacquie is not a great entertainer. You would think she would be, but her singing was...something else. The look on people's faces as they watched her and couldn't escape from the coutch was something to behold.

8. Despite everything, Nelson is sticking with Rafi and doesn't support Bridgette's attempt to send him to rehab. I'll cut her some slack because unlike Bridgette, this is her first go around with Rafi's addiction but her half hearted "he wants to go to meetings!" feels like the beginning of the end. This won't end well. She's pregnant, they're engaged, she pays for basically all his life expenses including letting him live rent-free at her place, and yet he still finds a way to fuck up and cheat on her, and she's still supporting him...? Love is blind but this is too much. Save yourself, Nelson!

9. Tutu had another child. I was wondering who the mysterious guy who kept popping up was, turns out Tutu got pregnant in high school and gave up the child for adoption. I'm no fan of surprise children storylines, they rarely bring anything of value in the long term (see Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, etc. I will say I enjoyed April/Luke's dynamic on Gilmore Girls though), so I'm not disappointed we won't see more of this in a future season. We barely heard about Bridgette's existing brother, so I'm not sure what a surprise sister would bring, honestly.

10. They will all be OK. It seemed unlikely at times, but if Tutu moves in with Jacquie, and Bridgette holds her bakery job and stays out of Rafi's mess, and Larry has a stabler life... That little bird flying away after hitting the window feels like a ray of hope for the Bird family.

That's it, guys! SMILF is done and while it wasn't always enjoyable, it was an interesting show. I do hope we get to see Samara Weaving (Nelson) and Raven Goodwin (Eliza) in other stuff, soon.
What did you guys think? Did you want a season 3? Do you think the show ended in a satisfying way? Would you have eaten the cake instead of giving it to Tutu (I would. JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD)? Discuss!