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Shadowhunters - Aku Cinta Kamu - Review + POLL

This week on Shadowhunters, Jace goes undercover to try and save Clary from Jonathan. They plan to kidnap the Seelie Queen and succeed but Jace’s plan is discovered and Clary attacks him and portals him back to the Institute. Magnus deals with his heartbreak. He asks Brother Zachariah to erase his memories of Alec but the Silent Brother refuses. When Magnus attempts to do it himself his father stops it and comforts him. Izzy uses the remaining serum to create a flaming sword while Jordan steals the last vial of the serum. 

Thanks… I guess: So, I was kind of disappointed to see Magnus mope around for nearly the entire episode. I know he’s heartbroken, but this just felt like a waste of air time. I am, however, glad his dad stopped him from erasing his memories of Alec. I know he has his own ulterior motives for doing this but I’m pretty sure getting those memories back would’ve been impossible so luckily we don’t have to deal with that storyline cliché with only 3 episodes remaining. Unfortunately, I do believe Magnus and Alec will sort of be on opposite sides now. Common sense kind of goes out the window when your heart is in pieces. 

What do you think you’re doing? We saw that Jordan stole the last vial of serum that can turn a Downworlder human but what exactly is he planning to do with it. Maia already stated she doesn’t want to take the last vial. Please don’t have him give it to her unknowingly. That would be a huge no-no. But I think it’s more likely that Jordan will keep it with him in case he needs it and that this will be used for a certain plot from the final book. 

Familiar faces: I always love seeing characters from the other 2 book series. We got Helen and Aline a few weeks ago and now Brother Zachariah (Jem) made another appearance. I assume he was supposed to be featured a bit more in the fourth season since he did play an important role in the last book but now I just hope they didn’t cut too much of his involvement. I also really want Tessa to make an appearance, even if it’s super short. 

Worst plan ever: There have been a lot of bad plans on this show but kidnapping the Seelie Queen in a room full of Downworlders who hate Shadowhunters has to be the worst one yet. That bond may have screwed with Clary’s priorities but it didn’t make her stupid or suicidal. At least, I don’t think it did. But Jace seemed to be the only one who realized how crazy that plan was. And I cannot believe it worked. 
Next week: So, next week’s episode was supposed to be the finale for this season, you know, before it got canceled. But they didn’t know that at the time so I have a few expectations. First of all, it better not be boring. I expect there to be a huge cliffhanger. I guess they’ll finally separate Clary and Jonathan, Simon and Izzy will get together, Alec and Magnus will have an emotionally charged confrontation (which won’t end well) and Jonathan will get his sword from the Seelie Queen. As for the wolves, I’m not entirely sure what the writers are planning there. As I said, I don’t really trust Jordan with that vial of serum. 

Best quotes: Asmodeus: “All I want is another chance to be your father again.” Magnus: “Too late.” 
Izzy: “Patience is just not my thing.” Simon: “Yeah, me neither.” 
Simon: “Will this involve a needle?” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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