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SEAL Team - Payback - Review

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Off Duty:

It’s been a month since Clay was sent to the states for surgery. As he recovers, he’s operating under the assumption that no definitive word from his doctors that he’ll be able to return to the team means his career is over.

Having lost “the job”, Clay decides to cut his ties with everything (and everyone) associated with it. He wants to take down the flag that hangs over his bed and refuses to talk to any of the members of Bravo Team.

Lisa visits Clay in the hospital. When she got permission, she was told to think about her future in OCS. Clay isn’t willing to open the door to a pep talk about his health. So he directs the conversation back on Lisa. He’s not willing to entertain the notion that Lisa is thinking about, to paraphrase Clay’s words, ‘walking away from her dream’. His reaction is understandably harsh.

She has control over whether or not she can attain her dream. His, he believes, has been yanked away from him.

Lisa seems to take Clay's words to heart, telling the Gunnery Sergeant that she wants to stick around and find out if she can make it.

It’s Swannee that knocks some sense into Clay. He points out that Clay is the only person who seems convinced that his career is over. It’s enough to get Clay to reconnect with Bravo Team. He finally calls them back.

Speaking of Swannee, when he and Clay return to the apartment, there are sticky notes all over the place. The kind of memory aid one tends to associate with Alzheimer’s. I’m curious about the actual diagnosis. Swann is basically a guest character. It's a bigger story than guest characters usually get so, I'm guessing his health issues are going to play an important part in Clay’s growth.

Bravo Team is spinning off the rails themselves. Clay’s lack of communication has them doubting Blackburn’s statements that he’s “stable”.

To add to the tension is the fact that they’ve been moved to Guam, and Mandy hasn’t yet found the information she needs to put together a target package aimed at getting the person (or people) behind the attack.

It’s so bad that Sonny gets in Mandy’s face. While she tries to calm him down, a guy decides to step in and defend Mandy’s honor. I wanted her to turn on “Lumberjack Johnny” and start the bar fight herself, but how could they spoil Sonny’s fun?

Actions have consequences. The bar fight results in Bravo Team being sent to therapy. Jason tries to be a smartass by taking Ray and Sonny into his scheduled session.

What struck me as ironic about this scene is that, in trying to avoid saying anything about themselves, they ended up saying quite a lot about themselves. I’d love to get a peek at that doctor’s notes.

It’s a different kind of crucible for Bravo Team. They don’t seem to be weathering it very well. I have a feeling it’s going to get worse before it gets better. I’m still really enjoying the way the writers are building towards…whatever they’re building towards.

Mission: Bring Intel and the Manila Bomber for Questioning

Mandy finally found the man, Pacada, behind the bombing in Manila, and by extension took out Clay. Mandy really needs Bravo Team to capture this guy alive, because her gut tells her they're missing something important.

She and Blackburn seem a little concerned that, with the state Bravo Team is in, something will happen in the field and, whoops, Pacada winds up dead.

Mandy functions in the big picture world, while the Teams generally only have the framework of their missions.

In the real world, this is only ideal when the people who define the big picture are the good guys. Luckily, Mandy’s one of the good guys.

The mission, basically, goes as planned. (With the exception of a few bruises on Pacada’s face.)

However, Pacada calls for backup just before he’s captured. Bravo Team decides to take out the rest of the cell.

Mandy fumes. Blackburn backs up Jason’s call. (Blackburn always backs up Jason when he’s in the field. Even when he disagrees with Jason’s call.)

They almost lose Pacada, but manage to grab him before he can escape.

Jason’s not happy about Pacada’s bruises. This is not the way an honorable soldier is meant to behave.

While the team is waiting on the cell to arrive, Sonny reveals what might be at the root of his building anger over the last month.

Sonny is feeling guilty about Clay’s injury. He believes that his words to Clay on the submarine put him in the mindset that led to his injury.

Jason tells Sonny it’s not his fault; that it was his (Jason’s) responsibility to rein Clay in. Speaking of reining his men in, Sonny notes, Jason needs to deal with Ray.

Bravo completes the mission. They get Mandy her intel and her prisoner. They were also able to prevent the rest of his cell from hurting anyone else.

Jason and Ray’s discussion on the plane pointed out, in my mind, that I’m female. I approach these types of conversations very differently. LOL

One of the things I’m really enjoying about this part of season 2 so far, is the build up of the tension.

Where as the Mexico series of episodes had me a little frustrated, this group of eps has me filled with a delicious, dreaded anticipation for what’s coming next.

What did you guys think of the episode?

Clay’s Nicknames:

*Golden Boy (E18)
Sunshine (E18)
Poster Boy (E17)
Young Jedi (E16)
McDreamy (E15)
Ricky Schroder (E15)
Blondzilla (E10)
Fabio (E7)
Romeo (E6)
Goldilocks (E5)
Ken Doll (E4)
Bamm Bamm (E4, E7)
Cover Girl (E3)
Mr. GQ (E2)
Peter Pan (E2)
Pin-up Girl (E1)
Wonder Boy (E1)
Blondie (E1)

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