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Riverdale - Jawbreaker and Fear the Reaper - Review

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This third season of Riverdale is the worst story-wise, I really can't relate to any character or even I can understand what is the direction that the writers are going to. It's a pity because the show used to have something to say, but apparently, the writers are lacking fresh ideas. All in all, this is the review of "Jawbreaker" and "Fear the Reaper".

In "Jawbreaker", F.P. and Jughead want to find out who killed Baby Teeth. The coroner reveals to them that a matchbook from the Maple Club had been put in his throat.

Meanwhile, Betty is desperate: she wants to convince Cheryl that she is not speaking with her dead brother and she decides to send Toni the video of Clifford murdering Jason. It doesn't work. She also tries to convince her mother and she takes her to a fake grave of Charles. No luck for the girl, let's go crazy. With chloroform, she kidnaps her mother and holds her in Dilton's bunker to force her to remember her past.

After doing so, she threatens both Edgar and Evelyn. She also asks Toni to join the Farm in order to free Cheryl and Alice. Go, girl, Betty is the least interesting character of the show. Archie is still boxing, and we don't care about him, except for his eye-candy status. F.P. and Jughead manage to capture Kurtz with a drug deal and they find out that Jellybean, who is also involved in the game-mania of Gryphons and Gargoyles, has been "summoned". Jellybean goes in the woods with Ricky DeSantos, who then shows her that the Gargoyle King is standing right behind her.

In the second episode "Fear the Reaper", once again Archie is risking to be framed for something he didn't do. What a surprise. Meanwhile, the Jones family and Kurtz decide to play a game of Gryphons and Gargoyles in order to save the lost Jellybean. Chaos breaks free: F.P. is shot while they rob Pop's, Gladys is stabbed in a fight and Jughead is nearly killed after being locked in a freezer by Kurtz who has has been killed by the Gargoyle King. What a family night!

Jughead goes home to Jellybean and Gladys and decides to leave town shortly after. In the meanwhile, Betty is shocked by the news that Edgar's willing to adopt Polly's babies after his marriage to Alice. Betty also discovers that Evelyn is 26 years old and not in high school anymore and that she is also Edgar's wife. What a soap opera! She enters the Farm to save the babies but is led into a room of several cult members by Toni, who is now a part of the cult.

The episode ends with a shocking twist: Veronica tells Betty that her father has died in a terrible accident while being transported to her father's prison. This was also the last episode in which Luke Perry appeared. As the only charming and interesting father-figure, he will be truly missed and it was sad to know that we will never see Luke showing up in this messy show.

All in all, I am waiting to see how they will end this season. What do you think of these episodes?

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